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To start trading with Upstox, you have to first log in to your Upstox account. Upstox offers a simple, hassle-free, and instant login process to allow customers to access their Upstox Trading and Demat Account. Whenever you have opened an account in Upstox, the broker sends a 6 digit user ID/client ID and password on your registered email that is required for the Upstox login process. The single login credentials are used to log in to the Pro web or Pro mobile app. Check out everything about how to log in to the Upstox Pro app, Pro web, and more.

Upstox Pro Mobile Login

Upstox offers trading at your fingertips through Upstox Pro Mobile App, available in Android and iOS versions. Mobile users can install the Pro app and log in to their Upstox account to start online trading in equities, derivatives, commodities, and currency segments.

Upstox Pro App Login process

  1. Install the Upstox Pro app from Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the App and here login screen will be displayed.
  3. Enter Upstox client ID and password and then birth year.
  4. Once all the details are entered correctly, you will be successfully logged in to Upstox Demat Account.

Upstox Web Login

Upstox Pro Web is a web-trading platform that users can access through any supported browser using PC, laptop, or mobile device. Upstox login process is embedded with 2-factor authentication with client ID and password along with birth year required.

Steps to login to Upstox Pro Web?

  1. Go to the Upstox web login page.
  2. Enter 6 digit User ID and password and click on the “Sign In” option.
  3. Now, enter your date of birth and your Upstox account will be logged in.

Upstox Login ID

Login ID in Upstox is a 6 digit unique alphanumeric ID for every customer therefore, also termed as “Unique Client Code (UCC) or user ID. At the time of the account opening process, Upstox sends the login ID to the customer’s registered mail address within 24-48 hours.

Upstox Keystone Backoffice Login

Keystone is Upstox back-office software where all the reports such as trading reports, P&L reports, tax reports, view portfolio holdings, and ledger are available. Anyone who has opened a Upstox account can access Keystone to view the history of all the trading activities.

Keystone Upstox Login Process

  • Visit the Upstox Keystone login page.
  • Enter your 6-digit client ID and password of the Upstox account.
  • Submit the details and you will be successfully logged in to Keystone back-office platform.

Upstox Guest Login

If you still have not opened an account in Upstox and then you can use the guest login feature to take a free live demo of Uptsox pro trading platform features. The login less feature is only available on the Pro mobile app on Android devices.

Last updated on 13th Jul 2021



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  1. 1. Why my Upstox account failed to login?

    There are multiple reasons of Upstox login process failed such as;

    • Entered wrong user ID and/or password.
    • Incorrect birth year entered.
    • Poor internet connectivity.

    If you’ve put wrong password multiple times then upon 3 failed login attempts, the Upstox account will be blocked. You can now reset Upstox Trading Password to login successfully.



  2. 2. I forgot my Upstox user ID, how to retrieve it?

    No worries, if you forgot user User ID in upstox then you can easily retrieve it. Here are the steps to retrieve forgotten Upstox ID;

    1. Go to the Upstox login page on either Web or Pro App.
    2. On the login screen, click on the “Forgot User ID” option.
    3. Enter PAN number, registered e-mail address, and mobile number.
    4. Enter Captcha code and the broker will immediately send the user ID on your registered email.



  3. 3. How to change or reset login password in Upstox?

    If you forgot Upstox account password, then Upstox provides a password reset option to allow customers to set a new password for their account. Here is the process to set a new password for the Upstox account;

    • Go to the Upstox Login page.
    • Enter user ID and then click on the “Forgot Password” option.
    • Enter your birth year Tap on the “Verify OTP” option.
    • Enter the OTP sent to your registered email and mobile no.
    • Now, you can reset the new password to access your Upstox Account.



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