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Angel Broking Products and Services-2021

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Angel Broking Product and Services

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Angel Broking, being a member of BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MCX provides online trading in equity, derivative, commodity, and currency segment. Moreover, clients can also apply in IPO and mutual funds with the Angel Broking 2-in-1 account. To serve clients in a better way, it keeps adding more and more services to portfolio. Therefore, the broker serves customers with many value-added offerings including but not limited to free research, investment advisory, call & trade, referral, margin trading, and loan against shares. Further, its rule-based investment engine, ARQ provides free of cost stocks and mutual funds advisory to customers in line with the specifications. In this page, find out the detailed review of each and every Angle Broking Products and services including its demat account, trading account, NRI account, equity trading, derivative trading, commodity trading, currency trading, and others.

Angel Broking Demat Account

    As currently, the entire process of trading and investment becomes digitalized therefore, it is really important for traders to open a demat account. Angel Broking being a registered DP with CDSL offers a Free Demat Account to facilitate clients to held certificates of financial instruments such as shares, government securities, bonds, etc. in dematerialized format. People can open a demat account online with Angel Broking within a few minutes.

Angel Broking Trading Account

    Trading Account enables you to buy and sell shares and other financial products in the market. The key benefit to open a trading account with Angel Broking is that it doesn’t charge any brokerage for equity delivery segment means it provides free equity delivery trading for lifetime. In April 2019, the broker has launched Angle iTrade plan that is flat fee trading plan, as per which, all the other segments i.e. intraday, F&O, currency, commodity, etc. are charged at a flat brokerage fee of Rs. 20 per order.

Angel Broking NRI Account

    The full-service broker serves both the residents as well as NRIs, thus, NRI can open a 2-in-1 account, that is an integrated platform of demat and trading account with Angel Broking. All the trading & investment offerings that are available to Indians are being available to NRIs. NRI can use all trading platforms including mobile app, trading software and web trading platform for online trading.

Angel Broking Equity Trading

    In the financial market, shares are the best and most preferred long-term investment product however, it is not so easy due to the risks included. Angel Broking offers trading in equity across both the stock exchanges - BSE and NSE. The key point that differentiate the broker from other brokers is that it assist people to make successful equity trading through providing them ultimate guidance and thereby help them to get out the best returns. One can trade in both the equity cash and equity delivery segment.

Angel Broking Derivative Trading

    The derivative segment provides a huge opportunity to traders to earn superlative profit by paying a nominal margin amount. Angel Broking is a registered trading and clearing member of BSE derivative segment and NSE F&O segment and thereby provides its clientele base a gateway to trade in derivative market.

Angel Broking Commodity Trading

    Angel Broking was granted with the commodity exchange – NCDEX and MCX membership in 2004. To trade in commodities, users have to open a Commodity Trading Accountwith Angel Broking. The broker offers the highest leverage - 40 times on commodity trading. The full-service broker facilitates trading across different commodities i.e. precious metal (gold, silver, etc.), minerals (petroleum), and agriculture.

Angel Broking Currency Trading

    With the growing connectivity in global economy, the exchange rate fluctuations has brought immense opportunity for traders to trade in currencies. Angle Broking offers currency and Forex trading such as Euro, US dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound, etc. Low commission, high liquidity, low margin, high leverage, low transaction cost, etc. are the key advantages of currency trading.

Angel Broking Portfolio Management Service

    Angel Broking offers PMS services to offer customized investment advice to high net worth individuals. Professional portfolio managers create a personalized investment portfolio mixing several investment avenues such as equity, bonds, fixed deposits, etc. to meet unique needs. The broker provides different PMS strategies such as large cap, diversified strategy, small-midcap strategy, and Angel Lotus Portfolio that blends value and growth investing.

    Benefits of PMS

    • Portfolio diversification helps to minimize non-systematic risk.
    • Solid risk management by experts.
    • Continuous portfolio tracking, monitoring and rebalancing.
    • Experienced and professional fund management team.
    • Zero lock-in period.
    • No entry load.
    • Clients can switch anytime from one PMS strategy to another.
    • Availability of additional purchase facility.

Angel Broking IPO Investment

    Whenever a company needs capital then it can be collected in two ways; bank borrowings and share capital. When a firm decides to collect money through going to the public, it comes out in the form of IPO. A client can apply in IPO either online or offline, online IPO subscription is possible through website or mobile app whereas offline IPO application can be placed through filling manual forms at any of the nearest broker’s branches.

Angel Broking Mutual Fund Investment

    The broker is also registered with AMFI to provide mutual fund investment services to audience. The broker has tie-up with major asset management companies such as ICICI, Kotak, HDFC, Axis, L&T, and many others to offer you the choice of best scheme selection across all asset classes including equity, hybrid, and debt schemes. It further keep MF investors updated by providing them latest MF news and research reports to enable them investing in the right scheme. People can use Angle Bee mobile app and Angle Broking Mobile app to invest in mutual funds.

Angel Broking Advisory

    Angle broking offers stock market advisory services to people to assist them in successful trading practices. The advisory desk at the broker understand client’s requirement and suggest them a suitable trading or investment idea and suggestion to benefit them.

Angel Broking ARQ

    ARQ is a hi-tech rule based investment engine that uses Modern Portfolio Theory and suggest investment recommendations accordingly. The revolutionary automated tool offers the best advisory services in line with the individual’s risk appetite, goal and other specification. You can seek ARQ based recommendations for equity as well as mutual funds. Clients can further check their portfolio health score to diagnose your existing portfolio quality and thereby make it ideal. The tool not just design a one-time portfolio but also regularly track and rebalance the same to keep the portfolio updated with the ongoing market trend and thereby deliver index-beating returns.

    Angle Broking ARQ demo

Angel Broking Research

    The brokerage house provides free of cost research services including fundamental as well as technical research reports. Fundamental research is available on market outlook, IPO views, company-specific reports, and top picks report. However, on the other side, technical research reports help to assess market and stocks trend and thereby help people to place right trade in right stock to gain benefit.

Angel Broking Loan against Shares

    At Angel Broking, one can apply for loan by keeping shares as securities to meet their immediate financial requirements without selling your investment. At the same time, you can continue to get benefits like dividends and bonus as well. On LAS, there’s no EMI or prepayment applicable.

Angel Broking Margin Trading Facility

    The full-service brokerage house provides margin trading facility to people to allow them to trade in shares without paying cash upfront as clients only require to pay a specified percentage of the transaction and the rest is in the form of margin offered by the broker.

Angel Broking Call & Trade

    Call & trade service is also available wherein a buy and sell orders in stocks, derivatives, and other investment products can be placed over telephone. However, the broker assisted trading is not at all free and chargeable at Rs. 20 each order. This is the additional charges from the brokerage levied.

Angel Broking Referral

    Angel Broking was awarded with the Major Volume Driver by BSE for the 5 consecutive years in a row. To grow the client base, the brokerage house facilitates people to invite their friend and family members and upon successful referral means if referral has opened an account with Angel Broking, then the person will get a voucher of Rs. 500 subject to maximum referral benefit of Rs. 2,500 per month.

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Product FAQs

  1. 1. What are the other add-on services offered by Angel Broking?

    • Angel Broking provides a list of the best stocks to invest in, at a given time.
    • It also provides a detailed report on 150+ frontline stocks with investment recommendations and high-quality analysis on the stocks.
    • It provides IPO reports thus guiding the clients on where to invest and where to avoid to maximize profits.
    • The market outlook report from Angel Broking provides clients with crucial information on the market. it comes with a daily update stock watch, providing latest investment recommendations.



  2. 2. How to add funds in Angel Broking account using UPI?

    • Login your trading account on any of the platform whether web or mobile app.
    • Under the options, click on funds and then “Add funds”.
    • Here, you will find different options i.e. net banking, UPI, etc., select the “UPI” option as a mode of payment.
    • Enter the amount you wish to add.
    • Select the preferred UPI app i.e. PhonePe, BHIM, Google Pay, Paytm, etc. and proceed with it.
    • Enter UPI PIN and the funds will be successfully added to your account.

    Angel Broking UPI Demo



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