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Zerodha Products & Services-2020

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Zerodha Product and Services

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Zerodha discount broking firm offers online trading services at the lowest charges. The brokerage firm offers trading across multiple segments including but not restricted to equity investing, intraday trading, derivatives trading, commodities trading, currencies trading, mutual funds, Initial public offerings, bonds, smallcase thematic investing, and many others. Thus, the broker is a one-stop solution to meet all trading and investment requirements. People who opened Zerodha Demat and trading account can access Zerodha trading platforms such as Zerodha Kite web and mobile app, Zerodha Coin web and mobile app, and various online trading tools such as Streak Algo trading platform, Sensibull, and many more for online trading with Zerodha. Walkthrough with the complete knowledge of Zerodha offerings or Zerodha products and services

Zerodha Products and Services

Here, on this page, get a quick snapshot of Zerodha offerings including its Demat and trading account, Zerodha mutual fund account, trading and investment segments, value-added offerings i.e. call & trade, refer & earn margin trading, and many more.

Zerodha Demat Account

    Zerodha through CDSL membership offers Zerodha Demat Account that is a key offering of its 2-in-1 account. The account provides quick access to various products i.e. shares, mutual funds, commodities, and others. Zerodha offers Free Demat account opening services online at zero account opening charges. Every client who has opened a demat account with Zerodha can check Zerodha 16 digit DP ID by login to console which is a combination of Zerodha DP ID 12081600 and unique client ID. The said account keeps delivery of the instrument you bought through trading account. Whenever any client places sell order then the security will get debited from the demat account and on this, Zerodha charges Rs. 13.5 DP charges. People who only trade in the F&O segment don’t need Equity Demat Account because futures & options contract has an expiry date therefore, demat is not required.

Zerodha Trading Account

    A trading account is an account that is used to buy and sell stocks, futures & options, and other products. It can be opened either online or offline however trading can be done online only through its Kite web trading platform and Kite mobile app. Zerodha Equity and Derivative Trading Account facilitates customers to trade-in stocks, F&O, currencies, indices, and others. Zerodha doesn’t charge any annual maintenance charges on its trading account.

    Zerodha online account opening

Zerodha Commodity Trading Account

    Commodity trading account is an account that can be open with a commodity broker who is registered with commodity exchange such as MCX and NCDEX. Zerodha is registered with MCX, therefore, provides Zerodha commodity trading account opening services that clients can use to trade-in commodity futures & options on MCX.

    Zerodha Commodity Trading Review

Zerodha Mutual Fund Account

    Zerodha is the best broker for mutual funds investment because it offers a completely free mutual fund investment platform-Zerodha coin. One can open Zerodha mutual fund account to invest in direct schemes at zero brokerage fees or commission. The broker further doesn’t charge any account opening fee and AMC charges on its mutual fund account.

    Zerodha Mutual Fund Review

Zerodha NRI Account

    NRI (Non-Resident Indians) who resides overseas or outside India can open Zerodha NRI demat and trading account and start online trading in delivery-based equities and futures & options. NRI trading with Zerodha requires NRI trading account, NRI demat account, and NRE or NRO savings bank account, PIS letter, and CP code for derivative trading. The discount broker charges a fixed brokerage fee of Rs. 200 per order or 0.1% whichever is lower and Rs. 100 each order for trading in the F&O segment.

    Zerodha NRI Trading

Zerodha Equity Trading

    Anyone who has opened Zerodha Equity and Derivative trading account can trade-in equities on both the BSE and NSE stock exchanges in India. People have the flexibility to trade-in equity intraday and equity delivery trading. Purchased shares will be transferred or credited to your Zerodha Demat Account as per the settlement period.

Zerodha Futures & Options Trading

    Derivative trading is all about trading in futures and options contracts. Zerodha serves both residents and NRIs to trade-in derivative market at a fixed brokerage charge of Rs. 20 per order and Rs. 100 per order respectively.

Zerodha Currency Trading

    Zerodha has four currency pairs USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR, and JPY-INR. Zerodha allows currency trading in futures & options contracts at the brokerage charges of Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower. This is noteworthy that NRIs can’t trade in the currency market. Currency trading with Zerodha doesn’t necessitate clients to open a currency trading account as it is already enabled on your existing Zerodha Equity Trading Account.

Zerodha IPO Apply

    Yes, you heard it right, Zerodha offers online IPO investment via ASBA means net banking process and UPI process. IPO investment with Zerodha is completely free at zero charges. To apply in IPO through UPI, you must require a UPI ID, place an online IPO application through its backoffice console, and accept the mandate.

    How to apply in IPO online with Zerodha?

Zerodha Advanced orders

    Despite normal orders such as market order, limit order, stop-loss order, and stop-loss market order, Zerodha facilitates many advanced order placement services. For instance, if you’re a Zerodha customer then you can place GTT (Goods Till Triggered) order, Aftermarket order, bracket order and cover order.

    Zerodha GTT order review

Zerodha Margin Trading Funding

    Zerodha doesn’t provide margin funding to clients hence, they must have sufficient balance in their accounts however, provides margin or exposure on stock trading to customers. There is no margins available on equity delivery trading.

Zerodha Call & trade

    If you’re unable to trade online through Zerodha platforms either due to the lack of familiarity with the online platform or busy schedule then you can use Zerodha call & trade services. As the name implies, under such service, clients have to call on its support desk at 91-8047181888 and let the team know your trading need who is accountable to place online trade. However, unlike many other brokers who just charges Rs. 20 per order, Zerodha call & trade charges is Rs. 50 per order.

Zerodha Refer & earn

    Zerodha offers to refer & earn a facility wherein clients can earn referral bonus or referral commission by referring Zerodha account to others. The Zerodha refer & earn program comes with two referral benefits, that are as follows:

    • Whenever someone refers Zerodha account to others then, he/she will get Rs. 300 reward points.
    • 10% of the brokerage benefits paid by the person whom the Zerodha account has been referred.

    Know more on Zerodha Referral

Zerodha Learnapp

    Zerodha through partnership with LearnApp has introduced Zerodha LearnApp platform. As the name itself, the initiative aims to fill the gap between subjective knowledge of trading and investment and the practical world. Zerodha LearnApp is a platform to educate yourself or learn from industry leaders who teach real-world skills. There are 50+ video courses and 100+ live classes available on the LearnApp platform on investing, trading, banking & finance.

Zerodha LearnApp charges

LearnApp is not a free platform as users have to pay a subscription fee to access the live classes and video courses. The charges may vary across the time duration for which the platform is being subscribed.

  • LearnApp Subscription Charges for 3 months – Rs. 1,500 + GST
  • LearnApp Subscription Charges for 12 months – Rs. 4,500 + GST
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Product FAQs

  1. 1. Does Zerodha provide forex trading facility?

    Yes, Zerodha offers currency derivative trading services to customers at BSE and NSE. People require Zerodha Trading Account to trade-in currency segment on Kite. Being a discount broker, Zerodha charges a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 each executed order or 0.03% whichever is lower.



  2. 2. What is margin used in Zerodha?

    With reference to Zerodha margin trading, there’re 3 key terms; Total Account Value, Margin available, and margin used.

    • The total account value indicates the total cash available in your Zerodha trading account.
    • Margin available, as the name itself, shows the total margin amount that is available to the trader for the particular day.
    • Margin used shows the margins that a client has already used to trade in equity, commodity, etc.



  3. 3. What is Zerodha Learnapp?

    LearnApp is an initiative taken by Zerodha to educate users through real-world or practical trading & investment skills from Industry veterans. 100+ live classes and 50+ video content teach users on trading, investment, financial services, and business management. Moreover, fresh content is added every month to keep users updated with market knowledge.



  4. 4. Is LearnApp by Zerodha free?

    No, LearnApp Zerodha is not free as it is a paid platform, upon which, users have to pay a fee. To access the platform, the broker levies 3 months subscription fee of Rs. 1,500 and 1-year subscription fee is Rs. 4,500.



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