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Current Right Issue

Current Right Issue in market - Current and Upcoming Right Is Details, News
Right Issue Dashboard presents a quick navigation through all the upcoming, current and closed Right Issue of Indian Stock Market. Take a quick look at the Right Issue Open Date, Close Date, Record Date, Issue Price and other relevant information on this one page. Further, click on the company's name to get in- depth detail review and key information related to Right Issue.

Current Right Issue in market

Issue Price Record Date Open Date Close Date Listing Date Status Rating
Banas Finance2024th Jun 20225th Jul 202219th Jul 20222nd Aug 2022Upcoming4
Kallam Textiles103rd Jun 202223rd Jun 20227th Jul 202222nd Jul 2022Open3
Maharashtra Corporation18th Jul 202219th Jul 20222nd Aug 2022AwaitingUpcoming3
Saboo Sodium Chloro1016th Jun 202227th Jun 202226th Jul 20225th Aug 2022Open3.5
Satyam Silk Mills106th Jun 202216th Jun 20221st Jul 202212th Jul 2022Closed4
Davangere Sugar12.527th May 202216th Jun 202230th Jun 20226th Jul 2022Closed3.5
Integra Essentia1.85th May 202216th May 202210th Jun 202224th Jun 2022Closed3.5
NCL Research19th May 202216th May 202227th May 202210th Jun 2022Closed3
TCM Limited2527th Apr 202212th May 202226th May 20228th Jun 2022Closed3
Asian Granito India6312th Apr 202225th Apr 202210th May 202224th May 2022Closed3
Nakoda Group1201st Apr 202218th Apr 20222nd May 202223rd May 2022Closed3
Aurum Proptech8014th Apr 202226th Apr 202210th May 202223rd May 2022Closed3
Makers Laboratories1501st Apr 202218th Apr 202227th Apr 202211th May 2022Closed3
Bhagiradha Chemicals4009th Apr 202219th Apr 20224th May 202213th May 2022Closed3
HCP Plastene Bulkpack60018th Mar 202230th Mar 202213th Apr 20224th May 2022Closed3.5
SPV Global Trading1022nd Mar 202230th Mar 202213th Apr 202229th Apr 2022Closed3
Rainbow Foundations1111th Mar 202225th Mar 202218th Apr 20222nd May 2022Closed3
ASM Technologies11521st Mar 202228th Mar 202211th Apr 202225th Apr 2022Closed3.5
Advik Capital2.8511th Mar 202221st Mar 20227th Apr 202226th Apr 2022Closed3
Wockhardt2259th Mar 202215th Mar 202222nd Mar 20224th Apr 2022Closed3
Prismx Global Ventures43rd Mar 202214th Mar 202228th Mar 202213th Apr 2022Closed3
Tilak Ventures518th Feb 202228th Feb 202215th Mar 20225th Apr 2022Closed3
Wardwizard8222nd Jan 20227th Feb 20228th Mar 20228th Mar 2022Closed4
Joonktollee Tea & Industries6019th Jan 20224th Feb 202218th Feb 202216th Mar 2022Closed3
Veer Global6021st Jan 202231st Jan 202214th Feb 20221st Mar 2022Closed3

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