Nirmal Bang Brokerage and Demat Account Review 2019

Last Updated - 2018-12-04

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Nirmal Bang empowers you with world-renowned research reports, finest trading platform, IPO investment, portfolio management services and so on for successful investment and trading comforts.

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Great customer support, PAN India presence, research reports, branch offices, free call and trade facility.


Minimum brokerage charges, charges for charts & technical analysis software.

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Why to choose Nirmal Bang as your stock broker?

  • Investment and trading advisory services based on technical, fundamental and market research.
  • All investment options - Equities, IPO, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Commodities, F&O.
  • Client focus and timely service.
  • Fortnightly magazine Beyond Market - Latest from Market & Tips.
  • SMS Alerts.
  • Margin facility available through NBFC.
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Nirmal Bang Brokerage and Demat Account Review - 2019

    Incorporated in 1989,Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt Ltd (Nirmal Bang) is amongst the top full-service broking firm with PAN India presence. Nirmal Bang started up with the DP services and added broking, commodities and insurance advisory services to diversify into allied activities. The Group was thus the first in the history of the Bombay Stock Exchange to acquire six membership rights of the Exchange.

    Nirmal Bang is registered members of the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NMCE) and MCX Stock Exchange Limited and depository participants of NSDL and CDSL.

    The company offers comprehensive range of products and services to meet the financial needs of its clients. In addition to traditional broking services (Trading in Equities & Derivatives), Nirmal Bang is providing commodity trading, currency derivatives trading and you can have access to a wide range of financial products like IPOs, mutual funds, insurance and depository services. Nirmal Bang Financial Services Pvt Ltd is a RBI registered Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which offers margin funding facility to its clients. Margin can be provided in cash as well as approved securities.

    On Customer service - Even though Nirmal Bang is traditional broker, but with our personal experience they are very client focused. They value each client, no matter what size, as a long-term relationship. And there dedicated customer service team seek to provide unmatched service to each client and place him as a partner at the center of everything. Customer relation is core of Nirmal Bang and timely service is part of their vision. They have a dedicated and effective customer service unit to serve channel, partners and end clients.

What are the Investments Options available with Nirmal Bang?

Nirmal Bang - Equity Cash and F&O help
Nirmal Bang - Currency F&O help
Nirmal Bang - Commodity Trading help
Nirmal Bang - Mutual Funds help
Nirmal Bang - ETF help
Nirmal Bang - Online IPO help
Nirmal Bang - Bonds Investment help
Nirmal Bang - Debt Investment help
Nirmal Bang - Banking Service help
Nirmal Bang - Insurance Service help
Nirmal Bang - MF SIP Investment help

How is Nirmal Bang with closest competitors?

Here we are comparing Nirmal Bang with its 5 close competitors, who are currently market leader in brokerage industry.

Broker Nirmal Bang Zerodha ICICIDirect Sharekhan ProStocks
Service Type Full Service Broker Discount Broker Full Service Broker Full Service Broker Discount Broker
Brokerage .02% to .20% Rs 20 0.05 to .55% 0.1 to 0.5% Rs 15
Account Type 2 in 1 2 in 1 3 in 1 2 in 1 2 in 1
Monthly Plans No No No No Yes
Please refer unique and accurate Nirmal Bang Brokerage Calculator

Nirmal Bang Brokerage Plans Review - 2019

    Nirmal Bang Brokerage plan is quite simple and competitive. The broker charges .20% for trading in equity cash, .02% for trading in Intraday and Future. Option trading can be done at Rs 100 per lot.

    The equity delivery brokerage of .20% is significantly less expensive than all the big brokers, such as ICICIDirect, Sharekhan, HDFC Securities, etc. For Equity Intraday and future traders, the brokerage rate of .02% is very competitive that cannot be overlooked. It's the cheapest in the full service Broker Industry.

    Equity Option Trading @ Rs 100 per lot with Nirmal Bang is little expensive.

    For Commodity Future, the brokerage rate is .02%(Both Side) and for Options its .10%(One Side).

    For Currencies Future, the brokerage rate is .02%(Both Side) and no minimum brokerage. For Option its Rs 20 Per Lot.

    Minimum Brokerage: The minimum brokerage charged by Nirmal Bang is 2 paisa.

    Optional Service - Charts & Technical analysis software "FALCON" is available with additional charges.

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Nirmal Bang Brokerage Charges - Basic Plan (Percentage Based)

Brokerage Plan Basic Plan (Percentage Based)
Flat Fee NA
Equity Delivery 0.2% or 20 paisa
Equity Intraday 0.02% or 2 paisa
Equity Futures 0.02% or 2 paisa
Equity Options Rs 100 Per Lot
Currency Futures 0.02% or 2 paisa
Currency Options Rs 20 Per Lot
Commodity 0.02% or 2 paisa

For complete brokerage charges and trading plans detail please visit Nirmal Bang Brokerage Charges.

What are the various Product and Services offered by Nirmal Bang?

Nirmal Bang - 3 in 1 Account help
Nirmal Bang - Multiple Plans help
Nirmal Bang - Monthly Plan help
Nirmal Bang - Yearly Plan help
Nirmal Bang - Portfolio help
Nirmal Bang - Charting help
Nirmal Bang - Automated Trading help
Nirmal Bang - AMO Order help
Nirmal Bang - Allow GTC Order help
Nirmal Bang - SMS Alerts help
Nirmal Bang - Margin Trade Funding help
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodityhelp
Nirmal Bang - NRI Trading help

How to Open Trading and Demat Account with Nirmal Bang?

  • Website:
  • Phone Number: 022-39268600
  • E-mail:[email protected]

Save 60% to 90% Brokerage

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What are the Customer Support options availabel with Nirmal Bang?

Nirmal Bang - Phone Support help
Nirmal Bang - Toll Free Number help
Nirmal Bang - Email Support help
Nirmal Bang - Branch Offices help
Nirmal Bang - Live Chat help
Nirmal Bang - 24/7 Support help

What are the trading platform offered by Nirmal Bang?

    As Nirmal Bang is full service broker with PAN India presence, they have trading terminals (both direct and indirect), online monitoring, control terminals (administration terminals) and back office support terminals (settlement terminals) across all locations and centers.

    The Company is doing trading with India's best single screen Multi Exchange Trading Software platform. Their entire terminals are connected through sophisticated security features. Dedicated Phone and chat support to all client, branches and partner for technical support.

    Nirmal Bang is using Desktop base [ODIN Diet], Webbase [] and mobile base trading platform from Financial Technologies (India) Ltd.

    Nirmal Bang ODIN Diet Desktop Base Trading Platform - NB is using well reputed ODIN Diet trading platform. ODIN Diet is an application-based trading front office solution enabling clients to connect to Nirmal Bang servers via the Internet. - The trading portal not only provides trading platform but also provides online feeds, portfolio tracking tool, a wide range of financial news, information and various research reports facilitating quick decision-making. Some more ad-on features are all segment broadcasts, multi-featured graphs, online payment gateways and automatic password mailer utility for better security.

    NBTRADE(NirmalBang Mobile Trading):This is Nirmal Bang's official stock trading mobile application. The application enables clients registered with Nirmal Bang to trade in Indian Equity, Derivatives, Commodities and Currency markets.

      Key Highlights:-
    • Multi Exchange Streaming Market Watch
    • Trade facility in NSE, BSE, NSEFO, MCX & NCDEX
    • Live Reports
    • Crisp Charts Intraday and Historic
    • Streaming and Lite Mode to suit
    • Customized and Multiple Market Watch
    • Place After Market Orders (AMO)

    Fund Transfer from 25 Banks are possible from Website, ODIN Diet, Net-Net Lite.

    For BackOffice, Nirmal Bang is using Lidha Didha system of Apex Softcell Pvt. Ltd. This is one of the topmost back office software in the industry.

    For detail review of mobile app and download please visit Nirmal Bang Trading Platform Review.

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What are the Trading Platforms & Tools Options available with Nirmal Bang?

Nirmal Bang - Desktop Platform (Windows) help
Nirmal Bang - Desktop Platform (Mac) help
Nirmal Bang - Web Platform help
Nirmal Bang - Stock Alerts via Email help
Nirmal Bang - Stock Alerts via SMS help
Nirmal Bang - Virtual Trading help
Nirmal Bang - Watch-lists, streaming real-time quotes help
Nirmal Bang - Mobile App help
Nirmal Bang - Android Tablet App help
Nirmal Bang - Android App help
Nirmal Bang - iPhone App help
Nirmal Bang - iPad App help
Nirmal Bang - Mobile Trading Site help

Final thought about Nirmal Bang

Nirmal Bang is type of broker who is more interested in carrying business through their sub brokers and branches in different cities. Their focus is to attract local customer city wise and not on centralized online trading. They have improved their online presence by updating their site with new look and feel. While not the broker for everyone, especially for new generation, Nirmal Bang's well-respected place in the realm of full service brokers should continue to grow in 2016.

If you like what you have read and want to start trading, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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Nirmal Bang User Reviews

6. Trader  Mar 27, 2019 1:25:04 PM IST Reply
bekaar advice, khud trade karte hai hamare rupyo se


Brokerage - Average
Account Maintenance Fees - Below Average
Website Usability - Below Average
Customer Service - Average
Overall Experience - Average
5. Ramesh  Oct 20, 2018 9:51:46 AM IST Reply


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
4. MD AMIN  Feb 9, 2018 7:17:41 PM IST Reply
There are lot of hidden charges.. Brokerage is too high.
3. VARUN  Dec 25, 2017 6:43:36 PM IST Reply
Reasonable brokerage


Brokerage - Excellent
Account Maintenance Fees - Excellent
Website Usability - Above Average
Customer Service - Above Average
Overall Experience - Above Average
2. balaji  Oct 12, 2017 11:11:29 AM IST Reply


Brokerage - Very Poor
Account Maintenance Fees - Very Poor
Website Usability - Very Poor
Customer Service - Very Poor
Overall Experience - Very Poor
1. Amelia Hams  Apr 4, 2016 4:07:17 PM IST Reply

You have mentioned wrong email ID, i.e. Email. Its not working. Please change it to Email, this is right email ID.

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