Zerodha IDFC Bank 3 in 1 account

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Recently, Zerodha has done tie up with IDFC bank to start offering 3 in 1 account. The 3 in 1 account comes with the IDFC Bank Account, Zerodha Trading, and Demat Account.

Opening a 3-in-1 account with Zerodha and IDFC bank is an online process. You need to open IDFC bank account first and then open Zerodha trading and demat account via an online process. Once you complete the online account opening process with Zerodha (Post e-signing), you can download pre-filled 3-in-1 POA form from the account opening dashboard. You need to print, sign and send it to the Zerodha sales team on the below-given address:

    Zerodha H.O,
    No.153/154, 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
    Opp. Clarence Public School,
    J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
    Bangalore – 560078

In case you already have Zerodha 2-in-1 account and want to avail 3-in-1 account services, it is only possible if you already have IDFC Bank Account as the primary Bank Account for your Zerodha Trading and Demat Account. The steps to change your 2-in-1 account to 3-in-1 account will be as follows:

  1. Go to and click on continue with Kite.
  2. Verify your 'Personal details' and 'Bank details' and click on “Convert to IDFC 3-IN-1 ACCOUNT”.
  3. Download Common POA – Print, Sign and submit a physical copy to Zerodha H.O.

Charges of opening 3-in-1 Account with Zerodha -

The 3-in-1 is a special facility which is given to IDFC bank customers. Account opening charges are same as 2-in-1 account opening charges which are Rs 300 for Trading and Demat account, Rs 200 for commodity account. This means there are no additional charges for Zerodha 3-in-1 account opening.

Advantages of Zerodha IDFC 3-in-1 account:

  • Free fund transfer.
  • Real-time fund transfer.
  • No limit for fund transfer.
  • Real-time sync of IDFC bank account with a trading account, so you can check IDFC bank account balance in your trading account.
  • Same day fund withdrawal (Upcoming).
  • Proposed special debit card with an exclusive offer (Upcoming).

Last updated on 30th Jul 2019



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  1. 1. I am an existing customer of Zerodha, can I avail 3-in-1 account benefit?

    Yes, you can convert your existing account to a 3-in-1 account if the primary bank account linked at Zerodha is an IDFC bank account. If not then first open an IDFC Bank Account and change your primary Bank linked to Zerodha as IDFC bank. You need to provide new POA (Combined POA) to Zerodha to operate your 3-in-1 account.

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  2. 2. Why Zerodha is providing a 3-in-1 account to IDFC bank only customers?

    There are some SEBI and RBI guidelines, so Zerodha has tie-up only with IDFC bank to provide such facility.

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  3. 3. To convert my Zerodha account to 3-in-1 account?

    No, the opening a bank account is a separate process. So you need to open IDFC bank account of your own, Zerodha can take care of opening Trading and Demat account, and combined POA process.

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