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IPO GMP Performance

IPO Grey Market Premium Performance Tracker is an analysis report of past IPOs. How they performed with the final IPO Grey Market Premium in the market. This analysis gives us assurance and quality of data we capture for our users. The success rate is very important when we display some open market data on our platform. We have compared the estimated listing price with the IPO listing price to conclude the GMP price success rate.

IPO GMP Performance Tracker

IPO GMP IPO Price Estimated Listing Price Listing At Conclude IPO Status Dates* Last Updated
Aether Industries IPO₹55 ₹642₹697 (8.57%)704.00(9.66%)Up from GMPClosedListing:3-Jun-20223-Jun-2022 08:21:40 AM
Fidel Softech SME IPO₹0 ₹37₹37 (0.00%)59.10(59.73%)Up from GMPClosedListing:10-Jun-20221-Jun-2022 10:04:23 AM
Globesecure Technologies SME IPO₹2 ₹29₹31 (6.90%)36.50(25.86%)Up from GMPClosedListing:2-Jun-20221-Jun-2022 10:03:43 AM
eMudhra IPO₹0 ₹256₹256 (0.00%)270.00(5.47%)Up from GMPClosedListing:1-Jun-202231-May-2022 10:09:23 AM
Ethos Limited IPO₹-5 ₹878₹873 (-0.57%)830.00(-5.47%)down from GMPClosedListing:30-May-202230-May-2022 10:14:26 AM
Paradeep Phosphates IPO₹0.30 ₹42₹42.3 (0.71%)44.00(4.76%)Up from GMPClosedListing:27-May-202226-May-2022 10:22:28 AM
Delhivery IPO₹-10 Discount₹487₹477 (-2.05%)495.20(1.68%)Up from GMPClosedListing:24-May-202224-May-2022 10:18:38 AM
Venus Pipes and Tubes IPO₹20 ₹326₹346 (6.13%)335.00(2.76%)down from GMPClosedListing:24-May-202224-May-2022 09:58:19 AM
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services IPO₹18 ₹630₹648 (2.86%)650.00(3.17%)Up from GMPClosedListing:21-May-202220-May-2022 11:28:25 AM
LIC IPO₹-26 ₹949₹923 (-2.74%)872.00(-8.11%)down from GMPClosedListing:17-May-202217-May-2022 10:29:59 AM
Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO₹-10 ₹542₹532 (-1.85%)510.00(-5.90%)down from GMPClosedListing:10-May-202210-May-2022 10:11:30 AM
Campus Activewear IPO₹40 ₹292₹332 (13.70%)360.00(23.29%)Up from GMPClosedListing:9-May-20229-May-2022 10:02:44 AM
Le Merite Exports SME IPO₹9 ₹75₹84 (12.00%)75.00(0.00%)down from GMPClosedListing:9-May-202229-Apr-2022 10:06:33 AM
Global Longlife Hospital SME IPO₹1 ₹140₹141 (0.71%)141.10(0.79%)Up from GMPClosedListing:4-May-202229-Apr-2022 10:06:15 AM
Fone4 Communications SME IPO₹2.5 ₹10₹12.5 (25.00%)10.00(0.00%)down from GMPClosedListing:6-May-202229-Apr-2022 10:05:55 AM
Jeena Sikho Lifecare SME IPO₹45 ₹150₹195 (30.00%)165.10(10.07%)down from GMPClosedListing:19-Apr-202214-Apr-2022 03:11:25 AM
Veranda Learning IPO₹15 ₹137₹152 (10.95%)157.00(14.60%)Up from GMPClosedListing:11-Apr-202210-Apr-2022 02:06:18 PM
Hariom Pipe IPO₹25 ₹153₹178 (16.34%)220.00(43.79%)Up from GMPClosedListing:13-Apr-202210-Apr-2022 02:05:54 PM
Ruchi Soya FPO₹140 ₹650₹790 (21.54%)855.00(31.54%)Up from GMPClosedListing:8-Apr-20228-Apr-2022 09:52:54 AM
Krishna Defence SME IPO₹0 ₹39₹39 (0.00%)75.00(92.31%)Up from GMPClosedListing:6-Apr-20226-Apr-2022 10:07:48 AM
Uma Exports IPO₹0 ₹68₹68 (0.00%)76.00(11.76%)Up from GMPClosedListing:7-Apr-20226-Apr-2022 10:05:56 AM
P E Analytics SME IPO₹0 ₹114₹114 (0.00%)170.00(49.12%)Up from GMPClosedListing:4-Apr-20225-Apr-2022 10:29:12 AM
Vedant Fashions IPO₹-12 Discount₹866₹854 (-1.39%)935.00(7.97%)Up from GMPClosedListing:16-Feb-202216-Feb-2022 08:40:10 AM
Adani Wilmar IPO₹23 ₹230₹253 (10.00%)227.00(-1.30%)down from GMPClosedListing:8-Feb-20228-Feb-2022 08:40:19 AM
AGS Transact Technologies IPO₹-6 Discount₹175₹169 (-3.43%)175.00(0.00%)Up from GMPClosedListing:31-Jan-202231-Jan-2022 08:57:10 AM
CMS Info Systems IPO₹-8 Discount₹216₹208 (-3.70%)220.20(1.94%)Up from GMPClosedListing:31-Dec-202130-Dec-2021 09:34:58 AM
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User Reviews

4. Vinay Dec 22 2021 12:39:00 PM Reply
Besides "Conclude" column in GMP performance tracker, it would really help to have a Conclude Column to show IPO performance (IPO offer price versus list price). So in few cases, while the IPO GMP Performance is low/underperformed, it still has 50%-60% upside to list price and hence good to have another column alongside to see this
3. Vinay Jain Dec 20 2021 10:04:10 AM Reply
Second discounted listing -       SHRIRAMPPS - Shriram Properties.
No surprise, GMP was giving signals ahead.
This week is critical and the international market is not in support. Hope for a better listing of MapMy India Tomorrow.
2. Shrikant sharma Nov 23 2021 04:41:43 PM Reply
Thanks Team for Regular update on Latent View Analytics IPO. GMP price update on your portal gave us confidence. Today GMP of 265 is also matching with opening price of 512.20 where difference between estimated price and opening price was just Rs 50 (Approx). I assume this is the margin middle man will get who buy the scripts from Grey market.
1. Jawahar lal Nov 19 2021 12:08:10 PM Reply
Sir, Please suggest what to do with Paytm IPO. As per IPO, it was expected a discounted listing of 30 Rs, but this IPO has hit the lower circuit. Please guide me, I have two lots.