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SME IPO Live Subscription

The SME IPO Live Subscription report provides you a quick navigation on how much current/ongoing and past SME IPOs have been subscribed in the market. The report keeps users updated with the total IPO subscription percentage on both the stock exchanges; BSE and NSE across categories i.e. QIB, NII, and RII. The subscription status helps the audience to assess market sentiments or user participation in a particular IPO.

SME IPO Live Subscription-Report

Quadpro ITES SME IPO22nd Sep 2021 17:020.00x8.71x23.53x16.12x
SBL Infratech SME IPO20th Sep 2021 06:550.00x0.76x2.37x1.56x
Markolines Traffic Controls SME IPO20th Sep 2021 06:550.00x2.78x1.57x2.18x
Prevest Denpro SME IPO17th Sep 2021 06:545.78x78.98x32.87x38.12x
BEW Engineering SME IPO7th Sep 2021 17:020.00x18.51x24.79x21.65x
PlatinumOne Business Services SME IPO7th Sep 2021 05:560.00x3.34x2.65x2.99x
Naapbooks SME IPO6th Sep 2021 05:454.00x0.60x2.52x1.58x
Aashka Hospitals SME IPO24th Aug 2021 06:540.00x2.02x0.75x1.30x
DU Digital Technologies SME IPO17th Aug 2021 17:320.00x6.71x39.28x22.99x
Rex Pipes and Cables SME IPO2nd Aug 2021 17:380.00x6.84x41.13x23.99x
Network People Services Technologies SME IPO2nd Aug 2021 17:381.10x10.40x50.68x22.37x
Gretex Corporate Services SME IPO30th Jul 2021 05:020.00x2.37x12.17x7.27x
AA Plus Tradelink SME IPO13th Jul 2021 17:020.00x0.32x2.61x1.46x
Focus Business Solution SME IPO5th Jul 2021 09:520.00x3.22x10.10x6.66x
Walpar Nutritions SME IPO5th Jul 2021 17:020.00x1.01x17.94x9.48x
Times Green Energy SME IPO22nd Jun 2021 06:510.00x0.83x5.05x2.94x
Adeshwar Meditex SME IPO18th Jun 2021 06:510.00x1.50x2.21x1.85x
Navoday Enterprises SME IPO17th Jun 2021 06:520.00x0.29x4.44x2.36x
Abhishek Integrations SME IPO11th Jun 2021 17:020.00x0.53x20.47x10.50x
Kuberan Global Edu Solutions SME IPO27th Apr 2021 06:510.00x1.41x5.18x3.30x
Jetmall Spices and Masala SME IPO7th Apr 2021 07:490.00x1.90x0.82x1.36x
Rajeshwari Cans SME IPO6th Apr 2021 06:510.00x1.60x1.19x1.40x
V-Marc India SME IPO31st Mar 2021 17:020.00x1.44x1.80x1.62x
Siddhika Coatings SME IPO26th Mar 2021 17:020.00x2.33x2.87x2.60x
EKI Energy Services SME IPO26th Mar 2021 06:511.00x10.25x3.13x4.05x
NIKS Technology SME IPO23rd Mar 2021 06:510.00x0.99x7.21x4.10x
Knowledge Marine SME IPO12th Mar 2021 07:510.00x2.09x3.65x2.87x
Rangoli Tradecomm SME IPO12th Mar 2021 07:510.00x2.28x0.72x1.50x
ADJIA Technologies SME IPO4th Mar 2021 07:510.00x0.88x5.15x6.03x
MRP Agro SME IPO10th Feb 2021 07:510.00x2.66x4.17x3.21x
Net Pix Shorts SME IPO23rd Nov 2020 19:510.00x1.67x1.87x1.77x
Shine Fashions SME IPO26th Oct 2020 18:510.00x1.83x1.63x1.73x
Bodhi Tree Multimedia SME IPO13th Oct 2020 17:020.00x1.44x1.76x1.60x
Sigma Solve SME IPO9th Oct 2020 17:020.00x1.09x2.09x1.59x
Veer Global Infraconstruction SME IPO9th Oct 2020 18:520.00x1.84x1.18x1.51x
Atal Realtech SME IPO7th Oct 2020 17:020.00x1.99x0.40x1.20x
GM Polyplast SME IPO6th Oct 2020 18:520.00x2.13x1.07x1.60x
AAA Technologies SME IPO5th Oct 2020 17:020.00x2.47x2.31x2.39x
ATAM Valves SME IPO25th Sep 2020 18:510.00x2.48x3.35x2.91x
SecMark SME IPO23rd Sep 2020 18:500.00x1.12x1.35x1.24x
Advait Infratech SME IPO18th Sep 2020 18:520.00x1.53x2.32x1.92x
Trekkingtoes SME IPO20th Aug 2020 18:510.00x0.29x2.80x1.55x
Suratwwala Business SME IPO5th Aug 2020 18:510.00x2.35x0.28x1.31x
Nirmitee Robotics SME IPO9th Apr 2020 18:510.00x1.67x0.63x1.15x
Laxmi Goldorna SME IPO3rd Apr 2020 17:020.00x2.22x0.20x1.21x
DJ Mediaprint SME IPO31st Mar 2020 18:510.00x1.95x1.71x1.83x
RO Jewels SME IPO17th Mar 2020 18:510.00x1.95x0.43x1.19x

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