Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Review

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Currently, 60% of the trades are done using Algo Trading strategies that itself speaks about its growing popularity. Taking into consideration the rising demand of Algo Trading, Zerodha has launched Zerodha Streak 3.0, a semi-automated Algo trading platform. It is a web-based application that is accessible on supported browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Internet explorer. Zerodha Streak platform assists retail traders to perform Algo trading strategies to automatically execute their trade orders. Although the main problem with Algo Trading is users require good programming and coding knowledge, however, with Zerodha Streak, one can perform Algo trading activities such as create trade strategy, backtesting, and others without any coding. Thus, in this way, the discount broker has solved traders' problems through facilitating them to start online Algo trade without programming knowledge. Walthrough with the completed Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Review including its features, charges, Streak mobile app, and its disadvantages.

Algo Trading with Zerodha Streak

Streak with the Zerodha platform facilitates Algo trading in 3 simple steps; create, backtest, and deploy.

First Step: Create

    It works on an intuitive interface which means trader need not know the computer language. You just need to create an algo by selecting the technical indicators, input stop loss and target profit percentage and picking the stock you want to trade-in. You also need to select a time frame ranging from 1min to a 1-day candle. The notifications are then sent on the streak app on your mobile as soon as the entry and exit signals mentioned in the algorithm are met. The orders then get executed if you take actions on the notifications sent to you.

Second Step: Backtest

    Streak has a powerful backtesting engine that tests trading strategies on relevant historical data to analyze the levels of profitability and risk before taking the actual trade. It generates performance metrics for multiple stocks in a click. The backtest results include maximum gains, maximum loss, average gain per winning trade, the average loss per losing trade, maximum drawdown, and much more. These metrics give you a comprehensive idea of your algo’s performance.

Third Step: Deploy

    Once you deploy an Algo on Streak, you will get an alert as soon as your strategy conditions are met. You can click on that alert to take action on that stock. There is a limitation from an exchange that retail traders can’t do 100% automated trading, that why final trade need to be submitted by a trader after alert pop up.

Zerodha Streak Features

  • Interactive user interface.
  • Multiple technical indicators.
  • Advanced back-testing tools to test trading strategies over historical data.
  • Huge historical data.
  • Easy Algo trading in 3-simple steps; create, backtest, and deploy.
  • Multiple entries and exit conditions for trading strategies.
  • Perform analysis of up to 20 scrips together.
  • Real-time deployment up to 20 scrips simultaneously.
  • Set active triggers and notifications.

Zerodha Streak charges

Zerodha provides its 7-day free trial with 25 backtest and 5 live Algos. After the trial period, it has 3 paid subscription plans that are Basic, Premium, and Ultimate.

  • Basic: Rs.500 per month + GST applicable
  • Premium: Rs.900 per month + GST applicable
  • Ultimate: Rs.1400 per month + GST applicable

Basic and Premium plans are not available for MCX whereas Ultimate Streak Plan is available for MCX and also comes with unlimited scans, 1000 backtesting, 100 deployments, 10 entry & exit conditions, and many more.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading Demo

    If you’re new to Algo Trading then just walkthrough with the product demo video to understand its features and usage. The broker provides a number of video to understand the chart patterns, Streak scanner, volume analysis, support & resistance level, and many others. Here is the link provided to go through the Zerodha Streak demo video.

    Zerodha Streak 3.0 Demo

Zerodha Streak Web and Mobile Algo Trade Platform

    The Algo trading platform by Zerodha is available in the web version as well as mobile version. is the Zerodha Streak web-based platform that is accessible on browser, however, mobile users can download the Zerodha Streak mobile app to start Algo Trading with Zerodha. Whether you’re an iOS fanatic or android user, you can install the Zerodha Streak app on your device.

Zerodha Streak App Download

Android users can install the Zerodha Streak mobile app for Algo trading from the Play Store, however, iOS fanatic can download the Streak app from the App Store.

  • Download Zerodha Streak App on Play Store
  • Download Zerodha Streak App on App Store
  • Zerodha Streak disadvantages

    • The platform is not at all free, as it is a paid service, on which, users have to pay a monthly fee.
    • Streak for the Zerodha Algo trading platform is not available for currency trading.
    • Streak basic and premium plan subscribers can't enjoy Algo Trading on Commodity trading on MCX.


      Zerodha, one of the most innovative trading house in India is trying to provide best add-ons for traders. Streak is the best Algo trading platform added by Zerodha in its platform family. Even though Streak is a paid service, but it is more advanced and easy to use tool for traders who wish to do algo trading. Algo trading is not an easy task, but Streak made it much easier for retail traders. No need to learn any coding and it is easy to trade as it is integrated with Zerodha Kite. "Streak" a coding-free Algo-trading app is a unique product in the Industry. We suggest you to give it a try once.

    Last updated on 23rd Jul 2020



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    1. 1. What type of platform is Streak?

      Streak is a web-based cloud server algo-trading platform that can be accessed on any browser using the internet. There is no need to download any software. Zerodha Streak mobile app is also availabl on android platform, where you can logn using your Zerodha Kite credentails.



    2. 2. Is Streak fully automated?

      Streak is not an automated trading platform, it is an semi automated algo trading platform. You can create algos and deploy them in the market and receive a one-click order placement notification. The algo tracks the market movements so that you don't have to keep looking at charts to find your buy and sell signals. The user has complete control over order placement.



    3. 4. How to start using the Zerodha Streak?

      You can log into the Zerodha Streak Platform by using the Zerodha Kite Credentials which you get if you are a Zerodha account holder. Open Zerodha online trading account today to get access to Algo Trading Platform Streak.



    4. 5. How safe is the streak Platform?

      Streak is an extension to Kite. Logging in to Streak is as secure as directly logging in with Kite. The login page is encrypted and maintained securely by Kite.



    5. 6. Is there a Streak app available for mobile?

      A dedicated Zerodha Streak app is available for Android users. You can download the full fledged mobile app of Streak from Google playstore.



    6. 7. Is Streak free to use?

      Streak is only free to all the Zerodha customers till 31st of July. You can do upto 200 backtesting per day and 25 live algos at a time.



    7. 8. What is the pricing plan for Zerodha Streak?

      Streak is available at a subscription price per month. You can subscribe for basic, premium or ultimate plans per month. You can subscribe for any of the below plans and money will be deducted from your Zerodha Trading Account.

      • Basic Plan: Up to 200 backtesting per day and 25 live algos at a time is free for Zerodha clients till 31st July 2018. However it will be charges at Rs 500 +GST per month from 1st August onwards.
      • Premium Plan: Up to 500 backtesting per day and 50 live algos at a time at Rs 900 +GST per month.
      • Ultimate Plan: Up to 1000 backtesting per day and 100 live algos at a time and 30 mins call with an expert at Rs 1400 +GST per month.



    8. 9. Which exchange I can trade on using Zerodha Streak Platform?

      You can only trade on NSE Stock exchange using Zerodha Streak Platform.



    9. 10. Can I use Zerodha Streak for algo-trading in Commodities on MCX?

      Streak supports only NSE exchange, commodity trading on MCX is currently not supported on Streak.



    10. 11. Which instruments are supported on the Streak Auto Trading Platform?

      Streak Platform helps you automate your strategies on Equity Stocks and Futures Contracts. Options trading is not allowed on Streak.



    11. 13. Is the buy and sell orders are taken automatically in Streak?

      Due to regulations, buy and sell orders are not automated. You will receive a notification based on your algo strategy on which you can place an order with one click.



    12. 14. How many Technical Indicators are available in Streak?

      More than 60 technical Indicators are available and more will be introduced soon.



    13. 15. Can I create my own strategy on Zerodha Streak?

      Yes, you can design your own strategy using the Zerodha Streak Strategy creator.



    14. 16. How to build a strategy on streak?

      You can define your Strategy Conditions using Standard Candle OHLC values and technical Indicators.



    15. 17. What are the limitation of Streak?

      • Not 100% automated trading platform. For order placing, manual intervention is require.
      • Not integrated with MCX trading.



    16. 18. What is Zerodha Streak?

      Zerodha Streak 3.0 is an Algo trading platform to facilitate automated trading facilities to users. Using the Streak platform, users can design their own Algos, backtest it, and apply the strategy on intraday trading. The best part is that Zerodha Streak enables users to perform algorithm trading without even having any programming or coding knowledge as the platform doesn’t require any coding. To start Algo trading with Zerodha, initially, users can access the free 7 day trial period and later, can subscribe to any plan among Basic, Premium, and Ultimate as per their requirements.



    17. 19. Is Zerodha Streak Free?

      Zerodha Streak, when it was launched was completely free for all but now, Zerodha charges a fee from clients. It provides a free 7-day trial to Zerodha clients which allow 50 backtesting and 5 algorithms. Streak platform has 3 subscription plans; Basic, Premium, and Ultimate that charges vary as per the time for which the plan is being subscribed.

      Zerodha Streak Charges

      Check here the Zerodha Streak charges for various plans.

      Plans Charges Backtesting per day Scans per day Deloyment MCX
      Basic Plan Rs. 500 per month +GST 200 100 25 No
      Premium Plan Rs. 900 per month +GST 500 Unlimited 50 No
      Ultimate Plan Rs. 1,400 per month +GST 1000 Unlimited 100 Yes



    18. 20. How Zerodha Streak works?

      Algo Trading with Zerodha Streak can be done in 3 simple steps;

      • Create or set up an algorithm
      • Backtest the algorithm designed
      • Apply the Algo trading



    19. 21. Can I start Zerodha Algo Trading on mobile App?

      Yes, the discount brokerage firm facilitates Algo trading on the mobile application by offering Streak by Zerodha mobile app. The mobile app is available for both Android as well as iOS devices and available to download on Play Store and the App Store.



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