Trade Smart Online Brokerage and Demat Account Review 2019

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Trade Smart Online Review

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Trade Smart Online on the whole provides clients a well-rounded offering worth being a client for, especially with its cheapest unlimited trading per monthly plan for Equity, F&O, commodity and currency segment.

Our independent review of Trade Smart Online

Trade Smart Online is a discount share broker backed by VNS Finance & Capital Services Ltd, one of the traditional brokerage house in India from 1994. The Broker makes its mark in the discount trading space by providing clients with multiple pricing plans, free trading tools and higher margin.

The full product and services of the company include Equity and Derivatives trading in NSE & BSE, Trading in Currency Derivatives and Commodity trading in MCX and NCDEX.TradeSmart Online is a registered depository participant (DP) with Central Depository Services India Ltd (CDSL).TSO also promote partnership model.TSO's Video tutorials are a helpful way to learn about the trading tool and back office reports. Knowledgebase articles by experts are well written and helpful in understanding many trading related topics. Marin Against Shares (MAS) options are also available to get benefit from your long-term investment to fund your short-term trades. You can switch to any brokerage plan any time after your account is opened with TSO. Live Chat support is provided on their website for immediate response.

In terms of Customer Care, TradeSmart Online defines what a share broker-client relationship should be, everything from interaction to open an account, account opening process, to start your first trading or receiving professional guidance.

Why to choose Trade Smart Online as your stock broker?

  1. 15 Rs Per Trade Plan.
  2. % based plan is also available for low volume traders.
  3. Lowest transaction charges i.e Turnover/Clearing charges.
  4. Higher Leverage - Up to 30x leverage with Cover Orders.
  5. Own DP service.
  6. Live chat with customer support team.
Special Offer:

Open an account with Trade Smart Online and get a flat 50% off on new account opening fees. Get the offer.

LikesWhat we like about Trade Smart Online

  • Time saver live chat service with customers to resolve their queries.
  • Fair trading margins available for trading in currency and commodity.
  • Support Offer For Sale(OFS).

DislikesWhat we dislike about Trade Smart Online

  • Lacking in house research
  • No support to invest in IPO, FPO, Mutual Funds

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What are the Investments Options available with Trade Smart Online?

Trade Smart Online - Equity Cash and F&O
Trade Smart Online - Currency F&O
Trade Smart Online - Commodity Trading
Trade Smart Online - Mutual Funds
Trade Smart Online - ETF
Trade Smart Online - Online IPO
Trade Smart Online - Bonds Investment
Trade Smart Online - Debt Investment
Trade Smart Online - Banking Service
Trade Smart Online - Insurance Service
Trade Smart Online - MF SIP Investment

How is Trade Smart Online with closest competitors?

Here we are comparing Trade Smart Online with its 5 close competitors, who are currently market leader in brokerage industry.

Broker Trade Smart Online Sharekhan 5paisa Zerodha SAMCO
Service Type Discount Broker Full Service Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage Rs 15 0.1 to 0.5% Rs 10 Rs 20 20 Rs
Account Type 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
Monthly Plans Yes No No No No

Please refer unique and accurate Trade Smart Online Brokerage Calculator

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Trade Smart Online Brokerage Plans Review - 2019

Brokerage and Commission Rated 4/5

    Keeping in mind - less volume traders, high volume traders and active traders, TradeSmart Online (TSO) offer two unique Brokerage Plans:

    • Power Plan

      Under this plan, you can trade at the flat brokerage of Rs 15 per order in equity delivery, Intraday, future, option, currency, and commodity. TSO's Rs 15 flat-rate share trades is equal to UpStocks Rs 15 Plan, slightly expensive than SAS online's (Rs 9) and lower than its close competitors Zerodha (Rs 20) and RKSV (Rs 20) plans.

      Key Features of this plan are:

      • Get intraday exposure of up to 30x on Equities, 7x on F&O, 3x on Currency and 6x on Commodities.
      • Cover order, Bracket order & Trailing Stoploss options available.
      • Best suited to big volume traders with less frequency.
      • No minimum commitment, no monthly fee, no software uses fee and no hidden charges.
    • Value Plan

      Ideal for less volume traders, this trade at .007 % plan, is a percentage based brokerage plan with charges : Delivery: 0.07%, Intraday Cash: 0.007%,Future: 0.007%, Option: Rs 7 per lot, Currency: 0.007% and Commodity: 0.007%. Get intraday exposure of up to 320x on Equities, 7x on F&O, 3x on Currency and 6x on Commodities.

      This brokerage of .007% is very cost effective, super cheapest as compared to full-service brokers, where they charge .5% for equity Delivery which is .07% with TSO.

      Let's see it with a very simple example of Intraday trading:

      Let's buy 2000 shares of ABC co @ 200. So brokerage will be with other full service Broker : (200*2000).05% = Rs 200 with Trade Smart Online : (200*2000).007% = Rs 28

      Account Charges

        • Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time): 200 Rs
        • Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time): 200 Rs
        • Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC): NIL
        • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC): First Year Free and after that 300 Rs Per Year

      Other Charges

      • Call and Trade feature is available at an extra cost of 20 Rs per executed order.
      • Digital Contract notes are sent via Email. Physical copies of contract notes can be ordered at an additional charge of 20 Rs per contract + Courier charges.
      • Money withdrawals charges apply as per RBI guidelines.
      • Standard NSE charges, transaction charges, and statutory levies are charged.

      For STT, Stamp Duty, GST and SEBI Charges, please refer the Brokerage Plan tab.

Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges - Flat Fee Rs 15 Trading Plan (Power Plan)

Brokerage Plan Flat Fee Rs 15 Trading Plan (Power Plan)
Flat Fee NA
Equity Delivery Flat Fee Rs 15
Equity Intraday Flat Fee Rs 15
Equity Futures Flat Fee Rs 15
Equity Options Flat Fee Rs 15
Currency Futures Flat Fee Rs 15
Currency Options Flat Fee Rs 15
Commodity Flat Fee Rs 15

For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges.

What are the various Product and Services offered by Trade Smart Online?

Product & Services Rated 4/5
Trade Smart Online - 3 in 1 Account
Trade Smart Online - Multiple Plans
Trade Smart Online - Monthly Plan
Trade Smart Online - Yearly Plan
Trade Smart Online - Portfolio
Trade Smart Online - Charting
Trade Smart Online - Automated Trading
Trade Smart Online - AMO Order
Trade Smart Online - Allow GTC Order
Trade Smart Online - SMS Alerts
Trade Smart Online - Margin Trade Funding
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity
Trade Smart Online - NRI Trading

How much margin does Trade Smart Online offers?

  • Equity Delivery Margin - Up to 1x Margin on Equity Delivery.
  • Equity Intraday Margin - Up to 10x leverage for NSE,BSE Cash.
  • Futures Margin - 3x leverage for equity futures intraday (MIS).
  • Options Margin - Up to 3x for Index Opions Selling, no leverage on options buying.
  • Equity Cover Order Margin - Up to 30x leverage for equity CO.
  • Futures Cover Order Margin - Up to 7x leverage on equity/Index futures CO.
  • Options Cover Order Margin - Up to 7x leverage on options selling and 1.33x for options buying via CO.
  • Commodity Margin - Up to 2x on commodity MIS, and Up to 6x for CO.

How to Open Trading and Demat Account with Trade Smart Online?

For online trading with TradeSmart Online, investor has to open 2-in-1 account(Trading and Demat). Following are the ways to open an account with TradeSmart Online:

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What are the Customer Support options availabel with Trade Smart Online?

Customer Support Rated 4/5
Trade Smart Online - Phone Support
Trade Smart Online - Toll Free Number
Trade Smart Online - Email Support
Trade Smart Online - Branch Offices
Trade Smart Online - Live Chat
Trade Smart Online - 24/7 Support

What are the trading platform offered by Trade Smart Online?

Trading Platforms Rated 4/5

    TradeSmart Online support terminal based, web-based/browser based, a mobile app based and customer telephonic service base trading through SING Mobile, SING Web, and Omnesys NEST.

    • SINE Mobile App

      SINE is trademark mobile app from TradeSmart Online. This mobile app is built conceding the derivatives traders. So if you are a day trader or high volume traders in the derivative segment, SINE have a complete solution for you. With Sine you can trade in NSE (Cash, F&) and Currency), BSE (Cash) and MCX.

      • Scanners & Strategies, Advanced Trading Tools, Bracket Order and Cover Order, advanced charts and more.
      • You can create multiple watch list.
      • Instance pay-in and payout option from your mobile app, know your limit.
      • Dashboard – on dashboard window, you will get a glance of Nifty, Banknifty, Sensex indices.
      • Charting – multiple charts with various time duration. Place orders from the chart.
      • Snap Quote – Get a Future quote, Support & Resistance levels, High- Low for a different time interval, Option chain, Put-Call ratio and more.
      • Top Movers – Top Gainers and Top Losers live data.
      • Top Volume Gainer
      • Corporate Action – Details about Dividend, AGM, Bonus, Buyback and more.
      • Bulk-Block Deals information.
      • Options Calculator
    • SINE Web Trading

      The web trading platform of Trade Smart Online is also known as SINE, this browser-based platform also have all features from SINE Mobile app. You don’t have to download or install any software, you can use all the feature of the advanced trading terminal via just login to SINE Web.

    • NEST Desktop Trading Platform

      NEST, the flagship trading platform build by Omnesys, Offers exe installable trading terminal for Windows computers. In NEST platform you can trade commodities along with all other segments. NEST has got 26+ banks linked for immediate fund transfer. The NEST Trader can be download and installed on your desktop for windows and it supports to trade in Equity Cash, Futures & Options, Currencies, and Commodities.

    For detail review of mobile app and download please visit Trade Smart Online Trading Platform Review.

What are the Trading Platforms & Tools Options available with Trade Smart Online?

Trade Smart Online - Desktop Platform (Windows)
Trade Smart Online - Desktop Platform (Mac)
Trade Smart Online - Web Platform
Trade Smart Online - Stock Alerts via Email
Trade Smart Online - Stock Alerts via SMS
Trade Smart Online - Virtual Trading
Trade Smart Online - Watch-lists, streaming real-time quotes
Trade Smart Online - Mobile App
Trade Smart Online - Android Tablet App
Trade Smart Online - Android App
Trade Smart Online - iPhone App
Trade Smart Online - iPad App
Trade Smart Online - Mobile Trading Site

Trade Smart Online Membership Information

  1. TradeSmart Online NSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB230964330
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF230964330
    • Currency Derivatives (CDS) - INE230964330
  2. TradeSmart Online BSE Membership:
    • Capital Market (CM) - INB010964337
    • Future & Options (F&O) - INF010964337
  3. TradeSmart Online MCX Membership:
    • Member Code - 16830
    • NCDEX Reg No:0502
    • FMC Regn. No. - MCX FMC:MCX/TCM/CORP/0689
  4. TradeSmart Online Registered Office:

Final thought about Trade Smart Online

Any investor, new or seasoned, will find TradeSmart Online to be a great fit for their needs. Latest mobile app SIGN has all the features which traders & investors need. With highly competitive brokerage rates, staggering low margin rates and support for every investment imaginable, Trade Smart Online will not disappoint you.

If you like what you have read and want to open an trading and demat account with Trade Smart Online, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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Trade Smart Online User Reviews

12. pRASHANT  Nov 26, 2018 2:55:51 PM IST Reply
increase autosquareoff time to 03:15


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Average
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Below Average
11. Chandu kumar Ravipudi  Feb 14, 2018 8:34:47 AM IST Reply
I lost my Money when placing a trade. if i had not called TSO customer care I would have lost my money permanently.


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
11.1. Manjit  Oct 28, 2018 10:56:57 AM IST
Hi, Can you plz help other customer by telling us what happened?
11.2. Bankar Ganesh  Oct 28, 2018 11:05:39 AM IST
That's the problem, People don't write a detailed reason, they just post the first comment and then work with customer care team to fix the issue and not give a final resolution.
10. Amar Kumar  Sep 23, 2018 11:06:18 AM IST Reply
Best Discount Broker


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
9. Azim firfire  Sep 17, 2018 9:47:44 PM IST Reply
I had done my pay out how long it will take to credit in my account
8. Rajeev Sharma  May 4, 2018 6:50:40 PM IST Reply
Trade Smart Online is better than Zerodha


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Excellent
Customer Service - Excellent
Overall Experience - Excellent
7. Madhushri  Aug 14, 2016 1:43:45 AM IST Reply
Can I buy shares on NSE and sell them on BSE?
7.1. Vijay  Aug 15, 2016 2:46:32 AM IST
Yes, Delivery holding you can buy in any exchange and sell in any exchange, where Intra day you need to square off on the same exchange.
6. Maithili  Aug 1, 2016 8:58:05 PM IST Reply
Their demat transaction charges are Rs 15 per scrip plus service tax while Zerodha and others are charging only Rs 8 plus service tax.
5. Ashok Dhawade  Jun 20, 2016 8:31:24 AM IST Reply
Are bhai log mera now software ka password batao/mail Karo.
4. Vijay  May 13, 2016 11:39:33 PM IST Reply
Trade stamrt onlie is planning to launch new trading platform called - Spin , waiting for new platform.
3. Milaan  Apr 13, 2016 8:13:53 PM IST Reply
How many bank accounts I can link to the trading account at a time with trade smart online?

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