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Among the leading and premium full-service brokers of India, Sharekhan is a name that is well-known and much looked-upto by clients, when they are in search if traditional methods of broking, revamped in a modern outlook. Sharekhan BNP Paribas, which is the actual name of Sharekhan broker house, is a pioneer broker, which was established by SSKI group in the year 2000, which later became a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, which is an international bank leading one in Europe. Sharekhan is accredited as one of the influential stock broker of India, because it has successfully placed itself in the run of best brokers.


Being one of the most premium full-service broker of India, Sharekhan is a registered member at NSE, BSE, MCX as well as NCDEX. Thus it provides their clients, suitability & facility to trade at every known-possible section. Besides these, they are also an efficient financial service provider, since they can efficiently manipulate the clients leading them to PMS, MF, IPOs, Bonds, NRI services and lots more. This massive broker-giant has already spread their impact over 585 cities, having 2300 offices as well as innumerable franchisees all-over the India. Sharekhan was later sold to international bank body, BNP Paribas


In the question, to why trade with Sharekhan, there can be numerous perfect reply to go with them. From highly efficient resource manager, to organised protocols and a balanced admixture of tradition with technology, Sharekhan can Easily be the prior choice for any potential client, when he or she is searching for a reliable. Among numerous reasons to trade with Sharekhan below are few:


    Sharekhan is having numerous proficient and technically morphed trading platforms. This diversity was created by the Sharekhan by keeping in mind the variable needs and suitability of their potential customers. Their trading platforms are as follows:

    • Trade Tiger: While talking about the trading platforms of Sharekhan, the first thing that comes in our mind is nevertheless the TradeTiger, which is one of tyhe best stock trading application among all the prevalent applications. This hybrid cloud-based application can let users to access their markets via laptop or desktops and they are opened for trade across different financial segments. Among the other notable features, instant pay in/out via 14 national banks, and quality charts seems to deserve utmost importance.
    • SHAREKHAN MOBILE APP: Like all other brokerage companies, Sharekhan too has their own mobile app, which has completely revamped and greatly convenient features to access. Live reports, market trends, news, etc.
    • SHAREKHAN MINI: If you are a small town-dweller or reside in any remote village and trading seems to be an issue, then worry not since Sharekhan has now extended their hands by devising a handy browser-based mobile trading platform called Sharekhan Mini. The word ‘Mini’ doesn’t means it’s inferior to the other counter parts of sharekhan trading platform. The word indicates that this platform is supplied with all the basic functions of trading so that people can taste the sweetness of trading from even a distant area.
    • SHAREKHAN WEB TRADING: Besides other trading platform, they also offer web based trading platform which is seamless and allows you to browse all the way through the sharekhan’s website. The platform offers, multiple segment trading, research and recommendation obtained from 120 companies listed on the stock market and two unique features of ‘Pattern Finder’ and ‘O-Alert’; more details of which has been given afterwards.

    Being one of the major names in the Stock broking premises, Sharekhan, obviously need to have a cutting-edge and well revamped technology to reach even the remote clients with efficiency. That’s why, their diverse customer service has toll-free number, Phone number, Email, chat with intermediate personnel, Offline locations, and even social media also. They try to remain as active as possible for their clients.


    Beyond doubt, their brokerage charges are much higher than the others and this could be a factor while being in competition market. But their efficient service plans and infrastructure easily does away with the former drawback.


    One of the most of important facility that all traders try to figure out in their respective stock brokers. Sharekhan has this offer to attract their potential customers.


    Now, you don’t have to go other way round for fund transfer or don’t get hectic for fund transfer because, it’s now free to transfer funds from banks to trading account of the traders.


    For the NRIs, Sharekhan is known to pay special heed. And following the same, Sharekhan provides 3-in-1 accounts for the NRIs to connect to any bank and get 24*7 online supports. NRIs can also access suitable trades via any of their available platforms or also the Call&Trade easily.


    A unique tool of Sharekhan which is the client’s personal advisor. It analyses stocks and indices as well as seek opportunities for you to provide and promote better trade and insights and techniques. But this tools is however not free and you have to subscribe to use this advanced tool. This tool shoots all the required information right to your email or SMS box.


    Sharekhan is well known for its award winning market reports. They scrap the deepest data, and pile them with latest fluctuation reports and tracks real time market trails and provide a well-explained graphical chart. Now who doesn’t want precision?


    Missing school days and those routine class hours? To those who miss them and to the traders or investors or both, presenting the Sharekhan’s classroom programme which includes a calendar-wise routine and module wise progressive learning session. From basic to advance, you can grab everything out of Sharekhan!


    Sharekhan is one step ahead of others from the perspective that they lay emphasis more on creating new traders than just getting benefitted from the existing. And as an initiative to their motive, they have organised FREE POWER MONEY WORKSHOP for people residing in any location within the peninsula. Just find your nearest worksop and register for a free workshop. And invest some time to gain much in return!


    If you know Sharekhan but haven’t met NEO, then you are still to know a lot! NEO is Robo Advisory of Sharekhan which is programmed to help you select a goal, plan it, suggest suitable portfolio and lets you to invest so that you are not lost anywhere off the track.


Sharekhan has really robust and wide range of products, each of which are framed in a way that would literally uplift the convenience of customers for going with sharekhan. The different products of sharekhan are as follows:

  • Equity Cash
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Mutual Fund Online
  • Commodities online
  • IPO online – Research Reports
  • Advisory products
  • Currency Trading

The services offered by Sharekhan include the following:

  • Share online & Offline
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Insurance
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Advisory Products


Obviously, there are numerous other stock brokers with certain different privileges to offer to their potential clients, then why Sharekhan? Well, Sharekhan is one of the top 3 full-service brokers of India, who follow well-organised and strong protocols, thus there is no way diverging of their policies as they are strongly bound and dedicated to them. Apart from them, they have some unique products and services that others won’t get from other broker of similar premises.


    It’s probably the most terrific and robust secret weapon, that Sharekhan has. It’s a well-designed trading platform that is laced with all the possible facilities and features that a potential trader or investor can ever dream of. A seamless platform, which is also equally advantageous for the NRIs, can no way get beaten by any of the prevalent trading apps till date, for sure!


    No customer is minor! This policy led Sharekhan to devise this handy and low-bandwidth platform. The suffix ‘Mini’ is suggestive of the fact that this mobile accessed browser-based platform is like a miniature version of original heavy bandwidth platforms, which is specially designed by targeting client residing in remote areas or distant villages, where network issues is daily issue. This initiative let those clients taste the trading essence atleast at a minimum level.


    Is it getting un-affordable for you to hire your personal financial advisor? Do you want proper guidance with quality suggestions? Sharekhan’s Pattern Finder will be your best companion for the same. A tool that is intelligent and can act as your personal advisory. Let it do the hectic task of analysis and research. You will be notified of the fresh result, straight into mailbox or SMS box with insights and better trading techniques.


    Ever thought of free call & trade? Yes that’s not impossible, as far as Sharekhan is in the run! They render their Call & Trade services completely for free. No charges at all! Not just that, you will also have to pay zero charges for fund transfer from bank to your trading account. Well, so many free of cost services are bound to attract customers.


    We already know much about Trade Tiger. But do you know it has got a wonderful API system? This API is called O-Alert API which creates a bridge between TradeTiger and your personally customed programme to receive Order alerts. More specifically, Real-Time data feeds, Order fluctuation alerts and others are transmitted via channel created by TCP-based architecture. Convenient, isn’t it?


    Sharekhan Offers Free Mutual Fund investment account to its customer. Even though they provide regular plan in mutual fund investment, but you can use free research report and portfolio balance feature which can help you to achive your goals for future financial needs.


It was surely an undulating journey for Sharekhan to acquire such a height of excellence in this span of time. But it’s due to its facilities, well-revamped services, commitments to their clients, and attitude that helped them climb the ladders to success. Despite of the fact that sharekhan is not suitable for the regular traders and they may end up paying huge brokerage, Sharekhan has its own positive sides too. Its decent, terminal based platform, enhanced and all round customer service, market research reports, all cumulatively does away with Sharekhan’s former drawback.

Last updated on 30th Apr 2019



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