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Liquid Funds (Debt Scheme)

Liquid Funds are Debt Funds. The liquid funds invest primarily in debt and money market securities with a maturity of up to 91 days. Examples of such instruments can be commercial paper, treasury bills, etc.

When you keep your funds in a bank saving account, you get max 4% interest and the fund is readily available for your personal use. Liquid funds are also following a similar approach and don’t have entry and exit load. The liquid fund process faster than regular equity or debt funds. The cut-off time for a liquid fund is 3:00 PM. If you place your withdrawal request before 3:00 pm on a working day, redemption credit to your bank account on the next working day. You will get a better return in liquid fund compared to you bank saving account.

Many companies park their surplus fund in the liquid fund on Friday (assuming working day) with simultaneous withdrawal request. Money gets parked in the liquid fund for a weekend and the fund gets back in the bank account by Monday (assuming working day) 9:00 am. This way they get better interest for a surplus fund over bank account. You can invest in the liquid fund for a minimum of one day also.

Benefits of Liquid Funds

  • Good Return– Liquid Funds are stable funds and the average return is 5 to 7 % in 1 year time. The return is better than bank FDs and deposits.
  • Low Risk– Asset are invested in Debt and Money Market instruments.
  • Short-term Investment Horizon-Liquid Funds are for short-term investment which is between 1 day to 3 Months.
  • Taxation- Short term capital gain tax is applied when invested for up to three year. Short-term gains are added to the income and taxed at the income tax slab applicable to the investor. The long-term gain tax is applied when the investment is done for more than 3 years. LTCG is 20% with indexation benefit.
  • Exit Load Charges – Nil.

Consideration of Liquid Funds

  • Macro-economic factors like Inflation, Interest rate, Global Liquidity & Capital Flows, GDP and fiscal consolidation affect the Liquid funds.

Top 10 Best Performing Liquid Funds-one-month

Scheme Name Current Nav Prevoius Month Nav Rating % Change Invest Now
quant Liquid Fund-Growth-Direct Plan33.531533.414310.35%
HSBC Cash Fund-Growth Direct2079.64032073.090820.32%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth2694.90392686.883230.30%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan Annual-IDCW2694.89562686.87540.30%
Navi Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth2281.05712274.306450.30%
Mahindra Manulife Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth1357.58951353.538160.30%
LIC MF Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth3792.94013781.583870.30%
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Direct Plan-Half-Yearly IDCW1175.20421171.717780.30%
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Direct Plan-Flexi IDCW1239.16491235.488690.30%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-IDCW2694.91762686.8968100.30%

Top 10 Best Performing Liquid Funds-two-Years

Scheme Name Current Nav Perevious Two Year Nav Rating % Change Invest Now
quant Liquid Fund-Growth-Direct Plan33.531530.2968110.68%
Sahara Liquid Fund-Variable Pricing-Direct-Growth3348.28943026.0667210.65%
Taurus Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-SI Growth1990.12021826.697838.95%
IDBI Liquid Fund Growth Direct2246.97252063.462448.89%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan Annual-IDCW2694.89562477.669958.77%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth2694.90392477.676568.77%
Edelweiss Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-IDCW2694.91762477.692778.77%
Mahindra Manulife Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth1357.58951248.574788.73%
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Super Instittutional-Direct-Growth3137.39832885.536698.73%
LIC MF Liquid Fund-Direct Plan-Growth3792.94013490.3495108.67%

Save 60% to 90% Brokerage


In the current market scenario, if you keep your money in the Saving Bank account, you will get interest approx of 3 to 3.5% maximum. Short-term Fixed Deposits have an interest rate between 5 to 6%.

Liquid funds are good to invest surplus money to get a better return than savings accounts or FDs. Liquid funds can be used to park your surplus funds for weekend or market holidays with constitutive redemption request on the next working day. So you can manage your fund's requirements as needed. There are no redemption charges/ withdrawal charges with liquid funds.

With liquid funds you don’t have restriction of time, you can invest your money for a minimum of 1 day also. Liquid Fund redemption charges are also NIL, interest earn on both the entities are taxable, easy redemption process in liquid funds. So, we can say liquid funds are better than FDs.

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Liquid funds are debt funds and a safe way to invest surplus money. The name itself suggest that liquid funds are ready available fund and can be redeemed with one day notice. Liquid funds invest money in debt and money market securities with a maturity of up to 91 days. So there is no chance to get negative returns in liquid funds. As liquid funds don’t invest in equity, so we can say Liquid fund is risk-free.

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Are liquid funds safe? Are liquid funds risks free? Can liquid funds give negative returns?


Liquid fund requests can be submitted on Saturday. But the processing of funds will take place on Monday only. To invest your money for the weekend, you need to create a request on Friday before given closing time by the fund house. Usually, liquid fund closing time is between 1 PM to 3 PM.


Yes, Liquid funds offer SIP option, but that does not meet the goal of liquid funds investment. Liquid funds are for short-term money investing purpose. However, to answer the questions, yes one can invest in liquid funds via SIP.


Liquid funds invest money in debt and money market securities with a maturity of up to 91 days.


Average return from Liquid Funds is from 5 to 8%. There are no major differences in the return of liquid funds between different AMC. You can choose any liquid fund as per your convenience.

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No, Liquid funds return is not tax-free. Liquid funds are debt funds and one need to pay short term (Less than 3 years of investment) or long term (Above 3 Yrs of investment) tax.

The short team capital gain - Short team gains are added to the income and taxed at the income tax slab applicable to the investor.

The long team gain - calculated when the investment is done for more than 3 years; LTCP is 20% with indexation benefit.

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Are liquid funds taxable? Are liquid funds taxable in India? Are liquid fund returns taxable? Is liquid fund interest taxable? Is liquid fund dividend taxable? How are liquid funds taxed?


To invest in Liquid Funds, you need to open a mutual fund account with Bank, Stock Broker or directly with AMC.

Let’s take an example of banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI – You can request for a mutual fund investment account. This will link with your bank account and with net banking access you can start investing in liquid funds. You can request online with redemption requests and funds will be directed debited in your bank account.

The second option is brokers like Zerodha, 5paisa are offering direct mutual fund investment. You can open a Demat and trading account, request for Mutual fund investment. Once your account is active, you can invest in any mutual fund online.  Maximum Indian stock brokers offer mutual fund investment online.

Mutual Fund account with AMC – The third option is you can choose the liquid fund you wish to invest, then open an online account with AMC. After approval, you can start investing directly with AMC.

As direct mutual fund investment is preferable for investors who do online investment, so we personally suggest to open account with Zerodha COIN for all your mutual fund investment.

You can Invest minimum 5000 Rs to any amount as per your fund availability in liquid funds. Minimum fund requirements will change from AMC to AMC, so please refer liquid fund guide from AMC.

Other question on the relevant topic:

How to open a liquid fund account? How to open a liquid fund account in SBI? How to open a liquid fund account in ICICI bank? How to open a liquid fund account in HDFC? How to buy liquid funds online?


Liquid funds are for short term investment. So when you know you have surplus funds and you just want to invest that fund for short duration with high liquidity, Liquid Funds is the best investment.


Yes, liquid fund to equity STP (systematic transfer plan) is possible. Instead of doing STP from your bank account, you can choose a liquid fund and invest in a lumpsum amount. After that, you can set up STP in equity funds as per your goals. As there are no redemption charges with liquid fund, you will get better investment returns till you invest in equity funds.


  • Liquid Funds invest in high quality portfolio (100% AAA & equivalents), aims to capture yield movement in short end of the curve. They generate tax-efficient returns if invested more than 3 years, benefits from indexation.
  • Liquid Fund has instant redemption.
  • Liquid Fund has the lowest expense ratio.
  • Liquid Fund has no exit load.


These funds suit to

  1. Investors who are looking for steady returns and liquidity over the near short term.
  2. Investors looking to enhance their returns from conventional fixed income avenues like banks, FDs, post office deposits and bonds etc.
  3. Investors who are looking to diversify their fixed income portfolio.
  4. Surplus fund in bank account to gain better return and with high liquidity.


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Disclaimer: We personally suggest you to start SIP, so you can average your NAV. The above list is not a recommendation of funds, nor does it claim to the only correct way to rank funds. Please check the complete risk document of Mutual Funds and their current exposure to market before doing your investment.

Last updated on 10-Sep-21

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