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Current & Upcoming IPOs GMP

Grey Market is an unregulated market to trade IPO applications and IPO shares before listing of the stock. An investor may not want to trade in the grey market but getting an idea of the GMP can be used to estimate the listing gain on the IPO share. GMP or Grey Market Premium adding to issue price gives the estimated listing price of the IPO share.

Here we have reported the GMP of all upcoming and current IPOs along with Kostak price. Estimated Listing Price is also calculated by adding up GMP and IPO cap price.

Current & Upcoming IPOs GMP-Report

IPO GMP Other IPO Price Estimated Listing Price Listing At Conclude IPO Status Listing Dt* Last Updated
Paras Defence and Space Technologies IPO₹270 (+/-10)-₹175₹445 (154.29%)0Not Yet ListedClosed01-10-20219/24/2021 9:17:07 AM
Markolines Traffic Controls SME IPO₹-5 (+/-2)-₹78₹73 (-6.41%)0Not Yet ListedClosed28-09-20219/18/2021 9:24:40 AM
Aditya Birla AMC IPO₹55 (+/-5)-₹712₹767 (7.72%)0Not Yet ListedUpcoming11-10-20219/24/2021 9:21:05 AM
Sansera Engineering IPO₹60 (+/-5)-₹744₹804 (8.06%)811.5Up from GMPClosed24-09-20219/24/2021 9:16:49 AM
Vijaya Diagnostic IPO₹-10 (+/-5)Discount₹531₹521 (-1.88%)540Up from GMPClosed14-09-20219/14/2021 9:17:57 AM
Ami Organics IPO₹155 (+/-5)-₹610₹765 (25.41%)910Up from GMPClosed14-09-20219/14/2021 9:18:17 AM
Chemplast Sanmar IPO₹-15 (+/-5)Discount₹541₹526 (-2.77%)550Up from GMPClosed24-08-20218/24/2021 9:19:11 AM
Aptus Value Housing Finance IPO₹-12 (+/-3)Discount₹353₹341 (-3.40%)333down from GMPClosed24-08-20218/24/2021 9:19:33 AM
Krsnaa Diagnostics IPO₹222 (+/-2)-₹954₹1176 (23.27%)1005.55down from GMPClosed16-08-20218/16/2021 7:49:29 AM
CarTrade Tech IPO₹140 (+/-5)-₹1618₹1758 (8.65%)1599.8down from GMPClosed20-08-20218/20/2021 9:12:37 AM
Devyani International IPO₹59 (+/-0.50)-₹90₹149 (65.56%)140.9down from GMPClosed16-08-20218/16/2021 7:51:03 AM
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation IPO₹-12 (+/-3)Discount₹570₹558 (-2.11%)485down from GMPClosed23-08-20218/23/2021 7:40:42 PM
Exxaro Tiles IPO₹5 (+/-1)-₹120₹125 (4.17%)126Up from GMPClosed16-08-20218/16/2021 7:46:55 AM
Windlas Biotech IPO₹80 (+/-5)-₹460₹540 (17.39%)437down from GMPClosed16-08-20218/16/2021 7:49:04 AM
Rolex Rings IPO₹455 (+/-5)-₹900₹1355 (50.56%)1250down from GMPClosed09-08-20218/8/2021 9:57:26 AM
Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO₹1110 (+/-10)-₹1083₹2193 (102.49%)2111.85down from GMPClosed29-07-20217/29/2021 9:33:55 AM
Glenmark Life Sciences IPO₹82 (+/-3)-₹720₹802 (11.39%)750down from GMPClosed6-08-20218/6/2021 9:35:03 AM
Clean Science and Technology IPO₹615 (+/-5)-₹900₹1515 (68.33%)1755Up from GMPClosed19-07-20217/19/2021 9:06:01 AM
G R Infraprojects IPO₹575 (+/-5)-₹837₹1412 (68.70%)1715.85Up from GMPClosed19-07-20217/19/2021 9:06:33 AM
India Pesticides IPO₹35 (+/-5)-₹296₹331 (11.82%)350Up from GMPClosed05-07-20217/4/2021 12:00:19 PM
KIMS IPO₹75 (+/-5)-₹825₹900 (9.09%)1009Up from GMPClosed28-06-20216/26/2021 11:54:50 AM
Dodla Dairy IPO₹80 (+/-5)-₹428₹508 (18.69%)550Up from GMPClosed28-06-20216/26/2021 11:54:36 AM
Navoday Enterprises SME IPO₹14 (+/-1)-₹20₹34 (70.00%)18.55down from GMPClosed24-06-20218/10/2021 9:22:52 AM
Sona Comstar IPO₹3.5 (+/-.5)-₹291₹294.5 (1.20%)301Up from GMPClosed24-06-20216/23/2021 9:26:13 AM
Zomato IPO₹22 (+/-2)-₹76₹98 (28.95%)116Up from GMPClosed23-07-20217/23/2021 9:07:05 AM
Shyam Metalics and Energy IPO₹130 (+/-5)-₹306₹436 (42.48%)380down from GMPClosed24-06-20216/24/2021 9:13:46 AM
Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPO₹-10 (+/-1)-₹305₹295 (-3.28%)292down from GMPClosed26-03-20213/25/2021 9:49:49 AM
Kalyan Jewellers IPO₹-5 (+/-1)-₹87₹82 (-5.75%)73.95down from GMPClosed26-03-20213/25/2021 9:51:33 AM
Anupam Rasayan IPO₹60 (+/-5)-₹555₹615 (10.81%)520down from GMPClosed24-03-20213/24/2021 9:14:31 AM
Laxmi Organic IPO₹40 (+/-5)-₹130₹170 (30.77%)155.5down from GMPClosed25-03-20213/25/2021 9:47:53 AM
Craftsman Automation IPO₹30 (+/-5)-₹1490₹1520 (2.01%)1359down from GMPClosed25-03-20213/25/2021 9:47:39 AM
Nazara Technologies IPO₹740 (+/-10)-₹1101₹1841 (67.21%)1990Up from GMPClosed30-03-20213/25/2021 9:49:27 AM
EaseMyTrip IPO₹130 (+/-5)-₹187₹317 (69.52%)212.25down from GMPClosed19-03-20213/21/2021 10:32:57 AM
MTAR Technologies IPO₹580 (+/-10)-₹575₹1155 (100.87%)1050down from GMPClosed15-03-20213/13/2021 10:55:17 AM
Heranba Industries Limited IPO₹270 (+/-5)-₹627₹897 (43.06%)900Up from GMPClosed05-03-20213/4/2021 8:23:46 AM
Nureca Limited IPO₹70 (+/-5)-₹400₹470 (17.50%)615Up from GMPClosed25-02-20212/25/2021 8:29:50 AM
Stove Kraft IPO₹35 (+/-5)-₹385₹420 (9.09%)467Up from GMPClosed05-02-20212/4/2021 1:26:38 PM
HFFC Limited IPO₹120 (+/-5)-₹518₹638 (23.17%)612.15down from GMPClosed3-02-20212/2/2021 8:23:07 AM
Indigo Paints IPO₹750 (+/-50)-₹1490₹2240 (50.34%)2607Up from GMPClosed02-02-20211/30/2021 9:13:18 AM
Antony Waste Ltd IPO₹125 (+/-2)-₹315₹440 (39.68%)430down from GMPClosed01-01-202112/28/2020 9:14:04 PM
Mrs. Bectors Food IPO₹215 (+/-2)-₹288₹503 (74.65%)505Up from GMPClosed28-12-202012/23/2020 6:38:04 PM
IRFC IPO₹0.40 (+/-0.10)-₹26₹26.4 (1.54%)25down from GMPClosed29-01-20211/29/2021 8:29:51 AM
Burger King IPO₹43.25 (+/-.25)-₹60₹103.25 (72.08%)115.35Up from GMPClosed14-12-202012/9/2020 8:25:21 AM
RailTel IPO₹10 (+/-2)-₹94₹104 (10.64%)109Up from GMPClosed26-02-20212/24/2021 8:29:57 PM
Gland Pharma IPO₹118 (+/-2)-₹1500₹1618 (7.87%)1710Up from GMPClosed20-11-202011/18/2020 1:54:54 PM
Mazagon Dock IPO₹105 (+/-5)-₹145₹250 (72.41%)214.9down from GMPClosed12-10-202010/12/2020 9:07:13 AM
Likhitha Infrastructure IPO₹6 (+/-1)-₹120₹126 (5.00%)130Up from GMPClosed15-10-202010/13/2020 12:40:43 PM
Chemcon IPO₹310 (+/-5)-₹340₹650 (91.18%)731Up from GMPClosed01-10-20209/30/2020 10:57:09 PM
Route Mobile IPO₹310 (+/-5)-₹350₹660 (88.57%)717Up from GMPClosed21-09-20209/20/2020 9:39:43 AM
Angel Broking IPO₹-5 (+/-2)-₹306₹301 (-1.63%)275down from GMPClosed05-10-20209/30/2020 10:56:47 PM
CAMS IPO₹328 (+/-2)-₹1230₹1558 (26.67%)1518down from GMPClosed01-10-20209/30/2020 10:57:15 PM
UTI AMC IPO₹-14 (+/-1)-₹554₹540 (-2.53%)500down from GMPClosed12-10-202010/12/2020 9:06:54 AM
Equitas SFB IPO₹1 (+/-1)-₹33₹34 (3.03%)31down from GMPClosed2-11-202010/22/2020 9:39:53 AM

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User Comments

6. Vinay Jain  9/24/2021 10:24:24 AM Reply
Pre Market Link for SANSERA
5. IPO Guru  9/14/2021 11:08:39 AM Reply
Ami Organic and Vijaya Diagnostic, both listed above GMP. Super listing for Ami and Vijaya.
4. Vinay Jain  9/14/2021 10:23:29 AM Reply
Pre Market Link for Vijay Diagnostic IPO-
3. Vinay Jain  9/14/2021 10:20:56 AM Reply
Pre Market Link for Ami Organics IPO - Indicative Equilibrium Price Link

2. Ankush Bijwe  8/26/2021 11:02:44 AM Reply
Hello Team, Please update the Vijaya Diagnostic and Ami Organics GMP information.
2.1. CA Sachin  8/28/2021 11:03:59 AM
Not much demand for Vijaya and Ami IPO. Retail investors stay away.
2.2. Kunal  9/2/2021 10:34:25 AM
Vijaya and Ami IPO - No major movement in the GMP side, Vijaya is sure discount listing and Ami is highly-priced, will 100% list on below GMP. GMP for Ami is also not stable from High 155 to Low 35.
1. Vinay Jain  8/20/2021 11:40:48 AM Reply
Another IPO disappointed with GMP, CARTRADE. From the last 5 IPOs only one open above GMP price which is really disappointing scenario. Now we can''t trust on GMP also when applying. CARTRADE is listed below IPO price, losses for HNI investors.
7.1. Vinay Jain  8/20/2021 11:42:35 AM
Pre Market Link for CarTrade

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