Sensibull The Options Strategy By Zerodha

Posted on 1st Jul 2018
by Vijay Jain

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One of the famous tactics or rather a strategy, used in aspects of trading is Options. It refers to a special policy where a trader can opt for either buying or selling on different options which again has different option variables, like call options, put options, both of which operates on the counter effect of either of the options. Introduced back in 2000’s when it was imposed especially on the NSE. After the market popularity of the former, sunk to the bottom, the option strategy took up its fame gradually. Now it has become more popular than any other sales strategies on the trade world.

Harnessing the profit margins and leaning of people towards Option strategy Zerodha, planned and incorporated the all-time famous tactics within their brokerage company.


The 3rd Largest brokerage house of India, Zerodha is one of the trustworthy online brokerage firms to have your trades placed easily through them. The activity of Zerodha can no way be underestimated since; they already have accommodated 6 Lakh happy users within their vast family. You get to discover, barrier-less horizons of economical aspects with the aid of Zerodha.

As they were determined to morph themselves, always with the latest technologies, so they devised a new tool for implementing it into Option strategy trade. They are hopeful regarding the newly implemented tool, which can easily analyze your inputs and barriers and lend you, full-proof strategy for having a good time with ‘Call & Put”.


Option Strategy trading deals in withstanding risk management and one hand and ensure safety deals on the same flank. The OS or Option strategy is an unique opportunity in which traders can get access to profits from the underlying asset movements that are manipulated as per market sentiments i.e, bearish, bullish or neutral. Since it is a typical aspect of trade that is usually designated by graphs, there are different strategies in dealing with it. Some of the best and simple strategies are as follows:

  1. Covered Call
  2. Bull & Bear spreads
  3. Calendar/Time spreads
  4. Iron Condor
  5. Cash-Secured naked Put writing
  6. Collar
  7. Credit Spread
  8. Diagonal spread
  9. Married Put
  10. Protective collar

And lots more. It’s not recommended to jump into Option trade without having some personal knowledge and individual research on the topic. People, especially Newbies, find the profits attractive, unknown to all the risk factors that cover this trading strategy. There is crucial moment where Zerodha Trader designed an automated strategy teller based on the client feeds.


When a trust-worthy name is a suffix to the Options Trading, it’s simply beyond any questionnaires regarding, safety, returns, and minimize risks. It would suggest strategies and help to build them up. Following the procedure, anyone can opt for getting a sure help regarding their confusion:

  1. Get into launch plus and then log in to Zerodha Trader.
  2. Depending on your views and watches, the online tool would churn out the 5 best suggestions, appropriate for you.
  3. Check the prices in the section of strategy.
  4. Another awesome feature is that you can even merge your opinions and views with the 5 suggestions that were given to you. Pick out the positivity from each and incorporate down into a new strategy named ‘My strategy’.
  5. After you are all done and fit for proceedings with option trade, you can use the Zerodha SPAN calculator, to figure out the approximate marginal requirements.
  6. The simplicity of this tool is of great help to everyone, especially newbies.
  7. By the aid of Collaboration with Sensibull, one of the well known, option Strategy trading platform, the pride and value of Zerodha enhanced by numerous folds.

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Options trading has reached the skies in respect of popularity and returns. In admist of such an atmosphere, a third-party software has popped out in the economic platform calling themselves the Sensibulls. They already had put the effort to make out the best in them and eventually had gained a reputation. They extraordinarily simplified the Option strategy to the basic level.

Sensibull claims themselves to be much more than just a strategy teller. Sensibull casts their knowledge and keen vision over your trade, which you will be taking. They will screen it and tell you about the drawbacks and benefits that you can get. Besides, they will also fix a tactical strategy suitable for you according to the position of strike price you have opted for. Many prevalent engines do not have one of the important features that Sensibull had integrated into itself. The IVs predictor, which actually predicts by the means of graphical analysis, whether the market would elevate or depress, lending you an additional hand.


Sensibull is dedicated in offering their best to the clients opting for them. They are the first options trading platform, which has the high intellectual stimulation and craving for depth learning. Sensibullis already braced with a number of innovative features that would provide you the reason to have them as your sole priority.

  1. Predictive STT

    This feature keeps a watch over the holistic trade you are undertaking and when the option is going to expire in terms of monetary value, this feature shifts the option with STT.

  2. Option Analyser

    When you are firm on one option only, but still can’t make your mind out for the right one, then this feature of Sensibull will help you out.

  3. Option Comparison

    It’s always better to have a comparison of P&L of various situations, especially when you are not so confident with your assumed trade. Sensibull can help you out of the matter.

  4. Mobile support available

    Sensibull has mobile web support in aspects of option chain and analyzer but has no peripheral apps on options strategies, which is a problem that they had eradicated by a special way.

  5. They have multi-leg strategies too!


Sensibull is complete in every one of their aspects except the fact that they haven’t got any direct android support on Option Strategy. They had sensually and cleverly done it away with an epic collaboration with Zerodha, which would help their valued customers to access their Option strategic issues via their account in Zerodha. The reputation and users in Zerodha drastically boosted due to this effort and so mutually benefitted was the Sensibull too. Sensibull strategies can be accessed on mobile if any user has Kite account of Zerodha, entering the credentials of which into Sensibull interface can directly take them to the portal. 

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In other words, ZT is somewhat like downloadable software or tool that gets the users an access to the option strategy designator. It’s a wide platform o which you are free to go trading equity, f&o, commodities, and even currencies on NSE, BSE,  MCX etc. Zerodha administrative circle has confirmed the presence of some features on Zerodha Trader, which are as follows:

  1. It would guide people on how to download and set up the software and briefly depicts the function of each feature.
  2. It would let you know and use the SPAN calculator, which would show the clarified marginal threshold.
  3. It would display the policies and usage methods of the charting platform.
  4. ZT is made to avail with latest plugins, via Nest Plus as well as others like Auto trading plugins, etc.


Zerodha has been thriving through, since many days, with complete reputations. They have successfully launched online brokerage apps for androids and developed software that can be installed on computers or PC for a further simplified approach to trade. Their motive is slightly different. To simplify every trading policy like Option Strategy, they are revising and researching through the peripheral aspects linked to the main trading policy and thus their approach to central idea clarifies the customers of any doubts. It’s always been one of the favorite platforms of India prior to ICICI and HDFC. Zerodha, on the other hand, lends valuables conversational and visual chapters on different complex issues on trading on their platform called ‘Varsity’ which is simply a guidebook to ‘Trading’. All of the features, and trading-related promotions, targets in bringing more and more customers to get attached to the Options Strategy trading via their platform.


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User Comments

1. Pratul Girotra  Jun 13, 2018 10:51:05 AM IST Reply
Nice article, Plase let me know how much sensibull cost per month?
2.1. Nikhil  Jun 23, 2018 12:01:18 PM IST

It is free till August 1 is what the website says. There is no official price announced yet.

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