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Zerodha Kite3.0

In this article we are talking about latest update from Zerodha Kite, Review of Zerodha Kite, Why Zerodha Kite is a Market leader in a trading platform? Zerodha Kite is a web based trading platform and also available in Android and iOS Mobile App. Kite Mobile App is the number one mobile app in India under Trading Segment. It's very easy to use and have all the features which professional traders need in the desktop-based trading platform. After using Zerodha Kite, there is no use of download and install trading terminal on your laptop or desktop. Latest version of Kite is 3.0, we have explained the recent update in new version.

Latest Update from Zerodha Kite

Feb 25,2019 - Zerodha Kite Second Level authentication with 6 digit pin number.

Feb 25,2018 - Zerodha Kite updated its rejected message in user readable format/common language.

Dec 07,2017 - Zerodha recently launched Kite3.0, with mush faster and more innovation in trading tool.

Key features of Zerodha Kite 3.0 in terms of technical points

  • Exit multiple orders/positions - Now you can Exit or Cancel multiple orders from order window.
  • You can open up to 4 charts – Multiple Chart view.
  • Trade from chart – You can directly trade from chart.
  • Direct order placing from Market Depth Report.
  • Bracket orders with SL entry.
  • Cover orders with limit entry.

Zerodha Kite 3.0 Cosmetic Changes in Kite Platform

  • Browser notifications - Now you will get browser notifications on Kite.
  • Now you can add your personal avatar.
  • Marketwatch - Toggle option in Marketwatch to choose your required fields.
  • Dashboard - New visualisation of equity holdings.
  • Pin your favourite scripts on top left header.
  • Holdings Report - Now Sparklines 52 weeks chart on your holding report.
  • Now you can view the Chart, Buy, Sell or add script in Marketwatch from any of the reports like Holdings, Order Book or Position report. Universal context menu is more helpful for analysis and decision making purpose.
  • Floating Order Window for convenience.

Access Zerodha Kite3.0 -

Zerodha KITE - Review

After the great success of Zerodha PI and in aspiration of bringing something new to its clients, Zerodha launched a new web-based lightweight proprietary trading HTML 5 platform called KITE which can be used for trading on mobiles, tablets as well as browsers. The main objective of this app is to place an order in no time. Zerodha KITE is available in 10 languages. This is the first time ever in share brokerage services that any trading platform is available in regional Indian languages to give ease to customers who are not very much comfortable with English.

Zerodha review and Plans (20 Rs Per Trade,Free Delivery Trade) >> More Details
If you like to Trade on Kite @ Zerodha, Please leave your information here and Zerodha representative is going to contact you ASAP.

Key features & advantages of Zerodha KITE Trading Platform-

  1. Language Option - The Trading platform can be used in 10 languages including Hindi.
  2. Integrated - KITE is integrated with an advanced behavioral analytics and visualization platform, called Quant, which help traders understand their trading behavior to make informed investment decisions.
  3. Low Bandwidth - KITE would only use 175th of the internet bandwidth that’s why its lightweight.
  4. Easy to use - One search box for searching instruments and contracts across all segments and exchanges.
  5. Informational -Live streaming quotes and market depth data delivered with HTML5 Web Sockets for tracking various instruments.
  6. Committed - Instant notifications for order completion, cancellation, and rejection updates.
  7. Fast Speed - It has simple buy/sell panels and live ticking charts.

Zerodha 20 depth or level 3 data on Kite

Zerodha is now initiating to give access to level 3 or 20 depth market data to its retail customers through their trading platform Kite. Level 3 or 20 depth is the market depth with 20 bids and offers. Normally, it is level 2 data which is the best 5 bids and offers when you check the market depth for any scrip.

Benefits of level 3 or 20 depth market data

  • This adds significant value to active traders or those who intend to trade large quantities by giving insights that is not available on the standard, limited market depth view.
  • It gives a trading edge.
  • Access to 20 depth can also help reduce impact costs on large orders.
  • Level 3 feeds tick faster and deliver more quotes.


Zerodha is setting a new expectation level in Brokerage services by launching top quality gadgets to make trading easier and smoother. Zerodha KITE is lightweight, low bandwidth, multi-language, Integrated, Easy to use, Informational and committed mobile app and web base free trading platform from Zerodha. Zerodha KITE gives you an unforgettable user experience, it’s easy to use and have CO and BO facility. This platform is built for both Traders as well as Investors. You don’t need desktop trading platform after using KITE web trading platform. Kite is available in Mobile version also, so you can download Kite Mobile App on your Android or IOS mobile for on the go trading and monitoring the market. Only missing thing in Kite is Market update and Tips where competitor like 5paisa is providing this facility for free.

Last updated on 18th Nov 2019



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  1. 1. How to access level 3 data on Zerodha Kite?

    As of now, it can be accessed on Kite web and not on Kite mobile. It is only available for NSE scripts. It is only available to Zerodha’s active trading clients those who have generated over Rs 100 brokerage in the last 4 weeks. It is now available for free but later it will be charged.

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User Comments

6. bhavendra  5/8/2017 11:45:38 AM Reply

3 rd class share broker name zerodha..... koi bhi account mat khulvana...... jab bhi market volatile hoga apka trade hi nahi hoga... or aap phone kar ke thak jaoge lekin zerodha vale fone nahi uthaenge... or agar galti se utha liya to bolega isme me kya karu ... ye aapki galati hai jo apne account zerodha me khulavaya.
5. shirish phatak  5/6/2017 10:00:02 PM Reply
kite is good for charts and also to trade. But recently they have changed the complete up of chart pattern and now it is impossible to trade on kite. there is no data table on the chart. for candle " open ,close high and low " and also volume are not displayed on the chart which makes trading impossible. In previous setup all the parameters were excellent for trading but now IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRADE in this setup.
4. Vijay  7/20/2016 9:04:41 AM Reply
New Pi release is out officially today. Click on check for updates under help

Features introduced in this release of Pi(Dated:07/18/2016):

1. Multiple MW (Shortcut Ctrl+W ,upto 250 scrips,50 by default).
2. Find Symbol to add multiple scrips in market watch (Shortcut Ctrl+F).
3. Chart Toolbar changes
a)Change Time frame to any periodicity (Min<->Hour<->Daily).
b)Duration added in Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).
4. New indicators introduced:
a) Supertrend Indicator
b) Donchian Channel Indicator
c) Average True Range (ATR)
5. Edit Color/thickness).      
6. Option Calculator (Shortcut Ctrl+O)
7. Layout Saving (Except Charts).
8. Addition of scrips from Default Workspaces and MW in Scanner.
9. Cover Order with Limit entry option.
10.Hide/Show Connection Logs on Default Market Watch (Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W).
3. S.Parbhakaran  6/10/2016 9:13:57 PM Reply
being with RKSV for more than a year does not help. they are good as discount brokers, but tools sucks nest , rksv mobile .. sorry guys.

they were testing beta of upstox nearly a year, not ready.. zerodha has all in place ,need to see how it works!

i have both accounts active...I will switch to zerodha completely soon.
2. Sanjeev Reddy  4/27/2016 8:19:02 PM Reply
I am using Kite, with good volume of contracts, but in last two months its pretty stable and not faced problem in execution.

So why try Kite. It is good, with good chart support.No need to open pi or NEST or NOW.

Just give a try once, then decide. I like it and i stopped using NEST and NOW. Good move Zerodha.
1. Raj Singh  11/10/2015 11:05:43 PM Reply
Hi -
Opened Kite using android mobile on 3G connection. Worked super fast.
Charts, Open positions and Dashboard...all worked well.