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Rs 20 Brokerage Plan in India

Rs 20 Brokerage Plan in India

?20 Brokerage Account, started in 2010 by leading online discount broker Zerodha. Till 2010, brokerage was one of the biggest parts of equity, currency and commodity trading, which was directly affecting your profit and loss in the trading market.

The main reason for higher brokerage by financial service providers is big expenses as well as personal services, like relationship manager, local branch office or sub-brokers in your city where you can personally go and request for trading on terminals. You need not worry about doing the online transaction from your bank account to brokers account. You have the flexibility to pay money by check to your local branch office or sub-brokers. Personal relationship managers are trained staff from brokers who help you to manage your risk and give you the advice to achieve your financial goals.

In Aug 2010, Zerodha came with the new brokerage concept in India, where everything was planned to operate from one location, all trading planned on a personal laptop, desktop, using mobile app and call & trade facility with Max ?20 brokerage account.

In the initial phase, a concept from the discount broker was not looking attractive, but in few months Zerodha was able to capture market share, same time other competitors also started giving service which are ?20 or less brokerage account like Upstox (Max ?20), Fyers (?20 Per Trade), Paytm Money (Max ?10), 5paisa (Flat ?20) and so on.

Now let's talk how an investor should look for ?20 brokerage account?

?20 brokerage account with Zerodha(Max ?20), Upstox (Max ?20), Fyers (?20),5paisa (Flat ?20) is an attractive deal if you are comfortable trading on your own. You should be comfortable to do online fund transfer, login in the trading app and do trading by own when you are choosing discount brokers. Discount brokers don't provide any research or tips, so you have to take your own calls.

If you are a professional trader or active trader, who is already doing online trading and managing your portfolio by your own, then discount brokers are the best brokerage account for you.

In case you are not used to doing trading with online process i.e not comfortable to do net banking, not comfortable to do online login to the trading platform, then you need to use call and trade service from discount brokers which are paid service.

For new investors, In case require any guidance to set up your goal, then taking service from the full-service broker are more appropriate where you get professional guidance, research report, tips and all other help to jump-start your investment.

Rs 20 Brokerage Account in India

Broker Brokerage
(Maximum per order)
Review Request Callback
ZerodhaRs 20Zerodha ReviewOpen Account
UpstoxRs 20Upstox ReviewOpen Account
Angel OneRs 20Angel One ReviewOpen Account
5paisaRs 205paisa ReviewOpen Account
ProStocksRs 15ProStocks ReviewOpen Account
  • Ranked #1 Broker in India(5*)
  • Get 100% Free Delivery Trading
  • Risk Free Account Opening
  • Paytm MoneyRs 15Paytm Money ReviewOpen Account
    IIFL SecuritiesRs 20IIFL Securities ReviewOpen Account
    FyersRs 20Fyers ReviewOpen Account
    SAMCORs 20SAMCO ReviewOpen Account

    Rs 20 Brokerage Account in India - Final Verdict

    ?20 Brokerage Account is an attractive offer, but great for active and professional traders. Still it will take time to reach to non techno users who are not comfortable with 'do your own trading' concept. Zerodha, Upstox, Fyers, Paytm Money, 5paisa are providing similar brokerage plans.

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