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In present scenario people are leaning more towards technology with a hope to smooth out their work. Financial Market and its complexity are no way exceptional in this case. The days of traditional trading and hassle of formalities are gone. Traders and investors prefer convenience, sophistication, seamlessness and super fast procedures to accomplish their objectives. Naturally, broker houses are amending themselves as such, developing mobile apps, iPhone apps etc. for rendering fast facilities up to their palm-top. Upstox Pro Mobile app is such an exclusive initiative of one of the top discount broker Upstox.


One of the best discount brokerage of India, Upstox, is basically a neat and clean and sophisticated broker house, which lay their emphasis more on the convenience and satisfaction of the customer, than anything else. And that is the utmost important reason for getting an active 34,853 client base, since the day of their establishment in the premises of broking. In a short span of 6 years, they successfully accumulated 20,000+ customers across the country, offering the latest and most updated trading services through all the exchanges- BSE, NSE, MCX, & MCX-SX. They devised back-to-back trading platform, each of which are laced with unique features and undertook many new initiative that deserves applaud; Upstox Pro Web and Mobile app, are one of their admirable products.



Launched in May 2016, Upstox Pro app is particularly well known for its navigation smoothness, seamless transaction facilities and lots of convenience in the UI. It is design to aid the customer to analyse the stock market of India in real-time, without putting in much effort. Laced with flawless and optimised performance and cutting edge charting tools, and live market data, this app is undoubtedly one of the renowned stock market trading app. Apart from the features like low bandwidth, detailed watch lists, and availability on both iOS and android, it has one of the most unique feature of accessing the app and avail its demo services even if the user doesn’t hold any trading account with Upstox Pro account opening services.

Upstox Pro Mobile App Demo


Just a quick look on the app, isn’t enough to judge it’s multi-various and hottest aspects. A detailed and keen watch is preferred of course. Let’s have a look over the key features that the app possess in general.

  1. Universal tools: The Upstox Pro mobile got some awesome and diverse tools, which would drill out  all types of stocks for you, as per your search criteria, in a single click.

  2. Customisation of market watch list: Now you don’t need to rush and swipe screen for multiple time because anyone can easily create their custom and preferable watch lists very easily.

  3. Script Manipulation: Convenience in addition of scripts from global searches, rearrangement of scripts in a sophisticated manner and deletion of scripts just by swiping left to the market watch, cumulatively adds superiority to the app.

  4. Cool and vibrant charts: The app is flooded with cool real time charts of multiple intervals, drawing styles and various types, thus adding vibrancy to the visual interface of the app. It also contains 100+ technical indicators for the chart, which in turn also supplied with TFC or Trade From Chart feature.

  5. Diverse Trading Range: The app provides user the facility to trade in equity, Derivatives (F&O), currency derivatives and commodity as well. Not only that, CNC for delivery based trade, NRML and MIS trading can also be undertaken by virtue of this app.

  6. Upstox Pro Mobile Loginless Start-up: New to trading? Or don’t know whether to opt for Upstox or not? Or Just wan’na try out something new? Then Upstox Pro mobile is definitely the right choice. The app gives you the opportunity to surf or access to the demo version of the services without even opening an account with them! After, you like it or feel it necessary you can go in. But till then, you are free to access as ‘Guest’.

  7. Fund Maintenance: Sustained fund maintenance is another bright side of the app. Users are availed with the areas to maintain Current margin funds, MTM and more. Even adding fund is not a matter of hassle. The “Add” button would take care of fund that you want to add.

  8. Availability of different order types: You can place different orders availed with all the segments that are offered by the app. Market Order, Limit Order, Stop-loss order, AMO, CO, etc can easily be done via this app.

  9. Integration of API: API integration is a facility designed especially for the innovative traders who are willing to customise their own strategies and check their functionality in the real time. This Upstox Pro API integration method lets the trader have a comprehensive analysis of their strategies by linking their trading platform to external system.

  10. Mutual Fund investment: Not just Equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity, now users can opt from around 2000+ mutual funds to invest into. This platform elaborates each of the mutual funds with individual risk level, lock-in period, approximate return percentage, so that traders don’t need to worry while choosing suitable MF.

  11. Completely refurbished Reports: The Upstox mobile app takes part in delivering fresh and up-to-date market reports for keeping the traders updated with every ups and downs going on every moment. Trade Reports, Order reports, Position reports etc. are available for the trader’s convenience.

  12. Flexibility in setting alerts: There are no bounds in setting number of alerts and notifications. Alerts can be set as many as the traders want, associated to specific scrips. Even traders can customise and set as many Market watch lists as they want with innumerable scrips in each of them.

  13. Other features: Apart from the features mentioned above, Upstox Pro app is also well acquainted with records of all the opened and closed orders, uses low bandwidth, and shows detailed position logs.


Upstox Pro Mobile App - Pros and Cons
High quality navigation and seamless interface Charting may sometimes seem awfully late to load
Guest login with demo features is available with the app At crucial points, quick customer service is unavailable
Unlimited market watch lists breaks the limitations to track limited scrips There is a bit concern with reliability since the app crashes sometimes under heavy traffic
Frequency of update is high; generally 3-4 weeks. The app may have higher frequency of Upgrading but still needs time to reach the level of so-called maturity
More or less all types of orders can be opted from the app itself SMS alerts and Price alert sounds are unavailable
API Integration facility is profound in the application Placing a CO order is full of hassle and needs to be simplified


The above discussed pros and cons are few of the Upstox Pro mobile reviews. Upstox’s app has proved to be one of the best apps in India, and contains really unique and attractive application UI. The Google play store review speaks itself, about its excellence. Leaving aside, a few negativities (12.2%), Upstox Pro Mobile can definitely be recommended to try out at least once. At least, now you don’t need to spend a penny until you find out it’s worth, via ‘Demo’ services. Apparently, it can be concluded that, Upstox Pro mobile is versatile and convenient as well as sophisticated trading platform for every level of traders and investors.

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Last updated on 24th Dec 2018



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