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About Sharekhan

    ShareKhan is a trading company of Indian origin that is headquartered in Mumbai. BNP Paribas, a leading financial institution, owns ShareKhan since 2016. It has a strong presence in the Indian market of online retail brokerage since it was established in the year 2000. Sharekhan offers a variety of financial services and products that extend to mutual funds, securities, IPO trade, wealth management, and more. It has been accredited by financial institutions such as the NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. It employs over 4800 workers in various spheres and has set base nearly 575 cities through its branches and business partners. Through its range of products and services, ShareKhan is turning out to be an all-in-one investment platform, which makes it an attractive foundation for reasons to trade with InstaMF by Sharekhan.

About Sharekhan InstaMF

    Sensing the interest of the Indian investor in the field of Mutual Funds, ShareKhan was quick to act on the developments. InstaMF is a brand new platform introduced by Sharekhan to allow users to invest in Mutual Funds and Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). Currently, InstaMF clients can choose to make investments in any of the 19 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) that Sharekhan is impaneled with and these numbers are about to grow considering that the broker is eyeing to get more AMCs onboard.

Reasons to open InstaMF Account with Sharekhan

ShareKhan has a formidable stature in the brokerage industry. Thus, the association with such a trustworthy organization alone is a strong motive for opening an InstaMF account. However, if you are still confused, then there are many reasons to open InstaMF Account with Sharekhan and the prominent ones amongst these have been listed below:

  • Simplified InstaMF Account Opening Process

    One of the strongest reasons to trade with InstaMF by Share Khan is the paperless process that is executed swiftly. All you need to do is enter your vital information and submit the details on the InstaMF website of Sharekhan. It takes near about 4 minutes for the backend team of Sharekhan to have your InstaMF account up and ready for investing in Mutual Funds. The mission for opening a dedicated platform is to offer a seamless experience to the clients when they wish to invest in SIPs and Mutual Funds.

    Due to the paperless process, it is fairly quick and easy to open and operate your InstaMF account. The user needs to enter details of their PAN Card, UIDAI (Aadhaar) Number amongst other few documents. They also have to verify their contact details such as email ID and phone number that shall be verified through an OTP. Finally, to complete all the formalities the user is expected to upload a scanned copy of their valid cheque so that the broker can gain the bank information and link it to the InstaMF account to necessitate all financial transactions while dealing with Mutual Funds.The customer care agents will also ensure that the user is KYC compliant.

  • Free Expert Consultation

    InstaMF acts as a lucrative platform not just for veteran investors but also for the newbies who wish to put their money in Mutual Funds but are not equipped with the necessary knowledge or background. To make the onboarding process easy, InstaMF by Sharekhan offers various channels through which their clients can contact Sharekhan experts and seek advice on the best way to maximize their wealth. You can get instant assistance from the experts by placing a call on +91-8527357840 or you can even chat with them. You can use this feature to discuss your financial goals and to get help from the experts as to how you can achieve the target. You can access personalized advice or research material either online or at your nearest local branch.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    One of the strongest reasons to trade with InstaMF is the fact that it is supported by a robust customer service team. If you experience any difficulty while operating your InstaMF account then you can get in touch with customer care agent and they will promptly address your problem and have it solved. The customer support can be accessed through email, chat, and phone. If you prefer to seek aid in person then you can visit any of the 157 branches and over 2500 network partners that will serve you tirelessly.

  • Robust Research

    Sharekhan has been a pioneer in the area of investments and thus has a vast library of market data and analysis. Based on this historical data, InstaMF recommends handpicked mutual funds and SIPs that are bound to flourish. The ‘Funds we Like’ and ‘SIP we Like’ features are backed by this intensive research and projections made by experts. Even though every investor has different objectives and different risk appetites, these recommendations are helpful for those who are still in the early stages as beginners. Through the detailed reports provided to the Sharekhan clients, you can assess a fund’s health and formulate your own personalized strategy and make informed decisions to increase your gains.

  • Robo Advisor - Neo

    Robo Advisors have turned into a new trend and an attractive feature being offered by brokerage firms. These advisors are powered by artificial intelligence and offer digital financial advice that is based on algorithms and mathematical rules. They are emerging as a more reliable alternative to human financial advisors. InstaMF by Sharekhan is no exception to this technological shift. It introduces NEO, the brand new face of InstaMF that aims to help users in going “automatic” to chase their financial goals.

    The tool factors in the investor's monetary target and risk appetite to suggest portfolio or basket of investments to them. NEO can suggest a maximum of 6 diversified funds and is not limited to just equity. Additionally, NEO constantly monitors your investment plans and to ensure that you meet the goals that you have chalked out, NEO may recommend top up or change in portfolios. Once you have set up NEO, you can sit back and relax as the robo advisor takes care of the rest from there. When you are reaching your set goal, NEO will shift your portfolio from a high to a low-risk bucket so that users do not have to bear any unexpected and sudden losses. Furthermore, NEO will make sure that when you are switching your portfolio, you will not have to bear any tax burden or exit loads.

  • Reliable Brand Association

    When you are investing your money, you may be often conflicted whether you should go for a discount broker with low brokerage cost or an experienced broker that can offer its expert advice. While each has their own advantages and disadvantages, putting your hard earned money using a renowned platform offers relatively greater stability and peace of mind.

  • InstaMF Mobile App

    InstaMF comes with a portable mobile application that is of 4.3MB size. All the features that are present on the desktop version of the Sharekhan tool are available on the mobile app as well. The application is periodically updated per 10-12 weeks to fine-tune its performance and speed. It contains multiple panels that display a summary of various funds that you are keeping an eye on. The app allows you to manage the mutual funds that you have invested in and simplifies future investments as well. You can create customized alerts and notifications that allow you to make quick investments in SIPs and Mutual Funds, and other various schemes through a single tap action. Users can even open their InstaMF account through the mobile application.


    What are the benefits of an InstaMF account?

    Once your InstaMF account is opened and activated, the account is free for lifetime. There are no account opening charges, transactions, maintenance fees or service charges associated with an InstaMF account. Once you have an active InstaMF account, you can access scheme

    recommendations made by the mutual fund experts at Sharekhan without any additional charge.

    Can I send my Cheque over WhatsApp?

    Yes! You can send your cheque leaf over WhatsApp on 9082820537 or you can even email it at [email protected]

    Does InstaMF allow tax saving investments?

    Yes, InstaMF offers tax-saving mutual funds and equity-linked savings schemes (ELSS), which are one of the efficient ways to save on tax. Furthermore, these have a smalled lock-in period of just three years. InstaMF not only allows you to save on your taxes, it also makes suggestions on various ELSS funds that can help you achieve your target.

    What is InstaMF’s Flexi SIP feature?

    InstaMF by Sharekhan offers Flexi SIP, which allows the user to make changes in their amount invested on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Through the Flexi SIP feature, you can change your investment amount according to your capacity. Based on your understanding of the market conditions, you can make a greater or a lesser investment in your SIP.

    Does Sharekhan charge any brokerage or additional fees on InstaMF accounts?

    Sharekhan does not charge any additional fees or brokerage for the purchase of mutual funds through the InstaMF account. However, charges are mentioned by the AMC in the scheme prospectus that is provided to the clients. Thus, the charges, if any, will be directly deducted from the customer’s NAV by the AMC.

    Is there a mandatory minimum lock-in period for the units purchased?

    No, there is no lock-in period for open-ended funds. However, when it comes to tax-saving funds, a mandatory minimum lock-in period is applicable.

    Can I invest in Direct Mutual Funds with Sharekhan InstaMF?

    Unfortunately, no. Through InstaMF by Sharekhan, you can only invest in Mutual Funds through a regular scheme and not through a direct scheme.

    How much does ShareKhan charge for using their Mutual Fund Platform?

    InstaMF does not charge any additional amount for purchasing Mutual Funds and SIPs. The fees levied are comparable to that charged by any bank. However, it needs to be mentioned that the fees mentioned by AMC in the scheme prospectus stands as applicable and will be directly deducted by the AMC from the NAV.

Final Thought

    If you are a rookie who is just starting out on a journey to invest in Mutual Funds, then InstaMF by Sharekhan is a good platform to get started. The platform serves huge brand equity backed by a fully evolved and reliable stockbroker, which is one of the strongest reasons to trade with InstaMF. Plus, the platform also offers an array of sample portfolio tools for Fund Comparison, Investment Calculator, Performance Calculator, and Goal Calculator that will help you outline a clearer goal. Even though the robo advisory NEO is in its nascent stages, it has a wide scope for growth and development, which seems like a promising avenue for InstaMF.

    The educational value of the research material and resources act as a treasure chest for those who are keen on making well-informed decisions and strategies. Most importantly the financial advice offered by the experienced experts can be crucial in capitalizing on the market trends. Customer support and experts are readily available through various mediums such as phone calls, emails, and chat screens. Given that Sharekhan is targeting to achieve 30% of their overall mutual fund business through InstaMF, one can be assured that in due time major features will be included in the tool over the various platforms.

Last updated on 1st Mar 2020



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