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Alice Blue, the online discount broker offers equity trading, commodity trading, and currency trading on world-class trading platforms. ANT (Analyse and Trade) by Alice Blue offers a cutting-edge trading technology benefits to traders to facilitate them to trade well-informed decisions. Its trading platform includes website trading, mobile trading application, and downloadable trading terminal. ANT Mobi, ANT Desk, ANT Meta, ANT Web are the Alice Blue trading platforms. The advanced technology trading platforms provide features such as Trade with technology, customized strategy, faster trading execution, superior charting, quick alerts, historical data, live market watch and many more. Alice Blue completely outsource their trading platforms as ANT is a 3rd party trading platform, built by TradeLab. Check the benefits, demo and downloadable links of all the Alice Blue Trading Platforms.

  • ANT Mobi (Mobile Trading App)
  • ANT Desk (Installable trading software)
  • ANT Web (online trading website)
  • ANT Meta (Trading Terminal)
  • Alice Blue Mutual Funds App
  • ANT Scanner
  • ANT Bridge
  • ANT Plus
  • Ant IQ
  • Sensibull
  • Smallcase
  • Tickertape

ANT Mobi

ANT Mobi is Alice Blue Mobile Trading App to facilitate clients to trade on their Android smartphones or tablet. Alice Blue mobile app provides easier access to users to manage their portfolio anywhere from their mobile. The mobile app by Alice Blue is one of the best trading platforms to trade with technology and provides enrich features to clients including but not restricted to real-time market data, easy-to-follow tools, interactive charts, modern analytical tools, quick order placement and execution, portfolio monitoring.

Features of ANT Mobi

  • A free mobile app allows trading & investment in equity, F&O, commodity, and currency on BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • The live market watch includes multiple market watch lists and market depth as well. Users can also customize the watch lists.
  • Zero brokerage trading in equity delivery segment and at Flat Rs 20 in all other segments.
  • High-performance charting: 6 types of technical charts and 69 technical indicators.
  • Users can also create charts with 15 different time-frame intervals and drawing tools.
  • Trade from the chart facility.
  • Free historical data up to the last 1 year.
  • Provides complete trading history i.e. trade orders, pending orders, executed orders, rejected orders, etc.
  • Availability of various types of trading orders such as market, limit, stop loss, and cover orders.
  • Placing After Market Order.
  • Research reports and daily reports.
  • Users can set an unlimited number of price alerts to update themselves.
  • 11 Analytical objects.
  • Easy fund transfer facility without any cumbersome process.
  • Customer support team provides trading support and assistance on Alice Blue ANT Mobi.


  • The mobile app only provides historical data up to 1 year.
  • Scanner are not available with the app.
  • The broker doesn’t provides real-time expert advisory services.

ANT Mobi Download

The ANT Mobi supports all kinds of execution models such as Mac, iOS, and Android and therefore, the app is accessible on both the smartphones and Apple iOS. Smartphone users can download the ANT Mobi Alice Blue app from the Google play store whereas iOS users can download it from the App store.

Steps to download Alice Blue Mobile App, ANT Mobi

  • Go to the broker’s website,
  • Click on the tab “ANT” and from the dropdown menu, select “ANT Mobi”.
  • If you’re an Android user, then click on the “Get it on Google Play”
  • If you’re an iOS user, then click on the “Download on App Store”

Check here the app downloading links for different models.

Download ANT Mobi on Android

Download ANT Mobi on iOS

ANT Mobi Demo

The mobile app demo familiarizes viewers with app features and usability. You can either check the ANT mobile app demo online means on the broker’s website or can also access its YouTube channel, “Alice Blue Online” the broker uploads number of videos on trading platforms, its services, research and analysis reports, market news and others.

Steps to check the demo online

  • Go to the broker’s website,
  • Click on the tab “ANT”.
  • Click on the “ANT Mobi” and then click on “Read more” option.
  • ANT Mobi page will open, scroll down the page and check the ANT Mobi features video.

Check ANT Alice Blue Mobile app demo

ANT Desk

Alice Blue ANT Desk is a fully customized installable trading software on a laptop or computer. The downloadable trading software is a fast, secure and flexible platform to trade in equity, F&O, commodities, precious metals, and currency. The brokerage house provides facility to traders to design their own trading system on the ANT Desk platform that coupled with a number of benefits such as professional charting, risk management tools, market indicators, real-time news and comprehensive trading environment for all new and experienced traders.

Key features of ANT Desk

  • User-friendly and highly responsive interface for new as well as high-level traders.
  • Customized multiple market watch lists.
  • Superior technical charting tools for both the intraday (30 days) and historical data.
  • Historical data up to 10 years with 80+ studies for advance technical analysis.
  • Real-time quote tools are available from BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Availability of After Market Order facility.
  • The broker provides market research reports every day.
  • Fast execution of trading (buy and sell) orders along with real-time monitoring.
  • Market price alerts and voice-enabled notifications.
  • Expert advisors are available to advise traders.
  • Options trading and Semi Algo trading strategies.
  • Backtesting to analyze the past performance of a particular scrip based on a particular technical indicator.

ANT Desk Download

Anyone can download the Alice Blue trading software, ANT Desk from the official website of the broker.

Steps to download ANT Desk from official website

  • Go to the broker’s website,
  • Click on the tab “ANT”.
  • Click on the “ANT Desk”.
  • Click on the “Download Now” button.

Download Alice Blue ANT Desk

ANT Desk Demo

The demo of the Alice Blue trading software can be checked on the Alice Blue Online channel on YouTube.

Check the ANT Desk Software Demo


ANT Web is a highly advanced online trading platform that is accessible on web browsers and operating systems such as Windows, Linus, and Mac. The online trading website, ANT Web allows people to trade in shares, commodities, and indices. The browser-based web platform is a fully customized platform that offers a number of intuitive trading features i.e. deal through charts, powerful charting, multiple watch lists etc.

Key features of ANT Web platform

  • The responsive user interface, ultralight, and superfast platform.
  • Alice Blue web trading platform, ANT Desk enables users to create customized strategies.
  • Advanced charting with multiple technical indicators.
  • Users can create a number of personalized watch lists for different asset classes.
  • Easy portfolio tracking and monitoring as ANT Desk can be accessed on any device i.e. laptop, mobile, and desktop.
  • The availability of Historical data of companies facilitates users to do fundamental analysis.
  • Trade from the charts.
  • Margin calculator and one-click trading.
  • Customer services by Alice Blue customer care executives.

ANT Web Demo

Alice Blue, ANT Web provides enrich experience to users with a number of intuitive features. The discount broker’s YouTube channel provides videos of all of its trading platforms including ANT Web.

Check Alice Blue ANT Web Demo

ANT Meta

ANT Meta is the Alice Blue Trading Terminal that is one of the most responsive trading platforms in the stockbroking industry. The downloadable trading terminal incorporates a wide range of benefits such as automated trading, charts, historical data, various types of orders, trading strategies, alerts and many more.

Key features of Alice Blue Trading Terminal – ANT Meta

  • The trading terminal provides access to 120+markets.
  • Multiple user-defined watch lists.
  • Technical charts i.e Fibonacci’s, Gann’s, and Andrews etc. and 50+ technical indicators and drawing tools.
  • Setting chart display, imposed objects, and chart properties.
  • Availability of automated charting feature.
  • Historical data and profile storing features allow fundamental analysis.
  • Manage graphical objectives, technical indicators, and line studies.
  • In-built trading strategies such as options trading etc.
  • Setting toolbar such as Market Watch, Navigator, Terminal, Data Window, Tester and others.
  • 24*7 dedicated customer support team to assist traders.

ANT Meta Download

As said, ANT Meta is a downloadable trading terminal that provides number of tools to assist traders to analyze price movement and manage their trades.

Steps to download ANT Meta

  • Visit the official website of Alice Blue.
  • Click on the “ANT” Tab.
  • Click on the “ANT Meta”
  • Click on the “Download Now” button.

Download Alice Blue ANT Meta

ANT Meta Demo

One can check the demo of Alice Blue Terminal – ANT Meta to trade in shares, indices, commodities, and currency. Alice Blue Online, Alice Blue’s YouTube channel provides clear insight towards the terminal usage.

Check Alice Blue Trading Terminal Demo

Alice Blue Mutual Funds App

People can also invest in mutual funds with Alice Blue. The brokerage house facilitates clients to place orders to purchase direct mutual funds directly from the website at zero brokerage or commission. Anyone who has Alice Blue Demat Account can place orders to buy mutual fund units with the broker.

Features of Alice Blue Mutual Funds

  • Mutual Funds investment with Alice Blue is completely free as the broker doesn’t levy any fee.
  • Allows investment in direct plans at zero commission or brokerage.
  • Schemes from different categories i.e. equity, debt, and hybrid.
  • Alice Blue demat account is a single platform that shows all mutual fund units at a single place.
  • 100% paperless means the online investment process.
  • Consolidated statement to claim tax deduction for ELSS, capital gain reports, etc.
  • Easy order tracking and portfolio monitoring.
  • Investment through a flexible Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Alice Blue Mutual Funds App download

Steps to download Alice Blue mutual funds app

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • On the top, click on the “Trade Store”
  • Scroll down and check Alice Blue Mutual funds and click on the “Try Now”.
  • New page will be open, scroll down and click on the “Get It On Google Play” button to download the app.

Download Alice Blue MF App on Android


The Alice Blue Mutual Funds app is not yet available on the app store.

Alice Blue Trading Tools

ANT Scanner

ANT Scanner is a special trading tool offered by Alice Blue to allow users to filter stocks from different sectors using different filters available on Alice Blue Mobile App – ANT Mobi and Alice Blue Online platform – ANT Web.

The trading tool - ANT Scanner supports below listed filters;

  • Day’s Gainer
  • Day’s Loser
  • Volume Shockers.
  • Limit breakers - Upper Circuit
  • Limit breakers - Lower Circuit
  • Most Active Volume.
  • Near Upper – Circuit Limit
  • Near Lower - Circuit Limit
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • 52 week High Breakers
  • 52 week Low Breakers
  • Near 52 week High
  • Near 52 week Low

ANT Bridge

ANT Bridge is an advanced version of its trading platform that is connected with ANT Desk. It runs on various programming languages such as Python, PERL, C# and many others. The tool facilitates executing buy and sell trading orders placed on ANT Desk.

Key features of Alice Blue ANT Bridge

  • Free trading tool at zero cost.
  • Integration with technical analysis charting tools.
  • Semi Algo trading strategies and backtesting.
  • Advanced charting tool and historical data.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool

ANT Plus

ANT Plus platform facilitates Alice Blue traders to create their own frontend trading platform using programming languages such as Json or Python.

Key features or benefits of ANT Plus

  • Design your own frontend trading platform.
  • Integrates the platform with 3rd party tools i.e. Amibroker, MT4 or others.
  • Check their positions
  • The ANT Plus platform is available for both the clients and partners.
  • Availability of web socket for live feeds.


ANT IQ facilitates Alice Blue traders to access technical stock trading strategies based on different technical indicators and tools. The platform is completely free at zero charges. Further, expert advisors are also available to provide trading advice and recommendation to users for scalp trading, day trading, swing trading, and positional trading.


Sensibull is a platform for options trading that facilitates traders to create, choose and execute different option trading strategies based on his/her choice and opinion towards market outlook, risks, etc. It is a third-party product that provides access to the following features;

  • Option analyzer including call and put option, Option Chain, Screeners, Option Greeks, Event Calendars, IV Percentile etc.
  • Open Interest Analyser to gain insight into future market outlook.
  • Customization allows traders to design their own strategies.
  • Multi-leg trading strategy on a single click.
  • Strategy wizard provides the best options trading strategy as per the user’ opinion.
  • Virtual trading facilitates traders to practice high-risk trading without requiring actual capital.
  • Educational videos are also available to understand option basics, advanced concepts, and others.
  • 14 days of the free trial period is also available.


  • Filtration based on risk appetite and reward is not available.
  • Traders requires sound knowledge to trade in options otherwise can use their hard-earned money.
  • It is not a free platform as its Lite plan is charged at Rs. 600/month and Pro plan is charged at Rs. 950/month.

Alice Blue Sensibull Demo

You can check here the demo to understand how to use the Sensibull platform for options trading with Alice Blue.

Options Trading With Alice Blue

Alice Blue Smallcase

Smallcase is a modern investment product that enables traders to invest in ideas. There are a number of themes available with the broker, among which, users can pick anyone based on their choice and invest in a basket of stocks from the specified theme.

Key features of Alice Blue Smallcase

  • A number of themes such as Top 100 stocks, Good Start, Insurance Tracker, Dividend Aristocrats, etc.
  • Invest from minimum 2 to maximum 50 stocks in a basket.
  • Invest in multiple stocks under the Smallcase on a single click.
  • Diversification across several stocks reduce investment risks.
  • The broker doesn’t levy any management fee on Smallcase.
  • There is no lock-in period for smallcase.
  • Flexible investment by regular SIP every week, month, and quarter.
  • A completely free platform to invest in smallcase.

Alice Blue Tickertape

Tickertape is a screener or stock discovery tool that shows prices, symbols, and all the relevant information about a scrip or indices. In other words, it is a one stop shop to get a comprehensive set of information about single stocks or indices.

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Trading Platform FAQs

  1. 1. How to trade with ANT Web?

    ANT Web, the online trading website by Alice Blue offers trading in equity, F&O, commodity, and currency across BSE, NSE, and MCX. To trade with ANT Web, follow the below steps;

    • Visit the Alice Blue’s website,
    • Click on the “ANT” tab.
    • Click on the “ANT Web” and click “Trade Now” button.
    • Later, a new window will be open wherein users have to put trading account ID and password.

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  2. 2. How do I get Alice Blue API on ANT Plus?

    Alice Blue ANT Plus provides API to people to create their own frontend trading platform. The broker provides free of cost API to users. Follow below steps to get Alice Blue API, listed here under:

    • Login with the Demo Testing with client secret and key authorization.
    • Callback URL Mapping
    • Start trading from your own customized trading platform.

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  3. 3. How can I download Alice Blue ANT Mobi?

    ANT Mobi is the Alice Blue mobile app, through which, users can place buy or sell trade orders across financial products such as equity, F&O, commodity, and currency just using their mobile device. The app is completely free and can be downloaded on iOS through the App store and Android through the Play Store. You can download the app from the official website of the broker.

    Download ANT Mobi on Android

    Download ANT Mobi on iOS

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  4. 4. How to Download Alice Blue Trading Terminal?

    ANT Meta is the trading terminal by Alice Blue that can be installed on computer or laptop. The downloadable trading terminal offers huge features such as technical charting, customized watch lists, trade from the chart, dedicated customer support desk, and many other features.

    To download Alice Blue Trading Terminal, you’ve to visit the website, on the “ANT” tab, select ANT Meta from the drop-down menu. A new page will open, click on the download now button to download the terminal.

    Download Alice Blue ANT Meta

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Last Updated on 2020-04-21

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