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Upstox Margin/ Leverage/ Exposure details 2021

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Upstox Margin/Exposure

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Upstox offers two plans, one is a basic plan and another is Upstox Priority plan. Under the Upstox Priority plan broker offers higher leverage for active traders. If your risk appetite is more and you need an extra margin then the Upstox Priority plan is best suits for you. Upstox is the first discount broker who offer plans as per margin policy.

What is Upstox MTF?

The company also providing Margin Trade Facility (MTF). With MTF you can get 50% of your trade value up to Rs 5 lakhs. The ratio will be always 50/50. You need to pay interest on borrowed money Rs 20 per Rs 50,000 per Day. The Calculation will be done in multiple of 50K. MTF open orders will square off on the 30th calendar day. If 30th calendar day is holiday, then it will close on prior session.

Upstox Margin/Leverage/Exposure Details

Below table will give your complete details of Upstox Margin policy. Due to market volatility broker may change their margin policy. This is standard leverage policy offered by Upstox .

Product Margin/ Leverage/ Exposure
Upstox Equity Delivery Margin No Margin/Leverage for Equity Delivery.
Upstox Equity Intraday Margin Up to 15x exposure with Basic Plan and 20x exposure with Priority plan
Upstox Future Margin (Index and Stocks) Up to 3x leverage for Index and Stocks in Basic Plan, Upto 6x leverage for Index in Priority Plan.
Upstox Options Margin Upto 3x margin for Options shorting with Basic Plan, Upto 6x for Index Options sell with Priority Plan.No leverage for option buying.
Upstox Equity CO/BO Margin Up to 20x exposure with Basic Plan and 27x exposure with Priority plan
Upstox Future CO/BO Margin (FCO) Up to 20x leverage for Index, 5x leverage for Stocks in Basic Plan, Upto 28x leverage for Index and 6x for stocks in Priority Plan.
Upstox Options CO Margin (OCO) Up to 1.33x for option buying with Basic plan and 2x with Priority plan.
Upstox Commodity Margin Up to 2.5x leverage for MCX futures in Basic Plan, Upto 3x leverage for Priority Plan. Up to 3x/4x with Basic/Priority plan with CO.
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