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The discount brokerage house, Zerodha is known to bring breakthrough technological innovations in the Indian stock broking industry. It provides many trading platforms, among which, Zerodha Kite 3.0 is the in-house developed online trading platform by Zerodha. The online platform supports trading and investment across asset classes i.e. equity, F&O, commodity, currency, and provides all the features of a desktop trading software to users. The best advantage with Kite for Zerodha is that it is available in various versions – web-based trading platform and mobile trading application available on Android and iOS. The Zerodha Kite ultra-flagship platform provides an abundance of features including but not restricted to advanced charting, live-streaming market data, elegant user interface, and integration with 3rd party apps. Just go through the Zerodha Kite review including Kite features, Kite connect API, Zerodha Kite charges, Kite charting, Kite fund transfer, Kite demo, and many more.

Zerodha Kite Platform

As said earlier, Kite for Zerodha platform is available as Zerodha Kite Web, Kite mobile app, and Kite connect API as well. Let’s discuss each one by one;

  • Zerodha Kite Web – is the web trading platform of Zerodha. To access Kite web, users are not required to install or download any software as it is accessible on any supported browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. provides a number of features i.e. multiple order placement, universal search bar, charting tool, live market data, and many more.
  • Zerodha Kite Mobile App – Zerodha Kite app is one of the fastest and the most popular trading application that facilitates trade on your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Zerodha Kite app. Dashboard, charting, view positions & holdings, funds transfer, multiple market watchlists are the basic features of Kite mobile application. The Kite app is available on both the Playstore and App store for android and iOS devices.
  • Zerodha Kite connect API – The discount broker also provides API access to programmers to customize their trading experience. With Kite connect API, users can change coding using any supporting programing language i.e. Python, Java, etc. to control live market quotes, order, funds, profile, positions, and many others. It is a paid service as the broker charges Rs. 2000 as a monthly subscription fee to access Zerodha API.

Zerodha Kite Key features

Kite for Zerodha offers a number of features, that are explained here as under;

  1. A multilingual app in more than 10 different languages facilitates users to get the app in their local language.
  2. Universal instrument search: There is one single search bar to search any instrument whether stocks, F&O contracts, and commodities on MCX.
  3. Zerodha-Universal-Search-Bar

  4. Multiple market watchlists: There are 5 market watchlists available on and Kite mobile. Users can add or delete the scrip as per their requirement and keep track of many stocks price movements easily on the watchlist. You can add up to 50 stocks in a single watchlist.
  5. Zerodha-Market-Watchlist

  6. 20 market depth and 3 level data: Scrips that you’ve added on the market watchlist provides exclusive access to 3 level data (Orders, quantity, and price) for both the buy and sell offer with 20 market depth that is useful to check liquidity.
  7. Zerodha-Marketdepth-data

  8. Zerodha Kite charts: Kite offers the advanced charting feature to facilitate users to do advanced technical analysis;
    • 6 charts; Point & Figure chart, Heiken Ashi, Kagi, Linebreak, Range Bars, and Renko.
    • More than 100 technical indicators for technical analysis.
    • 20+ drawing tools.
    • A multi-view charting feature enables users to see 4 charts simultaneously at a single screen.
    • Change timeframe – You can change the chart timeframe i.e. 1 Min, 30 Min, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and many more.
    • Comparison of scrips – On Kite, you can even compare the visual charts of various scrips to track their performance.
  9. Zerodha Kite Trade from the chart: This feature helps users to place orders through the chart on Kite Web. You can easily drag the order window up and down to set the order price. 
  10. Zerodha Kite Fund Transfer: Customers can easily add funds to your Zerodha trading account through Kite “Add funds” interface. You can pay in through various options such as;
    • Unified Payment Interface (UPI) – Zerodha allows free fund transfer to Zerodha Account via UPI on Kite. Here are the steps for Zerodha fund transfer via UPI


      1. Login with Kite.

      2. On the top menu, click on Funds.

      3. Now, click on Add funds.

      4. Select UPI mode and enter the amount and your UPI ID. Notably, the UPI ID must be linked with the registered bank account only.

      5. Press “Continue” and the funds will be transferred instantly.

    • Payment gateway – Clients can add money through 25+ banks at an applicable nominal charge of Rs. 9 + GST.

    • IMPS/RTGS/NEFT – Free but bank charges exist that may vary across banks.

  11. Zerodha charting: TradingView and ChartIQ technical charting options are available on Zerodha Kite. ChartIQ is by default setting, so if any user wants to switch from chart IQ to TradingView, then it can be done easily through below steps;
    • Log in with the Zerodha account on Kite.
    • Click on the client ID and go to the “My profile” option.
    • Zerodha-TradingView-Chart

    • Select “TradingView” as highlighted in red in the above screenshot, the TradingView chart is live now!
  12. Sleek and elegant UI: Kite’s smart user interface made the web and mobile platform easy to use for traders & investors.
  13. Zerodha Kite Products: Kite offers various types of products such as MIS and CNC on Kite as per your requirements. It also allows advanced orders i.e. BO, CO, and AMO, that are discussed here one by one;


    • MIS: You can place start intraday trading by placing MIS (Margin intraday square-off) order, in which, you must close your positions the same trading session, otherwise, Zerodha itself do it at the applicable square off charges of Rs. 50 + GST.
    • CNC (Cash N carry): Placing CNC orders means delivery trading that requires a 100% margin in your trading account. Stocks bought on CNC will be transferred to your demat account as per the T+2 period.
    • NRML: These are normal F&O orders that are held until the expiry period.
    • Bracket order: BO is essentially intraday limit orders wherein users can enter target price and stop loss.
    • Cover order: CO is intraday market orders wherein users can limit their stop loss.
    • Aftermarket order: If you’ve not placed an order during market hours then still, you have an option to place AMO that will execute the next day.
  14. Zerodha Kite GTT: You can create GTT orders (Good Till Triggered) on Kite that is valid for 365 days. The order facilitates users to set trigger price and once the stocks reach the level, then the limit order on the specified price will be automatically placed on the exchange. This feature is available completely free of cost at zero Zerodha Kite GTT charges.
  15. Zerodha Kite orders: One can place various types of orders on Kite includes market order, limit order, SL (Stoploss) order, and SL-M (Stoploss market) order.
  16. Zerodha-Kite-Orders

    • Market order: Buy and sell stocks at the prevailing current market price.
    • Limit order: Buy and sell stocks at a pre-specified price.
    • SL order: This facilitates users to limit their losses by entering stop loss.
    • SL-M order: This is a market order with a stop loss whereas SL order is essential a limit order.
  17. Zerodha Kite Portfolio: Users can check their complete portfolio on Kite under “Holdings” options including investment in stocks, F&O contracts, commodity, mutual funds, etc.
  18. Browser notification: It allows you to get notifications on Kite.
  19. View order history including orders placed, executed, and pending orders.
  20. Get stock reports and complete fundamental reports through Kite Stock Widget.
  21.  Keyboard shortcuts provide quick access to Zerodha Kite features. 

Zerodha Kite Demo

    The product demo video is available on the Zerodha YouTube channel.

Zerodha Kite Charges

    Zerodha Kite whether web platform or mobile application is available completely free to use without any charges.

Zerodha Kite Tutorial/Kite user Manual

If you’re a new user then, you can view the Kite tutorial to know various Kite features and its uses.

  • Login into the Kite platform.
  • Click on client ID and go to the “Help” option.
  • Here, is the complete Kite user manual available that explains its key features i.e. MarketWatch, fund transfer, orders placement, portfolio, charting, etc.

Zerodha Kite Download

    If you use a laptop or computer then there’s no need to download as Kite web platform is accessible on compatible browsers.

    However, mobile users can install the Kite mobile app to trade from anywhere in the world. Android device users can download the Kite app from Google Playstore whereas iOS such as iPad, iPod, iPhone users can download Kite by Zerodha mobile trading application from the App Store.

Kite mobile app for Android

Kite mobile app for iOS

Final Remark on Zerodha Kite

    Zerodha has set a new expectation level in the Indian Brokerage industry by launching top quality gadgets to make trading easier and smoother. Zerodha KITE is a lightweight, low bandwidth, multi-language, Integrated, Easy to use, Informational, and committed mobile app and web based free trading platform from Zerodha. Zerodha KITE gives you an unforgettable user experience, it’s easy to use and have CO and BO facility. This platform is built for both Traders as well as Investors. You don’t need desktop trading platform after using the KITE web trading platform. Kite is available in Mobile version also, so you can download Kite Mobile App on your Android or IOS mobile for on the go trading and monitoring the market.

Last updated on 3rd Jul 2020



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  1. 1. How to access level 3 data on Zerodha Kite?

    As of now, it can be accessed on Kite web and not on Kite mobile. It is only available for NSE scripts. It is only available to Zerodha’s active trading clients those who have generated over Rs 100 brokerage in the last 4 weeks. It is now available for free but later it will be charged.




  2. 2. How to add funds on Zerodha Kite?

    Steps to add funds with Zerodha

    • Keep your user name and password handy and login with your Zerodha account on the Kite platform.
    • Zerodha-Kite-Login

    • Enter 6 digit PIN, in case PIN, is not set, answer 2FA questions to login with your Kite account.
    • Zerodha-PIN

    • On the top menu bar, click on the option “Funds”.
    • Here, you’ll find two options, Add funds and Withdraw, if you want to add funds to your account, then click on “add funds”.
    • Zerodha-Add-Funds-Interface

    • Enter the amount that you want to add. Notably, if you want to add money to your commodity trading account then from the dropdown list, click on “Commodities” otherwise, chose “Equity/Derivative/Currency.
    • Zerodha-Add-Funds

    • Here, you’ll have two modes of funds addition; one is UPI and another is Net banking.
    • In case if you chose UPI then enter the virtual payment address (UPI ID) and in case of net banking, log in with your net banking account. Notably, adding funds to your Zerodha account via UPI is free.
    • Once funds are added successfully, a “Payment Successful” window will appear.
    • Funds-Transfer-to-Zerodha-Account




  3. 3. How to place a Stoploss order on Zerodha Kite?

    Stoploss order (SL) is an important order type allowed on Zerodha kite to facility traders to limit their losses.

    Steps to place Stoploss order on Kite

    • Login into Kite platform
    • Add the stock into your watchlist.
    • Click on the “Buy” option.
    • An order window will be open, select “SL” option.





  4. 4. Where to find Zerodha Kite Tutorial?

    Zerodha Kite Tutorial or kite user manual is available on the broker’s website. The manual guide Zerodha users about how to use the Kite trading platform to place orders, view portfolio holdings, buy and sell various stocks, and others.

    Steps to get Kite User Manual

    • Login to Zerodha Kite.
    • On the right-hand side, click on your client ID.
    • Now, click on the “Help” option. Here, you will find complete Kite User Manual on how to use Kite features such as Marketwatch, funds, order placement, portfolio monitoring, charting, kite notifications.
    • There is also a Kite Mobile option that guides users about the use of the Kite mobile app.




  5. 5. What is AMO order in Zerodha Kite?

    Zerodha AMO stands for “After Market Order” that allows users to place orders after market hours. People who can’t actively keep track of the market trading hours can place an AMO order in Zerodha Kite.

    The market timing for placing AMO order varies across segments such as;

    • Equity NSE: 3:45 PM to 8:57 AM
    • Equity BSE: 3:45 PM to 8:59 AM
    • Futures & options: 3:45 PM to 9:10 AM
    • Currency: 3:45PM to 8:59 AM
    • MCX: Anytime but the AMO details will be sent to commodity exchange at 9:00 AM every day, so an order placed before this will be sent to exchange, and order placed after 9:00 AM will be sent on the next working day.

    Note: Zerodha AMO order can’t be placed for bracket order (BO) and cover order (CO) and allowed for all other Zerodha order types such as CNC, MIS, and NRML.




  6. 6. How to view TradingView charts on Zerodha Kite?

    The default settings on Kite presents ChartIQ charts thus, if any Zerodha user wants to view TradingView charts then follow these steps;

    • Login with Zerodha account on Kite web or Kite mobile app.
    • On the top, click on your client ID and go to “My profile”.
    • Scroll down the profile page and under the “preference”, choose TradingView charts. Now, the TradingView charts are live on Kite.




  7. 7. Is Zerodha Kite connect API free?

    No, Kite connect by Zerodha is not a free service as the discount broker levies a subscription fee of Rs. 2000 every month to enable users to customize the platform and design user interface as per their convenience.




  8. 8. How do I login with Zerodha Kite app?

    Zerodha Kite is a web and app-based trading platform, to login with Zerodha kite mobile app, follow these steps;

    • Download the Zerodha Kite mobile app.
    • Open the app and enter your login credentials; client ID and password.
    • Enter the 2FA PIN password to login to the Zerodha Kite.




  9. 9. How can I know margins on Zerodha Kite?

    Recently, on 10th June 2020, Zerodha has launched a new feature through where you can know margins directly when you’re placing an order on Kite Web. Thus, users no more need to use the margin calculator to figure out your margin required. The margins will be shown on the Zerodha Kite order window.

    For instance, if you’ve placed a buy order for IndusInd Bank, then in the order window on Kite, you can check margins in the yellow highlighted part.


    After entering the quantity, you can click on the refresh icon on the margins required section to know the total margins. Currently, the feature is only available on Kite Web and not yet available on Kite mobile app.




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User Comments

6. bhavendra  5/8/2017 11:45:38 AM Reply

3 rd class share broker name zerodha..... koi bhi account mat khulvana...... jab bhi market volatile hoga apka trade hi nahi hoga... or aap phone kar ke thak jaoge lekin zerodha vale fone nahi uthaenge... or agar galti se utha liya to bolega isme me kya karu ... ye aapki galati hai jo apne account zerodha me khulavaya.
5. shirish phatak  5/6/2017 10:00:02 PM Reply
kite is good for charts and also to trade. But recently they have changed the complete up of chart pattern and now it is impossible to trade on kite. there is no data table on the chart. for candle " open ,close high and low " and also volume are not displayed on the chart which makes trading impossible. In previous setup all the parameters were excellent for trading but now IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TRADE in this setup.
4. Vijay  7/20/2016 9:04:41 AM Reply
New Pi release is out officially today. Click on check for updates under help

Features introduced in this release of Pi(Dated:07/18/2016):

1. Multiple MW (Shortcut Ctrl+W ,upto 250 scrips,50 by default).
2. Find Symbol to add multiple scrips in market watch (Shortcut Ctrl+F).
3. Chart Toolbar changes
a)Change Time frame to any periodicity (Min<->Hour<->Daily).
b)Duration added in Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).
4. New indicators introduced:
a) Supertrend Indicator
b) Donchian Channel Indicator
c) Average True Range (ATR)
5. Edit Color/thickness).      
6. Option Calculator (Shortcut Ctrl+O)
7. Layout Saving (Except Charts).
8. Addition of scrips from Default Workspaces and MW in Scanner.
9. Cover Order with Limit entry option.
10.Hide/Show Connection Logs on Default Market Watch (Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W).
3. S.Parbhakaran  6/10/2016 9:13:57 PM Reply
being with RKSV for more than a year does not help. they are good as discount brokers, but tools sucks nest , rksv mobile .. sorry guys.

they were testing beta of upstox nearly a year, not ready.. zerodha has all in place ,need to see how it works!

i have both accounts active...I will switch to zerodha completely soon.
2. Sanjeev Reddy  4/27/2016 8:19:02 PM Reply
I am using Kite, with good volume of contracts, but in last two months its pretty stable and not faced problem in execution.

So why try Kite. It is good, with good chart support.No need to open pi or NEST or NOW.

Just give a try once, then decide. I like it and i stopped using NEST and NOW. Good move Zerodha.
1. Raj Singh  11/10/2015 11:05:43 PM Reply
Hi -
Opened Kite using android mobile on 3G connection. Worked super fast.
Charts, Open positions and Dashboard...all worked well.