Zerodha PI Trading Platform Review

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"PI" is Zerodha's desktop trading platform with unique and innovative features like advance charting, backtesting and many more other features for trading in Indian Stock Market. Zerodha PI is one of the most powerful trading terminals in Indian Finance Market. This product has been designed for Traders.

key features & advantages of Zerodha PI Trading Platform

    • It's going to be the fastest platform in terms of speed of quotes updates, as well as reduce the bandwidth utilization.
    • Trading on all the exchanges.
    • Key Features:
    • Quick Connect
    • Marketwatch
      • Quick view of the chart will give a glance of performance.
    • Best 5 bids and best 5 offers.
    • Day wise positions.
    • Can place order by directly clicking on bids.
  • Admin Position
    • Total profit & loss /Mark to Mark P&L
    • Strong Charting tool
      • Charts by contract
      • Choose time interval - 1 Min,5 Mins so on
      • 10 different charts types
      • 18 different indicators
      • Directly place an order from chart
  • Customization of user settings:
    • Multiple themes availability [4 different themes available]
    • Arrange multiple windows
    • Unlock window for multiple monitors.
    • Sound alert
    • Marketwatch
    • Quick order window on chart
    • Reconcile button to refresh the chart
    • Shortcut keys
  • Order book
    • Cancel all the pending order/orders by single click on the chart
    • Stockholding position
    • Market Index box - can be pop up on your monitor
  • Alert and artificial intelligence software
    • Backtesting
    • Scanners
    • Expert advisor - Strategies
    • Support Trade scripts
  • Live tracking of Bracket orders.
  • For semi-automated trading - Bridge with AmiBroker and Metatrade.
  • And many more features.....

Download Zerodha PI?

    To, Download Zerodha PI click on the link. This will transfer you on google drive. You can click on top download button. You need to download the file, unzip this file and click on the pi_setup.exe button to install software on your desktop or laptop. Version detail is keep updating, and if you have Pi installed on your machine, you will get an update on your software. For new users, the latest version is available on above link.


After seeing the demo of the tool I was really impressed with the charting feature and the way it provides the technical analysis for traders. The Back-testing is a great feature for research and technical analysis.With fast speed and low bandwidth use, we hope this tool is going to give new height to Zerodha's growth.

If you are not a Zerodha client yet, hurry and sign up to use one of the revolutionary trading platform!

Last updated on 30th Jul 2019



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  1. 1. What is Zerodha PI Bridge and how much it cost per month?

    Zerodha and Tradelab had build PI Bridge to give seamless and reliable connectivity from the charting or programming tool (AFL or AmiBroker or Ninjascript (Ninja Trader) or MQL (Metatrader)) to the trading engine on Pi. First time in ever in any trading platform, Zerodha PI Bridge is providing the capability to fire orders via charting or programming tool and get order updates back via bridge.

    PI Bridge access is on-demand and free for 7-days trial, after that, it cost Rs 300 Per month.




  2. 2. Is Zerodha Pi free?

    Yes, Zerodha Pi is a completely free trading platform at zero charges. Zerodha Pi is an installable desktop-based trading software featuring powerful charting, Algo strategies, backtesting, Trade from the charts, and many others.




  3. 3. How to download Zerodha Pi?

    Zerodha Pi is a desktop trading terminal that can be installed on desktop and laptop by users. The platform is particularly useful for high-level intraday traders that facilitate trading across BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. The terminal-based application has many features like advanced charting, technical analysis, historical intraday data, order placement, backtesting, and others.

    Download Zerodha Pi




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User Comments

4. Vikas  1/12/2018 4:50:09 PM Reply
Hi I am base in UAE. I opened on line account by paying RS 500.00 and my PAN card details, Then asking ADHAR card to activate acct.

Mean while your sales executive has send me acknowledgment email with her no. for any doubt. She indicated I am not reachable. I am trying to call her but doesnt pick or reply back.

Could you please help me out. Is Zerodha not for NRIs
4.1. Sandeep  1/12/2018 11:15:02 PM
Zerodha serve NRI Customers. Due to rules and regulation from SEBI, its usually take long time to open NRI accounts.
3. seshagiriRao.nv  11/30/2017 12:14:22 AM Reply
in zerodha pi shortcut key options is not working what is the reason,i used motilaloswal,angle broking,and also india bulls thease three key bord short cuts working but not working in zerodha.
2. P.shanmugaperumal  11/2/2016 9:51:48 PM Reply
Hello can I pi trading platform for most by paying 300rs per month if it possible means how can I it
1. Ranjeet  4/12/2016 4:06:34 AM Reply
does “Zerodha PI” is available for every Zerodha trader, or are there any fine prints attached (minimum balance / no. of trades in a specified duration)..
5.1. Vijay  5/10/2016 3:01:48 AM
Yes, Its available for each Zerodha User for Free of cost. No additional charges.