Upstox Trading Platform Review

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What is Upstox trading Platform?

Upstox is RKSV's new ultra low-latency trading platform with unique and innovative features like search, analyze, trade, monitor & advance charting stocks, currencies, F&O, and commodities with minimal clicks. The main objective of this app is to placing an order with no time. Search, locate and place order in 15 sec and less. In summary, Upstox is a Web base fast trading platform.

What is Upstox Pro?

Upstox Pro is a desktop like web trading platform from Upstox, RKSV Securities Ltd. This platform is designed for Pro Traders who peform trades in F&O and Intraday. Its quick and easy,Analyze market with 100+ indicators on charts.Quuick Buy and Sell, One Click Trade orders. You can personalize the web trading platform. No need to install any software on your machin and get all the features like desktop trading platform on web. Upstox pro is include with some advance features, search, analyze, trade, and monitor stocks. Can trade in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currencies F&O, and commodities with minimal clicks.If we compare Zerodha Kite and Upstox Pro, both the Trading platforms are neck to neack competative and desigend for pro traders.Upstox Pro is availabel in both web and mobile version.

What are the Key features & advantages of Upstox / Upstox Pro Trading Platform?

  • Speed - Upstox app is fastest in the terms of speed. Its easier than sending a Text msg.
  • Bandwidth - Upstox app is designed to use minimum bandwidth.
  • Trading on Exchanges - Can trade on all the major exchange.
  • Security - Fully regulated by SEBI, Encryption of trade.
  • FREE Switch to Discount brokers and Save up to 70% on your brokerage fees.....
    • Upstox App is free
    • Account Opening is free
    • Zero trading fee for Equity delivery segment.
  • Fastest search/Universe Search across exchanges
  • The Upstox pros Advance Charting feature
    • Quick view of chart, will give a quick view of market. It's very small graph with each watch will give a quick glance of trend.
    • Best 5 bids and best 5 offers.
    • Day wise positions.
    • Can place order by directly clicking on bids.
  • Upstox Position
    • Total profit & loss /Mark to Mark P&L
    • Strong Charting tool
      • Charts by contract
      • Choose time interval - 1 Min,5 Mins so on
      • Multiple charts type
      • Directly place an order from chart
  • [brokerenquiryform bname="" title="Save 70% on your brokerage"]
  • Customization of user settings:
    • Undock window for multiple monitors.
    • Sound alert
    • Marketwatch
    • Quick order window on chart
    • Reconcile button to refresh the chart
    • Shortcut keys
  • Order book/oRDER hISTORY
    • Cancel all the pending order/orders by single click on the chart
    • Stockholding position
    • Market Index box - can be pop up on your monitor
  • Alert and artificial intelligence software
    • Backtesting
    • Scanners
    • Expert advisor - Strategies
    • Support Trade scripts
  • Live tracking of Bracket orders.
  • For semi-automated trading - Bridge with AmiBroker and Metatrade.
  • And many more features....


After seeing the demo of Upstox app I was really impressed with the charting tool and the way its provide the technical analysis for traders. The Backtesting is a great feature for research and technical analysis.With fast speed and low bandwidth use, we hope this tool is going to give new height to Upstox RKSV's growth.

Last updated on 10th Jan 2019



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User Comments

5. jai singh  3/18/2017 9:32:06 PM Reply
upstx ko cotact krna bhut muskil h. custmar care so much busy.
es karn thora bura lgta h.contect krne ki kosis kro to 15 ya 30 mints se phele nhi hoga.soo bad????????????
4. R.P.Singh  12/31/2016 6:12:56 PM Reply
It is claimed that upstox is multi monitor. Web version cannot is any exe., version is available????
3. Rajesh  4/27/2016 8:30:29 PM Reply
When upstox web version is going to launch.
3.1. RKSV  8/17/2016 10:45:45 PM
Hi Rajesh,

We have launched our web application while back. Can you give us your contact details so we can get back to you.