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Trending IPO GMP Today Grey Market Premium is trending for Sula Vineyards,Uniparts India and Abans Holdings.

Grey Market is an unregulated market to trade IPO applications and IPO shares before listing of the stock. An investor may not want to trade in the grey market, but getting an idea of the GMP can be used to estimate the listing gain on the IPO share. GMP or Grey Market Premium adding to issue price gives the estimated listing price of the IPO share.

Here we are reporting the GMP of all upcoming and current IPOs along with Kostak price. Estimated Listing Price is also calculated by adding up GMP and IPO cap price.

IPO GMP Performance   SME GMP Perferomance Mainboard IPO GMP   SME IPO GMP

Today's Movement - GMP Up  >> GMP Up from Previous Day Price    Today's Movement - GMP Down  >> GMP Down from Previous Day Price    Today's Movement - GMP No Change  >> No Change in GMP Price from Previous Day


IPO Category GMP (₹) Subject to Rates Fire-Rating IPO Price Estimated Listing Price IPO Status Open Dt Close Dt Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
Landmark CarsMainline52 Today's Movement - GMP No Change-Rating 3/5506558 (10.28%)Upcoming13-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:56:25 PM
Droneacharya Aerial InnovationsSME64 Today's Movement - GMP No Change90,000Rating 5/554118 (118.52%)Upcoming13-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:57:33 PM
Abans HoldingsMainline12 Today's Movement - GMP Down-Rating 1/5270282 (4.44%)Upcoming12-Dec-202215-Dec-202223-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:56:38 PM
Sula VineyardsMainline30 Today's Movement - GMP Down-Rating 2/5357387 (8.40%)Upcoming12-Dec-202214-Dec-202222-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:57:00 PM
All E TechnologiesSME59 Today's Movement - GMP Up65000Rating 5/590149 (65.56%)Upcoming9-Dec-202213-Dec-202221-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:57:11 PM
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  • PNGS Gargi Fashion JewellerySME11 Today's Movement - GMP Up32000Rating 4/53041 (36.67%)Open8-Dec-202213-Dec-202221-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:56:49 PM
    Arham TechnologySME41 Today's Movement - GMP Up95000Rating 5/54283 (97.62%)Closed5-Dec-20227-Dec-202215-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:57:20 PM
    Uniparts IndiaMainline52 Today's Movement - GMP Down-Rating 2/5577629 (9.01%)Closed30-Nov-20222-Dec-202212-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 12:57:44 PM
    Dharmaj Crop GuardMainline38 Today's Movement - GMP Down-Rating 3/5237275 (16.03%)[email protected]28-Nov-202230-Nov-20228-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 09:23:30 AM
    Baheti RecyclingSME52 Today's Movement - GMP No Change1,00,000Rating 5/54597 (115.56%)[email protected]28-Nov-202230-Nov-20228-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 09:24:55 AM
    Pritika Engineering ComponentsSME10 Today's Movement - GMP Down32000Rating 4/52939 (34.48%)[email protected]25-Nov-202230-Nov-20228-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 09:02:48 AM
    Ambo AgritecSME9 Today's Movement - GMP Up40000Rating 4/53039 (30.00%)[email protected]21-Nov-202224-Nov-20222-Dec-20222-Dec-2022 07:23:19 AM
    Keystone RealtorsMainline-5 Today's Movement - GMP Down-Rating 1/5541536 (-0.92%)[email protected]14-Nov-202216-Nov-202224-Nov-202224-Nov-2022 09:04:30 AM
    Inox Green EnergyMainline-1 Today's Movement - GMP No Change-Rating 1/56564 (-1.54%)[email protected]11-Nov-202215-Nov-202223-Nov-202223-Nov-2022 02:31:56 PM
    Kaynes Technology IndiaMainline185 Today's Movement - GMP Up-Rating 4/5587772 (31.52%)[email protected]10-Nov-202214-Nov-202222-Nov-202222-Nov-2022 07:24:14 AM
    Five Star Business FinanceMainline-2
    (Discount) Today's Movement - GMP No Change
    No TradeRating 1/5474472 (-0.42%)[email protected]9-Nov-202211-Nov-202221-Nov-202221-Nov-2022 07:52:26 AM
    Archean ChemicalMainline127 Today's Movement - GMP Up-Rating 4/5407534 (31.20%)[email protected]9-Nov-202211-Nov-202221-Nov-202221-Nov-2022 08:53:25 AM
    Amiable Logistics (India)SME48 Today's Movement - GMP Down18000Rating 5/581129 (59.26%)[email protected]2-Nov-20227-Nov-202216-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 07:53:59 AM
    Technopack PolymersSME-- Today's Movement - GMP No ChangeNo TradeRating 1/55555 (0.00%)[email protected]2-Nov-20227-Nov-202216-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 07:37:16 AM
    Bikaji Foods InternationalMainline21 Today's Movement - GMP Down500Rating 2/5300321 (7.00%)[email protected]3-Nov-20227-Nov-202216-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 07:51:31 AM
    Global HealthMainline30 Today's Movement - GMP Up300Rating 2/5336366 (8.93%)[email protected]3-Nov-20227-Nov-202216-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 09:06:20 AM
    Fusion Micro FinanceMainline-4 Today's Movement - GMP Up-Rating 1/5368364 (-1.09%)[email protected]2-Nov-20224-Nov-202215-Nov-202215-Nov-2022 09:05:18 AM
    Vital ChemtechSME80 Today's Movement - GMP Up75000Rating 5/5101181 (79.21%)[email protected]31-Oct-20223-Nov-202214-Nov-202214-Nov-2022 09:03:48 AM
    DAPS AdvertisingSME18
    (No Trade) Today's Movement - GMP No Change
    No TradeRating 5/53048 (60.00%)[email protected]31-Oct-20223-Nov-202214-Nov-202214-Nov-2022 08:44:54 AM
    DCX SystemsMainline75 Today's Movement - GMP Down4800Rating 4/5207282 (36.23%)[email protected]31-Oct-20222-Nov-202211-Nov-202211-Nov-2022 08:55:18 AM

    What is Grey Market Premium(GMP)?

    Explanation of Grey Market Premium in simple points:

    • Grey Market is an unofficial market for the Pre IPO.
    • GMP is premium per share.
    • Kostak is premium per application.
    • Sub 2 is premium for the allotted application.
    • As GMP is unofficial, thus there are no regulatory (No Rules and Regulations).
    • All transaction for GMP is done in cash.
    • No written communication for Grey Market, small slips of paper is the contract.
    • There is no official dealer – All buying and selling through word of mount and trust only.
    • The higher GMP means a higher possibility of IPO getting listed at a bumper price.
    • GMP activity can start before the price band announcement.
    Disclaimer from Admins as per SEBI norms: Equity Investment are subject to 100% market risks. Refer your financial consultant advice before Investing. This group is only for Educational and Learning, Knowledge Purposes. Admins have no responsibility for your intended decision & financial losses. Keep calculated & always analyzed your cash position and risk-bearing capacity before following msg of our group.

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    User Reviews

    151. Yog Raj Nov 06 2022 01:18:24 PM Reply
    More GMP IPO history should be available on this page. Or a link to another page where viewers can watch all old ipo data, showing your gmp listing gain estimate and real gain estimate. It will show the track record and trustworthiness. I hope u don''t have any problem with showing ur record.
    151.2. Admin Nov 07 2022 03:08:38 PM

    We have the GMP Performance Report, which is giving the conclusion of up and down with reference to the listing price on NSE.

    151.3. Yog Raj Nov 18 2022 05:38:52 PM
    Thanks Admin & Nag for your time to provide support.
    151.4. Dhaval Patel Dec 06 2022 05:58:26 PM
    Do you have a similar GMP performance report for the SME IPOs separately?
    151.5. Admin Dec 06 2022 07:31:27 PM
    Hello Dhaval Sir,
    No, we don’t have the SME IPO performance report yet. We are in the process of building this report. There are some technical challenges and our team is working on them.
    150. Robin Nov 30 2022 11:47:11 AM Reply
    How to sell ipo application in grey market?
    149. Bhavesh Nov 10 2022 11:20:39 AM Reply
    I have applied for more than 15 sme ipos but have not got allotment for any of them.
    All of this IPO have a good listing gains.
    Is there any way to increase the chances of allotment or am I doing something wrong here
    149.1. S N Pujari Nov 12 2022 03:09:41 PM
    Same with Me, Now a days I stopped applying for IPOs. It''s painful to apply in each ipo via HDFC ASBA. At the end not get any allotment.
    149.2. Varu Nov 19 2022 06:54:23 AM
    In sme ipo no of allottee are too less as number of share more per allottee. And It''s very small ipo, so naturally very very less chance of allotment...
    149.3. CA Sachin Nov 19 2022 11:25:02 AM
    In SME IPOs
    1: The issue size is very small compared to mainboard IPOs.
    2: Lot size is higher in the Retail category - Min Lot size is 1,20,000 Rs whereas in mainboard its Rs 15,000.
    149.4. Arvind Nov 19 2022 08:16:57 PM
    It isn''t that difficult to get IPO allotments. I have got the following allotments.

    Archean - 2 Lots
    Kayne - 3 Lots
    Inox - 3 Lots

    Expected revenue is around 25 K.

    However, luck still plays a vital role.

    One can follow the below tips.

    1) Hold and apply from as many as Demat accounts - to be successful with 1 or 2 allotments, one should have at least 10-15 Demat accounts.
    2) Apply min amount in each Demat. Never apply for max amount.
    3) Use the ASBA application so that it earns interest.
    4) If applying from the same bank, say ICICI, say 3 Demats, every day apply, with 24 hrs difference. It increases the chances of allotment.

    After this, leave it to Lucky Lady. She will definitely smile.
    149.5. Chitra Tawde Nov 23 2022 09:21:09 AM
    apply only for one lot from one dmat account and also apply from diffrent diffrent dmat account from your family member''s dmat. but remember one lot from one dmat account of one member
    148. Faisal Nov 18 2022 11:29:50 AM Reply
    I apply through HDFC net banking but never got any allotment I tried maybe in 20 IPOs but no allotment why is that is there something I must be doing wrong
    147. Compare Broker online Nov 16 2022 09:10:37 PM Reply
    Top 10 Stock Brokers in India 2022 – Review of Best Stock broker in India 2023. The Best stock broker in India does not hold any of the stocks they sell to investors, they simply provide their services at the lowest brokerage charges possible.
    146. CA Sachin Nov 10 2022 09:13:37 AM Reply
    Priority list for upcoming 5 ipos -

    1. Archean chemical - Must Apply
    2. kaynes technology - May Apply
    3. Inox green - May Apply
    4. five star business - Avoid
    5. keystone realtors - wait till 13th or 14th
    146.1. Pankaj Nov 12 2022 02:51:34 PM
    The only point of Inox green that is holding me back from applying is how many companies would prefer to only get OEM services in which this company works.
    145. Anarghya Nov 08 2022 11:26:41 AM Reply
    How to refresh gmp?
    144. Govind shah Nov 07 2022 10:51:26 AM Reply
    Can I apply for amiable sme ipo
    144.1. CA Sachin Nov 07 2022 11:47:00 AM
    Yes, You can apply in Amiable IPO. Apply with net banking ASBA process. Its closing today so apply asap.
    Minimum Fund required : 1,29,600 INR
    143. Ranadip das Nov 03 2022 10:46:34 PM Reply
    How do I apply Sme category ipo in upstox?
    Pls suggest
    143.1. CA Sachin Nov 04 2022 10:07:13 AM
    Apply via Bank ASBA, using Upstox Demat account number.
    143.2. Ranadip das Nov 04 2022 07:15:08 PM
    Thank you Sachin sir
    142. Rajeev Nov 04 2022 10:11:03 AM Reply
    All GMP are down, invest or hold?
    142.1. CA Sachin Nov 04 2022 10:19:24 AM
    For all IPOs - a caution sign is on - so plan and apply. The market can change in one week till listing, but with a current scenario - hold, and validate NII and QIB data on last day.