Best Stock Brokers for NRI trading in India-2019

Last updated on 21st May 2019
by Team Top Share Brokers

Best Brokers for NRI Trading in India

In this article we are listing Best Stock Brokers for NRI Trading in India.

NRI Trading is a hot area for investment, as the number of NRI is increasing day by day, and they want to invest their savings in Indai. India is a growing economy. Which makes NRIs to invest their savings in India Stock market and Mutual Funds. NRI Investment are for long term, so mainly focus on Equity Delivery, EFTs and Mutual funds.

NRI ("person resident outside India" who is a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin), PIO or OCI card holders can trade in Indian stocks with NRO Investment Account as resident Indian or NRE Investment Account with Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS).

NRI accounts are controlled both by SEBI and RBI, so there are some restrictions on NRI trading. In the past, NRI can trade only in equity delivery, no exposures, no short selling, no BTST (Buy today sell tomorrow), no Currency derivative trading. Now NRIs can invest in Equity Delivery, allowed BTST orders, can trade in equity futures and currency derivatives with NRO/NRE account. NRIs can invest in mutual funds and IPOs also.

For more details please refer article - NRI Trading in India.

Below is the list of "Top 5 Stock Brokers for NRI Trading Account".


Rated-4.5/5 Overall

Zerodha Logo

Zerodha offers NRI Trading Services @ Rs 200 per executable order for Equity and F&O. Zerodha NRI account features are :

  • Should have PIS Bank account (when having NRE account) with Axis or HDFC bank or NRO Bank account.
  • Rs 200 Per executable order for Equity and F&O.
  • By mapping your NRE account, you can only trade in the Equity segment whereas, through an NRO account, you can trade in both Equity and Derivative segment.
  • Detail article on Zerodha NRI Trading

Special Offer:Zero Brokerage for Equity Delivery and Zero Commission on Mutual Fund Investment (Direct Mutual Funds), Pay max Rs 20 for equity intraday, F&O, currency and commodity trading. No Hidden Charges.


Rated-3.5/5 Overall

TradePlusOnline Logo

TradePlus NRI Trading service includes trading in equities, futures, and options on NSE and BSE, Investment in IPO and Mutual Funds via NRO account is the easiest way for NRI's to invest.

Special Offer:Free Trading account opening for our visitors.


Rated-4/5 Overall

ProStocks Logo

ProStocks NRI Investment Service includes trading in equities, futures, and options on NSE and BSE at the cheapest brokerage of Rs 100 per executed order. ProStocks NRI Account features include.

  • Trading and Demat Account Opening charges: Free
  • AMC for Trading Account: Nil (Zero)
  • Demat account AMC: Free with Rs 1000 refundable one time deposit.
  • Brokerage Charges :Rs 100 per trade (all segments).
  • Online EKYC, fill your form online.

Special Offer:ProStocks offer FREE Trading + Demat Account (NO AMC). You can trade unlimited in equity segment for Rs 899/month or choose Rs 15 per trade plan. Thereby saving up to 90% on brokerage. ProStocks also offer Rs 0 Demat AMC with one time Rs 1000 refundable deposit.


Rated-4/5 Overall

Sharekhan Logo

Sharekhan offers NRI Investment Service to trade online on NSE, BSE. Online investment on Mutual Funds is also available with the Sharekhan Trading platform. Sharekhan NRI account features are: 

  • Integrated RBI-approved bank account with HDFC Bank, Accept NRO Account also.
  • Research report for every asset class, a single location for Trading & Demat account.
  • Real-time portfolio tracking, fast trading platform, secure transactions.
  • Seamless transactions and Paper free trading.

Special Offer:Get Free Trading + Demat Account (Rs 1150 waived on account opening) for a limited time.


Rated-4/5 Overall

Finvasia Logo

Finvasia NRI Trading service includes trading in equities, futures, and options on NSE and BSE, Investment in IPO and Mutual Funds via NRO account is the easiest way for NRI's to trade.

  • NRI with NRO account needs to open Trading and Demat account.
  • Can trade in derivatives, Mutual Funds, and IPO.
  • No PIS account requirement.

Special Offer:Free Account Opening+Free Demat AMC+Free Trading.

Kotak Securities

Rated-4/5 Overall

Kotak Securities Logo

Kotak Securities NRI account gives you the power to buy equities, futures or options, and transferring funds between accounts. Basic Features of the NRI Account are:

  • Transfer funds safely via net-banking between your savings bank and trading accounts using the Kotak Payment Gateway.
  • Investment option in IPO, ESOPS, bonds, derivatives, and ETFs through the seamless 3-in-1 account.
  • Free access to Kotak trading software and mobile app.
  • Research report, SMS alerts, CallnTrade and more.
  • Detail article on Kotak NRI Trading Account

Special Offer:Get Kotak Securities 3-in-1 account, an integrated trading + demat + bank account for one-click investment in stock market and mutual funds.


Rated-4/5 Overall

Geojit Logo

Geojit has branch offices in Kuwait, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and providing NRI service to invest in India Market. They have a joint venture with a local group and providing service to NRI customers to invest in the local market as well as the Indian stock market. Geojit doesn't have an office in the USA or support US persons or US investors via their platform.

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