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Sharekhan Limited: Sharekhan Ltd is engaged in providing trading facility in equity cash, derivatives (NSE, BSE), currency futures (NSE and MCX), Commodity Trading (MCX & NCDEX), portfolio management services and distribution of third Party Products like mutual funds, IPOs & personal loans.

Group Companies of Sharekhan Limited:

  1. Human Value Developers Private Limited
  2. Sharekhan Commodities Private Limited
  3. Sharekhan Financial Services Private Limited
  4. India Private Limited
  5. Sharekhan Consultants Private Limited (formerly known as Sharekhan Insurance Broking Private Limited)
  6. Wealthtiger Investment Advisors Private Limited.

Key services by Sharekhan Ltd are:

  • Sharekhan Equity Trading: Sharekhan is registered member of NSE and BSE, you can trade in Equity Cash and Equity Derivatives with Sharekhan using online or offline (branch / sub brokers) network. ShareKhan equity research team is there for you to give daily research report, weekly research report, latest market updates and news and intra-day stock tips.
  • Sharekhan Commodity Trading: Sharekhan is registered member of MCX & NCDEX, trade in commodity future with Sharekhan using online or offline (branch / sub brokers) network. Sharekhan broking commodity research team is there for you to provide daily commodity research report, weekly commodity research report, commodity news and more.
  • Sharekhan FirstStep Account: For beginner in stock market, this account will give you step by step guide how to trade in stock market, guidance and easy to understand research reports. With FirstStep account client will get features like Streaming quotes, multiple watch-lists, integrated banking, demat and digital contracts, instant credit and transfer, real-time portfolio tracking with price alerts and of course, the assurance of secure transactions. This account is only for the new customers not for the existing customers.

    Key Features of Firststep account are:

    • Get a quick session on how to invest in share market.
    • How to read the research reports.
    • How to use tools and platform.
    • How to do call n trade.
    • How to get help from Sharekhan Customer support via phone, email.
    • Sales Executive will assign to you to start your first trade in market.
  • Sharekhan Classic Account:With this 100% online trading account from Sharekhan, client will get live analysis before, during & after-market hours. From daily intra-day calls to long-term stock recommendations, you will get timely advice with well-defined profit targets. Top picks research basket will give you quick investment option from research team.
  • Sharekhan WealthOptimizer - Portfolio Management Service(PMS) : Under the Sharekhan portfolio management services, the funds of the Client will be managed by a team of experienced professionals. The Portfolio Manager's investment philosophy underlines maximizing the risk adjusted returns depending on the client's risk tolerance. In order to achieve the same, a disciplined investment approach with adequate risk controls has been adopted. Investment in PMS service is done on basis of fundamental research, technical research, arbitrage strategy [Buying the underlying stock and Selling the futures, which bring the investments in relatively low risk assets], model portfolio. The investments will be generally made in Equities and its derivatives, money market instruments and in Mutual Funds. No particular sector forms more than 20% of the client’s portfolio. Sharekhan PMS provide Discretionary Services as well as Non Discretionary/Advisory Services -

    • Discretionary Services - Under these services, the choice and the timing of the investment decision is with the Portfolio Manager.
    • Non Discretionary/Advisory Services - Under these services, the client decides his own investments. The Portfolio Manager is responsible for providing advise and facilitating the execution of transactions. The Portfolio Manager's role is limited to providing research, investment guidance and trade execution at the Client's request.
      How much minimum investment is require for Sharekhan PMS (portfolio management services)?

      Minimum initial investment amount in Sharekhan portfolio management services is Rs 25 Lacs, this amount shall be invested in different product of the portfolio manager.

      What type of charges client need to pay for Sharekhan PMS?

      Sharekhan PMS service is not a free service, client need to pay various fees like management fees, custodian/depository fees, registrar and transfer agent fee, brokerage and transaction costs, securities lending and borrowing charges, certification and professional charges, profit sharing, incidental expenses.

      What type of report client can see with Sharekhan PMS?

      Clients are free to check their portfolio online. Fortnightly reporting and quarterly reporting are shared with client over email.

      I have some holding company "A" stocks in my Sharekhan PMS and company offered dividend, will I get the benefit of dividend?

      Yes, with Sharekhan PMS, all dividend on your holdings will be credited to your account.

  • Sharekhan PatternFinder : PatternFinder is Sharekhan’s equity advisory service. This service is free to clients. Sharekhan PatternFinder is using Recognia Inc, Technical Insight Product, which is well known in global retail brokerage industry.
  • Sharekhan FortuneFinder: FortuneFinder is an engine which use artificial intelligence to define the alerts depend on the movement of stocks/scripts and guide you with buy, sell, hold or stay away rating. These alerts are good for any type of trade i.e delivery or Square off. Alerts can set for the favorite stocks as well as existing stocks in your portfolio.
  • Sharekhan T+5 Day Auto Square Off: This is special feature offered by Sharekhan to its clients where they can buy shares by paying a margin and can either square off the position or can take delivery of the stocks (by paying additional funds) in this five day period till the square off time specified by Sharekhan. In this process after T+2 days, shares shall be credited to a separate "Online Client Stock Account" instead of your "Online DP Account". After T+2 days client need to pay delayed payment charges at applicable rates.
  • Sharekhan Mutual Fund Service: With Sharekhan you can invest in major mutual funds. Sharekhan Mutual fund service helps you to diversify your portfolio. Sharekhan Mutual Fund research service is available for you for free of cost.
  • Sharekhan IPO Investment: With Sharekhan you can invest in IPOs. Sharekhan IPO investment service is paperless and available online. Sharekhan IPO Flash research service is available for you to take better decision before applying IPO.
  • Sharekhan Depository Services: Sharekhan is registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL. You can avail Demat service with Sharekhan to get fast and paper less transaction.
  • Sharekhan Intraday Trading Calls: Get intraday trading tips by advisory service to get most of your investment. With Sharekhan intraday trading tips (hit list), you can buy and sell stocks on same day and no need to wait for delivery call and wait for T+2 days.
  • Sharekhan Ranks : Sharekhan is giving a rank to the script which is doing best in financial year. Penny Stocks are not included in this process; stocks above Rs 20 are part of this ranking process. This ranking system will help you to choose best script for your portfolio.
  • Sharekhan Financial Services Pvt Ltd: SFSL is a Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

    • Loan against Securities: With Sharekhan Financial Services you can get Loan against Securities. Loan facility is available to individuals as well as corporate clients. Loan against Shares or Mutual funds is a loan facility offered against collateral of Equity shares.
    • IPO Financing: To Apply in IPO, you can avail loan for applying in Primary Market Issues (IPOs and FPOs). You just need to apply for IPOs by investing only margin amount (specified for each IPO separately).The facility is available for HNI as well as retail clients. This facility helps in increasing chances of allotment and allotment size.
    • ESOP Funding: An employee who has been awarded ESOP can avail loan against exercised shares. The ESOP funding is a loan facility offered against these shares allotted to employees.
    • Margin Funding by Sharekhan: Margin Funding product allows you to take leveraged positions in capital markets segment facilitating purchase of securities with the help of amount borrowed from SFSL against securities or cash placed as collateral.
  • Sharekhan NRI Service: Sharekhan offers a range of products and services catering to the needs of NRIs. The services are:
    • NRI service desk for personalized assistance.
    • NRI Investment Advisory desk.
    • Online equity trading platform.
    • Assistance for opening hassle free NRE/NRO/PIS A/C with multiple tie ups bank with SHAREKHAN LTD.
    • Investment in IPOs and Mutual Fund.
    • Auto reporting to Regulatory & auto funds/shares payout-paying.
    • PMS Service for NRI Customers
    • PAN Card Service for NRI Customers
    • Sharekhan has tie up with AXIS, INDUSIND, IDBI, Yes bank for NRE/NRO/PIS
  • Sharekhan TV : Access Sharekhan TV with expert advice, market research, IPO corner and Sharekhan stocks ideas.
  • Sharekhan Broker Fundamental Research Services : Features include
    • The Industry Watch Report
    • Stock Analysis Report
    • Flash News
  • Sharekhan Broker Technical Research Services: Features include
    • Nifty Tracker
    • Online Charts
    • Intraday Calls
    • Position Calls
    • Derivative Strategies
    • Futures Calls

Sharekhan commonly misspelled as "shaerkhan", "shar khan", "share khan", "sharekahan", "sharekahn", "sharekan", "sharekhan", "shearkhan", "sher khan", "shrekhan".

ShareKhan Branches is an online investment website of ShareKhan. ShareKhan offers most of its customer services through its website only.

They also offer customer service though branches which are located around the country in almost all major cities in India.

Customer could visit any local ShareKhan branch and ask for help related to ShareKhan Trading & Demat account, ShareKhan Commodity account. If the branch doesn’t exist in your city, still you can open account with ShareKhan and start your investment via online trading platform and call n trade service.

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