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Among the top rated traditional stock brokers in India, the premium-most is surely the Sharekhan. It’s the 3rd largest retail broker of India, residing just after ICICI Direct and HDFC. Needless to mention, after its inauguration in February, 2000, Sharekhan constantly worked to expand them over the peninsula which ultimately resulted in establishment of 1800 offices around 550+ cities of India. To bring total convenience and sophistication to the hands of their potential traders and investors, Sharekhan has developed a completely state-of-art, modernised and technically morphed Mobile trading app as well as desktop trading platform. Sharekhan has got way more tricks up their sleeves! The installable and executable trading platform of Sharekhan, Sharekhan TradeTiger is another widely accepted trading terminal.


Needless to mention, stock trading has continuously been more and more tech savvy and convenient and so, every newly developed trading terminal ought to have something unique and better than the prevalent ones. TradeTiger is first prior choice in this context. It’s an easily installable platform developed by Sharekhan for active traders. They can download it as .exe folder and straightaway download and initiate trade in almost no time. “Trade Fast Trade Smart” seems to befitting with the function of this platform. Laced with fully-functional mechanism, and fast real time monitoring, TradeTiger is one of the most demanded trading platforms in the present time.


TradeTiger is made available in two different versions namely Basic and Advance, which are suitable for the beginners and experts respectively. The generalised features of Trade Tiger are as follows:

  1. All the platforms i.e, NSE, BSE, Cash, F&O, MCX, NCDEX comes under one fold with this terminal.
  2. Traders can access to wide ranges of trade options: Equity, Derivative, Currency, Commodity, IPO, and MFs with single Sign in.
  3. Supplied with BO and Trailing Stop Loss order.
  4. Scripts refreshment occurs at real time for an efficient market watch.
  5. Single click is enough for Buying/selling of scripts from market watch window.
  6. Supported with an advance Research Board which can efficiently manipulate Sharekhan calls, Daily reports, Exchange messages, Equity and Commodity research reports etc.
  7. Pin-Point portfolio management desk: A complete and correct record of Previous, Today’s and Combine holdings.
  8. TradeTiger lays emphasis on keeping the potential customers updated with Current news regarding scripts and other money market instruments, stocks etc. A proper display of time-to-time Heat maps, Analyst Calls, Global indices are also made.
  9. Advanced level charts: 5 days intraday chart, 15 years historical chart with 60+ indicators. The charts render facility to place direct orders.
  10. Easy to perform password reset, forgot password action, multi desktop and other convenient customisation.
  11. Demo facility before downloading of actual version of the .exe is available on Sharekhan site.


With the increasing tussle between the different trading platforms devised by different brokerage firms, every trading terminal should and must have some uniqueness that can distinctly separate it out from the rest of the prevalent terminals. TradeTiger is not any exception. The unique features that encircles TradeTiger ae as follows:

  1. Bulk order placement has now become easy with single click.
  2. In the true sense of uniqueness, TradeTiger has introduced quantity settings process either by trade value, CMP or by absolute number.
  3. Ever thought of trading through MS excel? Well now you can think and even do! Powered by TradeTiger, you can now incorporate market streaming data (live) into excel sheet and push orders from there only!
  4. Execute options with full confidence now, since the terminal presents advanced option quotes along with more than 30 trading strategies that will help you to stand out among others.
  5. The feature of chart linking with scrip, period or exchange is an advanced method to keep a keen track on all the prevalent market scenarios.
  6. Chartbook is a feature that is designed to make the maintenance of charts and swiping between the charts easy and sophisticated.
  7. One Click filter & Dynamic one click filter are two precise features that were incorporated into TradeTiger by Sharekhan. The former tracks the different elevations or bulk deals just with a single click, while the latter determines the market shakers and movers.


The TradeTiger has showed and exposed new horizons in digital trades by incorporating back-to-back techniques and convenient methodologies to bring trade to a highly ordinary level. Despite of the drawbacks like bulky executable file, and comparatively tougher file transfer mechanism, the quick update frequency, and high performance have effectively done away with the drawbacks.  The Speed and seamless functioning and data accuracy itself elevates the reliability of the traders using TradeTiger.

Last updated on 30th Apr 2019



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