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Upstox Pro Mobile App

Upstox RKSV Mobile AppUpstox Pro Mobile is the mobile app from RKSV. This mobile app has all the features which you need to trade in stock market. Single sign on for trading in NSE, BSE, Currency and Commodity. This is one of the best and unique mobile trade app compared to traditional mobile apps from NSE NOW, ODIN NEST and so on. Loaded with easy to use features, quick, low bandwidth, visibility on funds, detail watch-list, and many more. Available for both IOS and android users.

Upstox is offering a new special feature called loginless on Upstox Pro mobile app which allows you to access the app without even having a trading account with them. Simply download the app from Playstore and click the “Try Live Demo” button. Its currently available only for Android.

Key features of Upstox Pro Mobile App are:

  • Custom Market Watch List -

    • Can create custom watchlist.

    • Add script from universal search results on single click.

    • Delete script by swiping left on the market-watch.

    • Rearrange scripts.

    • Details market Open price, 52 week high and low, volume, Bid and Ask price, chart, option to change chart type, buy and sell button in market-watch.

  • Account Balance or Funds-

    • Current Margin used, available and MTM and more.

    • Add funds by clicking on "Add" button.

  • Order Entry - Trade in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity

    • For Delievery based equity trade - CNC(Cash and Carry)

    • For intraday trade in equity and F&O - MIS (Margin intraday squareoff)

    • For Overnight F&O trades - NRML (Normal F&O trades)

  • For above products Order can be place with different Order types

    • Market order - Buy or Sell order at market price

    • Limit order - Buy or Sell order at predetermined order price

    • Stoploss (SL-LMT and SL-MKT) order - place order with predetermined loss booking order at a trigger price . Add a trigger low and high limit for script, so auto action can be taken in case of market volatiality.

    • SL-LMT - if limit order to be sent when trigger is hit

    • SL-MKT - if a market order to be sent when trigger is hit

  • Orders can be place as Simple, Cover and AMO(After Market Order)

  • Position Log - Details of Position and Holidings Orders, charts, add, exit and conversion option from portfolio screen.

  • Charting - Interactive chart with lots of option for better decision making.

  • Order Book/History - Details of all open and closed orders, buy and sell option from charts.

  • Notifications - Day level order updates, executed, cancelled or rejected summary.

  • List of Indices.

  • Market Status- Which market is open and data you are receiving

  • Setting options and many more

  • Quick and fast, use low bandwidth

  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up

  • Android App Size: 16 MB

  • iOS Version: 1.0.41

  • iOS App Size: 68.5 MB

  • iOS Download Link

  • Customer Reviews: Average rating (4.1 out of 5)

  • URL:

  • Contact Email: [email protected]

  • Google Play Store Download Link

UpStox Pro 

UpStox Pro is web based trading app from Upstox(RKSV). This is a fully functional trading application allowing fast execution of orders with real time monitoring. This is the best fit tool for active trader. Upstox Pro allows trading in Equity, Currency and commodity from single sign-on. No need to download any software and trade like professional with Upstox pro. Upstox pro is designed with latest technology so you can trade from desktop, laptop, tab as well as mobile.

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Key Feature of Upstox Pro:

  • Single Platform for NSE, BSE, MCX.

  • Can Trade in Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity.

  • Commodity trading on MCX is also available from Upstox Pro trading platform.

  • Advance Orders – Simple, AMO, OCO & Cover Order with Limit

    • Place CO with limit or market price.

    • After Market Order feature.

  • Market Watch – Real Time Refresh of Scripts

    • Move script directly from watchlist, trade book or order books to charts.

  • Buy and Sell Scripts from market watch window on single click

  • Buy and Sell Scripts from Charts

  • Alert Message

    • Order updates will now appear as tiny pop-up notifications.

  • My Portfolio

    • Holdings Report – With Buy/Sell Price, Current Price, Avg Price and unrealized Profit/loss, Days Profit/loss.

      • Previous Holdings

      • Today’s Holding

      • Combine Holding

  • Charts

    • Advance charts

    • Use the vertical or horizontal toolbar to activate over 100 studies and over 10 drawing tools. Draw shapes and lines to highlight trends quickly.

    • Compare two or more scripts simultaneously in charts.

    • Detail or script from chart.

    • Buy or Sell order from chart.

  • Reports

    • Order report

    • Fund Transfer – Pay in and Pay Out – Not Included

    • Trade Reports

    • Position Report

    • Holdings

  • Workspace – is a great feature, you can create multiple workspace using widgets, on single click you can move the screen.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – For active traders who are use to desktop/terminal based trading, keyboard shortcuts are available.

  • Forget password, Password Change, Customization and many more

  • Demo – Upstox Pro Demo is available on Upstox Site and lots of video tutorial available on site.

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Last Updated on 2019-06-27

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