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Mainline IPO Live Subscription

Mainline IPO Live Subscription Report

The IPO Live Subscription report provides you a quick navigation on how much current/ongoing and past mainline IPOs have been subscribed in the market. The report keeps users updated with the total IPO subscription percentage on both the stock exchanges - BSE and NSE across categories i.e. QIB, NII, and RII. The subscription status helps audience to assess market sentiments or total participation in a particular IPO.

IPO Live Subscription

IPO BID Date QIB NII RII Total QIB Offered NII Offered RII Offered Close Date
Rachana Infrastructure SME IPO27th May 2022 17:020.00x0.09x0.31x0.20x0(0.00%)26,83,000(50.00%)26,83,000(50.00%)3rd Jun 2022
Antony Waste IPO16th Mar 2020 17:020.89x0.26x0.38x0.50x13,79,305(28.59%)10,33,572(21.42%)24,11,667(49.99%)16th Mar 2020
ITI Ltd IPO5th Feb 2020 17:020.63x0.23x1.06x0.62x13,50,00,000(74.26%)2,70,00,000(14.85%)1,80,00,000(9.90%)5th Feb 2020
Star Health IPO2nd Dec 2021 19:021.03x0.19x1.10x0.79x2,38,30,602(53.06%)1,19,15,300(26.53%)79,43,533(17.69%)2nd Dec 2021
Yes Bank FPO17th Jul 2020 18:511.90x0.63x0.47x0.93x2,75,12,82,051(30.23%)1,85,00,00,000(20.33%)4,31,66,66,667(47.44%)17th Jul 2020
Ethos Limited IPO20th May 2022 17:021.06x1.48x0.84x1.04x11,83,115(29.73%)8,39,053(21.08%)19,57,789(49.19%)20th May 2022
Nirmitee Robotics SME IPO9th Apr 2020 18:510.00x1.67x0.63x1.15x0(0.00%)82,800(50.00%)82,800(50.00%)9th Apr 2020
Ashapuri Gold SME IPO FPO8th Mar 2021 07:510.00x2.07x0.28x1.17x0(0.00%)18,52,800(50.00%)18,52,800(50.00%)8th Mar 2021
Omnipotent Industries SME IPO22nd Nov 2021 07:210.00x1.00x1.34x1.17x0(0.00%)14,24,000(50.00%)14,24,000(50.00%)22nd Nov 2021
RO Jewels SME IPO17th Mar 2020 18:510.00x1.95x0.43x1.19x0(0.00%)6,48,000(50.00%)6,48,000(50.00%)17th Mar 2020
Atal Realtech SME IPO7th Oct 2020 17:020.00x1.99x0.40x1.20x0(0.00%)7,13,600(50.00%)7,13,600(50.00%)7th Oct 2020
Laxmi Goldorna SME IPO3rd Apr 2020 17:020.00x2.22x0.20x1.21x0(0.00%)26,16,000(50.00%)26,16,000(50.00%)3rd Apr 2020
Prudent Corporate Advisory Services IPO12th May 2022 17:021.26x0.99x1.29x1.22x16,87,101(28.03%)12,65,326(21.02%)29,52,427(49.05%)12th May 2022
SecMark SME IPO23rd Sep 2020 18:500.00x1.12x1.35x1.24x0(0.00%)5,57,000(50.00%)5,57,000(50.00%)23rd Sep 2020
Suyog Gurbaxani Funicular Ropeways SME IPO8th Nov 2021 05:520.00x1.98x0.56x1.27x0(0.00%)31,11,000(50.00%)31,11,000(50.00%)8th Nov 2021
Aashka Hospitals SME IPO24th Aug 2021 06:540.00x2.02x0.75x1.30x0(0.00%)39,60,000(47.14%)39,60,000(47.14%)24th Aug 2021
Delhivery IPO13th May 2022 17:022.24x0.04x0.49x1.31x3,38,63,662(54.15%)1,69,31,818(27.07%)1,12,87,878(18.05%)13th May 2022
CWD Limited SME IPO5th Oct 2021 06:540.00x1.91x0.71x1.31x0(0.00%)4,75,200(50.00%)4,75,200(50.00%)5th Oct 2021
Suratwwala Business SME IPO5th Aug 2020 18:510.00x2.35x0.28x1.31x0(0.00%)21,80,000(50.00%)21,80,000(50.00%)5th Aug 2020
Jetmall Spices and Masala SME IPO7th Apr 2021 07:490.00x1.90x0.82x1.36x0(0.00%)11,82,000(50.00%)11,82,000(50.00%)7th Apr 2021
Lodha Developers IPO9th Apr 2021 17:023.05x1.44x0.40x1.36x1,02,27,742(28.08%)76,70,808(21.06%)1,78,98,551(49.15%)9th Apr 2021
Rajeshwari Cans SME IPO6th Apr 2021 06:510.00x1.60x1.19x1.40x0(0.00%)9,54,000(50.00%)9,54,000(50.00%)6th Apr 2021
Bhatia Colour Chem SME IPO16th Mar 2022 18:350.00x2.69x0.18x1.43x0(0.00%)23,68,000(50.00%)23,68,000(50.00%)16th Mar 2022
AA Plus Tradelink SME IPO13th Jul 2021 17:020.00x0.32x2.61x1.46x0(0.00%)17,04,000(50.00%)17,04,000(50.00%)13th Jul 2021
Sunrise Efficient SME IPO5th Apr 2022 19:190.00x1.78x1.13x1.46x0(0.00%)6,51,000(50.00%)6,51,000(50.00%)5th Apr 2022
Global Longlife Hospital SME IPO25th Apr 2022 17:410.00x1.60x1.40x1.50x0(0.00%)16,62,000(50.00%)16,62,000(50.00%)25th Apr 2022
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