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HDFC Securities Products & Services Review 2022

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HDFC Securities Ltd Product and Services
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  • HDFC Securities Ltd is one of the best full-service stock brokers in India provides a wide range of products & services. Indian residents as well as NRI (except US-based) can open a 3-in-1 account integrating HDFC Securities demat + trading + bank account to trade & invest across different segments. The broker is a one-stop-destination for trading & investment in equities, currency, commodity, F&O, fixed deposits, ETF, bonds, insurance, mutual funds, IPO, NPS etc. It also has a research team that gives research reports and trading & investment tips to clients to benefit from the market opportunities. Here, on this page, check the complete HDFC Securities products & services review in detail.

    Products & Services

    Key products & service offerings by HDFC Securities are discussed below:

    • HDFC Securities Demat Account

      Demat account, as its name, is an account mandatory to keep securities and holdings in dematerialized/electronic format. HDFC Securities is a registered DP with both the depository houses; CDSL and NSDL to offer HDFC Securities Demat Account to clients. The broker has a widespread distribution network of 3,500+ demat service branches where you can open a free demat account with HDFC Securities.

    • HDFC Securities Trading Account

      You can open HDFC Securities trading account to trade across segments such as equities, derivatives, currency, commodity, mutual funds, and other segments. You can place or execute buy/sell orders only via the trading account.

    • HDFC Securities NRI Account

      HDFC Securities also offers NRI trading facilities with HDFC NRI 3-in-1 account integrating NRI trading, NRI demat, and NRI Bank account (NRE and NRO). NRI except the USA and Canada-based can open 3-in-1 account with HDFC Securities. NRIs can trade-in equity, F&O, mutual funds, IPO, ETF, bonds, and NCDs from their PIS account.

    • HDFC Securities Commodity Trading

      In January 2019, HDFC Securities launched commodity trading on MCX. You can trade in commodities through its web-based trading platforms and mobile application. You can also use call & trade facility wherein you can call the centralized dealing desk and speak to commodity executive dealers to place orders.

    • HDFC Securities Currency Trading

      Currency derivatives are futures & options contracts, in which, you can buy or sell specified quantities of a specific currency pair at a pre-determined future date. You can transact online in currency trading with HDFC Securities. It offers four currency pairs for trading that are USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR, and JPY/INR. HDFC Securities charges Rs 23 for each contract for currency futures trading whereas currency options trading is charged at Rs 20/contract.

    • HDFC Securities Mutual Fund Account

      Being an AMFI registered distributor, HDFC Securities Ltd offers a mutual fund account to invest in mutual funds. On its Digify mutual fund platform, you can open a free mutual fund account just with your mobile number and invest in a plethora of schemes from 30+ AMCs. You can choose any investment route such as SIP, Lumpsum, STP or SWP. The broker also offers you different tools such as MF Return Calculator, SIP Calculator, Lumpsum Calculator, and SIP Reckoner.

    • HDFC Securities NPS Account

      Being a registered member of PFRDA, HDFC Securities facilitates you to invest in the National Pension Scheme (NPS). NPS is a retirement scheme by the Indian government to build a post-retirement corpus by investing systematically during your working life. One can open an NPS account with HDFC Securities by login their trading account, click on online NPS, enter details and send the duly filled form along with the KYC documents to the nearest branch. The broker also offers NPS calculator that can be used to identify retirement corpus.

    • HDFC Securities Fixed Income Investment

      HDFC Securities provides various fixed income investment products such as Fixed Deposits, Non-convertible debentures, and corporate bonds, and Sovereign Gold Bond. The fixed income products are less risky and provide a fixed return to investors.

    • HDFC Securities Research

      HDFC Securities Ltd has a research team that provides free research across segments such as equity, futures & options, mutual fund, currency, and market. It also provides institutional reports, periodic reports, and companies' result updates.

    • HDFC Securities DIYSIP

      The broker offers DIYSIP (Do it yourself – SIP) facilitates buying stocks at regular periodic intervals whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Thus, it allows systematic investing in equities and ETF that lowers your average cost, particularly suitable for long-term investors. You can add up to 10 scrips/ETFs in the bucket and invest via multiple trading platforms i.e. mobile app, call n trade, web trading platforms, and branch.

    • HDFC Securities Loan against Securities

      HDFC Securities offers loans against Securities that enable clients to get a loan from the broker by keeping their investments as collateral Security. Both Indian residents, as well as NRIs, can use the facility to apply for a loan against investment in equity, mutual funds, life insurance, National Savings Certificate (NSC), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP), and Gold Deposit Certificates (GDC).

    • HDFC Securities Portfolio Management Services

      HDFC Securities PMS services allow equity investment managed by an experienced portfolio manager backed by a strong research team. A fund manager manages the portfolio on your behalf. Notably, HDFC Securities offer both the discretionary and non-discretionary PMS. Mr. Prashant Jain is the PMS fund manager, a reputed and well-known name in the industry.

    • HDFC Securities Smallcase

      HDFC Securities smallcase is a thematic investment product that allows investing in ideas that you expect to perform better in the upcoming period. A smallcase constitutes several numbers of stocks from a particular theme. The broker has 55+ smallcase products, among which, you can choose one of your choices and invest in it. You can also select smallcase based on your risk appetite such as conservative, moderate, and aggressive.

    • HDFC Securities Insurance

      HDFC Securities is a registered member of IRDA and offers both life insurance and general insurance. The broker has a wide range of life insurance plans available including but not limited to HDFC Life2Protect 3D Plus, HDFC Life Sanchay, HDFC Life Pro Growth Plus, HDFC Life Sampoorn Samridhi Plus, and many others. The broking house also has many general insurance products such as motor insurance, Health Suraksha for health insurance, critical illness coverage, travel insurance, and home insurance as well.

    • HDFC Securities Loans

      HDFC Securities provides different kinds of loans to clients such as home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and education loans at competitive interest rates. A personal loan is available for various purposes such as dream vacation, wedding, children education, financial urgency etc. You can apply for a loan as per your capital requirement. The broker also offers a top-up facility to clients.

    • HDFC Securities Encash

      Generally, whenever you sell your stocks, the amount gets credited to your bank account on T+2 days settlement basis, but, you can get the credit of sale proceeds on the same day with HDFC Securities. The broker provides Encash facility which credits the sale proceeds on the same day and provides you liquidity quickly. Notably, the service is available only in the equity segment on the sell-side transactions across both the exchanges, BSE and NSE. You can place Encash order through the mobile app, call & trade, and branch as well.

    Check HDFC Securities Encash Demo on mobile app

    • HDFC Securities E-margin

      HDFC Securities Ltd provides 4X E-margin facility to empower you with extra buying power. Earlier 31st December 2019, the facility was available for T+180 days but now from 1st January 2020, the broker has extended the period for T+275 trading days. With the facility, you can buy stocks today and pay it later within T+275 days.

    • HDFC Securities off-market order

      The broker allows you to place buy/sell order after market hours. The placed orders are sent to the exchange at the beginning of the next trading session. Clients can place AMO anytime except 4:20 PM to 4:45PM, 5:15PM to 6:30PM, and from midnight 12:00AM to 1:00AM.

    • HDFC Securities SMS Insta

      As the name implies, SMS Insta facilitates you to stay updated with attractive market opportunities through the broker SMS trading system. HDFC Securities SMS Insta facility is charged at Rs. 4/each day. There are also various SMS Plan Packages for technical calls, derivative calls, and combo offers as well.

    • HDFC Securities Calculators

      The broker has a number of financial goals calculators such as pension calculator, home budget calculator, travel cost calculator, child education calculator, plan marriage, wealth builder, SIP & Lumpsum calculator, monthly income calculator, emergency fund calculator, financial health check, and others.

    HDFC Securities Branches

    HDFC Securities Ltd, a full service stockbroker offers offline facilities where a client can visit the nearest branch and avail the required services.

    The broker has a widespread branch network as the broker is currently having 270+ branches in 185 different cities of India. You can avail multiple facilities at branches such as opening trading & demat account, solve investment and service related queries, and others.

    HDFC Securities Branch Locator

    As HDFC Securities has a widespread presence so to check the nearest branch, you can visit the branch locator provided by the broker.

    Click here to know the nearest branch

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    Yes, HDFC Securities provides loan against shares. The service is available to both Indian residents as well as NRIs. Clients can avail the facility to take loan against their investment in equity, mutual funds, NSC, life insurance, Kisan Vikas patra, and Gold Deposit Certificates.


    HDFC Securities smallcase is a thematic investment product that allows you to pick a theme of your choices and invest in the basket of stocks from the particular theme. The broker has 55+ smallcase products, out of which, you can pick the one that you expect to perform better in future. Clients can also select smallcase product in line with their risk appetite whether conservative, moderate, or aggressive.


    HDFC Securities provide Encash facility to get the credit of sale proceeds on the same day rather than according to the settlement cycle. Normally, whenever a client sell their holdings, the amount from the sale proceeds get credited as per settlement cycle which is T+2 working days but with Encash facility, clients can get the credit on the same day.


    No, HDFC Securities SMSInsta service charges at Rs. 4/each day. SNSInsta facility keep you updated with the market opportunities through offering stock alerts and notifications. There are various SMS Plan Packages for technical and derivative calls, combo offers is also available.


    HDFC Securities offers different types of loans to clients such as personal loans, home loans, auto loans, and educational loans. A personal loan is available for different purposes i.e. wedding expense, dream vacation, financial urgency, children education, and others. Top-up facility is also available with the broker.