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Buyback Dates

Buyback Updates Returns and Performance Calculator

The Buyback report gives a list of current and upcoming events and buyback dates in the Indian Stock Market. The viewer gets a quick look at the Record Date, Buyback Open Date, Buyback Close Date, and Payment Date to take action as needed. Detailed information of buyback is available on the company page.

Buyback Dates

CompanyName Offer Amount Buyback # of Shares Buyback Price Approx Buy Price Approval Date Record Date Buyback Open Date Buyback End Date
BirlasoftRs 390 Cr7.8 Lakhs50035023-06-202215-07-2022TBDTBD LtdRs 75 Cr6.52 lakhs115082022-06-202204-07-2022TBDTBD
Avonmore Capital & Management Services ltdRs 8.71 Cr9.17 Lakhs958331-05-2022TBDTBDTBD
Motilal Oswal Financial Services LtdRs 160 Cr14.54 lakhs110078017-05-202227-05-202224-07-202207-08-2022
Asahi Songwon Colors LtdRs 9.60 Cr2.40 lakhs40029019-05-202203-06-202222-06-202205-07-2022
Zydus Lifesciences LimitedRs 750 Cr1.15 Cr65037020-05-202202-06-202223-06-202206-07-2022
Indiamart Intermesh LtdRs 100 Cr1.60 Lakhs6250500028-04-202211-05-20222-06-202215-06-2022
Sarda Energy and Minerals LtdRs 121.67 Cr8.11 lakh1500122023-04-202206-05-202202-06-202215-06-2022
Sinclairs HotelsRs 10.1 Cr7 lakhs14311226-04-202213-05-2022TBDTBD
GAIL LimitedRs 1082.72 Cr5.69 Cr19015531-03-202222-04-202225-05-202207-06-2022
Filatex India LtdRs 59.5 Cr42.5 lakhs14012229-03-202208-04-202209-05-202223-09-2022
FDC LimitedRS 137.75 Cr29 Lakhs47530011-02-202219-02-202212-04-202227-04-2022
Gulf Oil LubricantsRs 85 Cr14.16 Lakhs60048509-02-202221-02-202225-03-202207-04-2022
Mayur Uniquoters LtdRs 40.62 Cr6.25 lakhs65049008-02-202223-02-202224-03-202206-04-2022
KPR Mill LimitedRs 179.99 Cr22.36 lakhs80565907-02-202219-02-202225-03-202207-04-2022
TCSRs 18,000 Cr4 Cr4500390012-01-202223-02-202209-03-202223-03-2022
James Warren Tea LtdRs 68.70 Cr8.42 lakhs29527030-12-202114-01-202223-02-20229-03-2022
Ajanta PharmaRs 285.6 Cr11.20 lakhs2550220028-12-202114-01-202203-02-202216-02-2022
Cheviot Co LtdRs 43.12 Cr2.5 lakhs1725145006-12-202117-12-202110-01-202221-01-2022
Weizmann LimitedRs 8.48 lakhs14.12 lakhs605430-11-202110-12-202113-01-202227-01-2022
MOIL Limited693.77 Cr3.38 Cr20517010-12-202131-12-202128-01-202210-02-2022
MPS Limited85 Cr9.44 Lakhs90068027-10-202117-12-202114-01-202228-01-2022
AksharChem (India) Ltd.Rs 10 Cr1.69 lakhs59046029-10-202112-11-202108-12-202121-12-2021
S H Kelkar and Company LimitedRs 60.90 Cr29 lakhs21014801-11-202112-11-202114-12-202127-12-2021
Goldiam International Limited45.60 Cr3.80 Lakh120095013-10-202127-10-202126-11-202109-12-2021
Star Cement LimitedRs 123.72 Cr82.48 lakhs15010826-08-202122-09-202105-10-2021
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