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How can I Invest in Equity SIP with Zerodha?

Zerodha as a discount broker is not providing Equity SIP facility directly. However in a recent update of Sentinel- Zerodha Alert App, providing an alternate feature for Equity SIP.

What is Equity SIP?

In Equity SIP, the client wishes to invest in a specific script on a regular interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or any other interval). This is similar to Mutual Fund SIP, the only difference is your need to plan your Shares/ETFs. The client can buy Stocks/ETFs using fixed quantity (Quantity Based) or fix amount (Amount based) basis.

Zerodha Equity SIP

In Sentinel Pro, Clients can make a basket of scripts which they want to buy on a regular interval, set a trigger for daily, weekly fortnightly or monthly basis. Once this trigger hit a specific condition, the user will get an alert notification in Kite Application as well as Email alert. So with that user can click on the notification and execute complete basket order in one go.

Even though this is not 100% Equity SIP, but this is just an alternate approach provided by Zerodha.

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What will be the brokerage charges for Equity SIP with Zerodha?

As delivery trading with Zerodha is free, and Equity SIP is part of Delivery trading, so no brokerage will be charged for ordering Equity SIP basket. However, this feature is available only in Sentinel Pro version and charges for that is Rs 160 PM with a yearly plan. In such case, if you buy Sentinel Pro only for Equity SIP, then this is a bit costly affair.

Do we need manual order execution for Equity SIP with Zerodha?

Yes, you will get alert on your Kite Trading Platform. You need to take action on that alert manually. Your order will not execute automatically.

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User Reviews

1. sanjay bhawnani Dec 15 2018 10:09:58 AM Reply
When this is not automated, why this is considered Equity SIP? Zerodha must have to plan it properly to provide an automated platform for Equity SIP.