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Zerodha Commodity Trading 2022

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Zerodha Commodity Trading

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Zerodha is a trading member of MCX and NCDEX to offer an online commodity trading facility to its clients. To start trading on MCX, you have to open a Zerodha Commodity Trading Account that allows users to buy and sell different types of commodities. The discount broker charges flat Rs. 20 per order brokerage or 0.03% whichever is lower on commodity trading. Zerodha Kite commodity trading app and the web is the platform for MCX trading. The broker also provides a margin facility on commodity trading in Zerodha. Let’s get the complete Zerodha Commodity Trading Review including brokerage charges, commodity trading platform, margins, orders, and more.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Account| Commodity Trading in Zerodha

You can trade-in commodities with Zerodha by opening a commodity trading account. If you have an activated commodity account, then you can trade-in the following types of commodity futures & options contracts on MCX.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crude oil
  • Copper
  • Zinc

Zerodha Commodity Account Opening Charges

S. No. Particulars Fee
1. Zerodha Commodity Trading Account opening fee [Online] Rs. 100
2. Zerodha Commodity Trading Account opening fee [Offline] Rs. 200
3. Zerodha Commodity Account Maintenance Charges Nil

Zerodha Commodity Account Opening Process

A commodity account in Zerodha can be opened online or offline as per your choice and start online trading on MCX.

  • New customers: If you are a new customer then you have to open an equity trading account + commodity trading account + Zerodha Demat account. The process to open a commodity account is the same as the equity account opening, just make sure to select the commodity segment as well.
  • Open Zerodha Commodity Trading Account online

  • Existing customers: If you already have an equity trading + Demat account with Zerodha, then you just need to activate the commodity trading segment.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Brokerage

Zerodha charges a maximum of Rs. 20 per executed order brokerage on commodity futures & options trading.

S. No. Particulars Brokerage
1. Commodity Futures trading brokerage Rs. 20/executed order or 0.03%, whichever is lower
2. Commodity Options trading brokerage Rs. 20/executed order or 0.03%, whichever is lower

Zerodha Commodity Trading Orders

  • NRML order: NRML stands for Normal margin order in the commodity derivative segment to carry forward the positions.
  • MIS order: Margin Intraday square off is an order that must be squared off before the market closure. If MIS positions are not closed then the Zerodha RMS team will automatically square it. Zerodha commodity intraday (MIS) auto square off time is 25 minutes before the market closure.
  • Cover order: Zerodha allows a Cover order (CO) on commodity trading that is placed with a compulsory stop-loss order. The broker offers higher leverage on cover orders than MIS orders.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Margin

S. No. Particulars MCX margin
1. Zerodha commodity intraday margin [MIS] 2X or 50% of NRML margins
2. Zerodha commodity cover order margin 3.33X (30% of NRML margins)

Zerodha Commodity Segment Activation

To start commodity trading on MCX, existing Zerodha clients just have to enable the commodity segment that can be done online or offline.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Form

The commodity account opening form is available on the broker’s website. Steps to download Zerodha commodity form:

  • Visit the Zerodha website.
  • Go to the “Downloads & Resources” option.
  • Under the “Commodity” head, click on the “Application form-Individual”.

Download Zerodha Commodity Form

Zerodha Commodity Trading Platform

    Zerodha Kite is the platform for online trading in commodities that is available in web and mobile versions. Zerodha Kite app (Android and iOS) is a commodity trading app that allows commodity trading at your fingertips.

Zerodha Commodity Account Login

    Users don’t need separate login credentials to access commodity account. You can use the same Zerodha Kite login credentials i.e. user ID and password to login to the Zerodha commodity account for trading on MCX. The account can be logged in either on the Kite web platform or Kite mobile app on android and iOS devices.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  1. Lowest brokerage commodity trading at a maximum of Rs. 20 per order.
  2. India’s number one discount broker.
  3. Online commodity trading on Kite mobile app and web.
  4. Get commodity trading margin.
  5. Advanced orders like cover order and after-market order.
  6. Single login credentials for equity and commodity trading accounts.
  1. Commodity trading on BSE and NSE is not allowed.
  2. You must open an equity + commodity + Demat account, only commodity account can’t be opened.

Zerodha Commodity Trading Customer Care

Helpline no.
Zerodha Commodity Helpline number [New A/c opening] 080 4719 2020/ 080 7117 5337
Zerodha commodity customer support number 080 4718 1888/ 080 4718 1999
Zerodha commodity call & trade 080 4718 1888

Request call back from Zerodha

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Zerodha Commodity Trading

Zerodha FAQs

No, you cannot transfer funds from the equity trading account to Zerodha commodity trading account. If you want to transfer funds to a commodity account, then you have to withdraw funds from your equity account and then add it to your commodity account.



If you no more trade-in commodities then you can close the Zerodha Commodity Trading Account without even closing the Demat and equity trading account. To close your account online, your aadhaar card must be linked with the mobile number.

Steps to close Zerodha Commodity Account online:

  • Head to the broker’s website and get the Zerodha Account Closure form.
  • Tick the checkbox respective to the Zerodha Commodity Account and close the account option.
  • Enter details like name, client ID, and reason to close the Zerodha MCX account.
  • Login to digio and upload the closure form.
  • Click on e-sign, enter VID (aadhaar number), and the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Once OTP is entered correctly, the closure form will be digitally signed.
  • Now, raise a ticket at Zerodha support by attaching the duly filled and signed closure form.
  • Zerodha commodity account closure request will be processed within 5-7 working days.



If you enable the MCX segment online on the Console then the commodity account in Zerodha will be activated within 48 hours. However, offline MCX segment activation requires sending a duly filled commodity form along with an income proof to the Zerodha Bangalore office, therefore, may take some time in details verification.



Yes, Zerodha discount broking firm is an MCX and NCDEX member to offer commodity trading services. The broker allows online trading in various commodities like precious metals (gold, silver, etc.), base metal (copper, zinc, etc.), energy (crude oil, etc.), and others.



If you are a new customer and looking to start commodity trading at the cheapest brokerage then you can open a commodity account in Zerodha.

Steps to open Zerodha Commodity Trading Account Online:

  1. Visit Zerodha's official website.
  2. Click on the “Sign up Now” and enter the mobile number, e-mail, and the OTP to sign-in.
  3. Provide PAN number and date of birth.
  4. Pay the account opening fee. Make sure to select the commodity option as well.
  5. Enter aadhaar number, personal information, and bank details.
  6. Complete Zerodha IPV process.
  7. Upload bank proof, PAN card, aadhar card, signature, and income proof.
  8. Complete e-sign with aadhar.
  9. Once details are verified, the equity + commodity + Demat account will be activated.

Note: Zerodha charges Rs. 100 to open an online commodity account while the offline account opening fee is Rs. 200.



To trade in commodities, you have to maintain the required balance in your commodity trading account as you cannot use the equity trading account funds for commodity trading. Zerodha allows free fund transfer through UPI.

Steps to add funds to Zerodha Commodity Account with UPI:

  1. Log in with the Zerodha Kite web or mobile app.
  2. On the top menu bar, go to the “Funds” tab and click on the “Add Funds” option.
  3. Enter the amount, UPI ID, and under the “segment”, make sure to select the “MCX” segment.
  4. Press the “Continue” button and accept the fund transfer request on your UPI app.
  5. Once the payment request is accepted, the amount will be transferred to the Zerodha commodity account.



If you already have an equity trading + Demat account with Zerodha then you only need to activate or enable the commodity trading segment to start MCX trading. To activate the MCX segment online, your aadhar card must be linked with your registered mobile number.

Steps to activate Zerodha commodity trading account online:

  • Log in with the Kite.
  • Go to the Zerodha Console.
  • On the Dashboard, under the “Commodity”, click on the “Activate segment” option.
  • Enter gross income, trading experience, and upload income proof.
  • Provide aadhar number and verify with OTP to complete the e-sign process.
  • Once clicked, the MCX segment will be activated.

Steps to activate commodity segment in Zerodha offline:

  • Download the Zerodha Commodity Account form from the website.
  • Fill in the details and sign the form.
  • Attach an income proof to trade in the commodity derivative segment.
  • Courier the duly filled form with income proof to Zerodha head office.



Yes, Zerodha offers commodity trading services to its clients. To trade on MCX, you must have an activated Zerodha commodity trading account. The broker offers the lowest brokerage commodity trading of Rs. 20 or 0.03% whichever is lower.



If you have opened a Zerodha commodity account then you can start online trading on MCX through the Zerodha Kite web or mobile app.

Steps to start commodity (MCX) trading in Zerodha Kite:

  • Login with the Zerodha commodity account.
  • Add the particular commodity derivative contract, you want to trade-in to the watchlist.
  • Use the Zerodha margin calculator to calculate the margin required.
  • Tap on the “Buy” (If you want to buy commodity) or “Sell” (If you want to sell commodity).
  • Select order type i.e. MIS or NRML and enter quantity and price.
  • Press the “Buy” or “Sell” option to place the commodity trading order on Kite.



Commodity trading is all about trading means buying and selling of different types of commodities i.e. gold, silver, fuel, metals, and agriculture commodities like cotton, wheat, rice, etc. Zerodha discount broking firm is registered with Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) to offer commodity trading services to its clientele base at flat brokerage of Rs. 20 per executed order.



One who has opened a Zerodha commodity account can start trading in commodity futures & options on Zerodha Kite (Web and Mobile App) platform. Here are the steps to start commodity trading in Zerodha Kite:

  1. Login to the Zerodha commodity account on the Kite.
  2. Go to the watchlist, search for the commodity you want to trade in, and add it to the watchlist.
  3. Press on the “Buy” or “Sell” option, as per your trading requirements.
  4. Select the right order type (NRML and MIS) and enter price and quantity.
  5. Recheck all the details entered and confirm the “Buy” or “Sell” order.



Yes, Zerodha discount broker facilitates its customers to trade in MCX derivative segment on the Kite web as well as Kite Mobile App. The Kite app facilitates commodity trading at their fingertips anytime anywhere. The mobile app is downloadable on android as well as iOS devices from the Google play store and the App Store.



Last Updated on 2022-06-02