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The fact can't be ignored, that TradePlus is one of the few different Indian Financial Houses, to incorporate the convenient online NRI investment opportunities. Going beyond the level of excellence, TradePlus becomes the most prior house for the NRIs due to the additional facilities and benefits that they offer. Back to back economical features held under regulations are bound to attract you, if of course, you are an NRI. From the time of the inauguration of the facility on 2000, TradePlus has already expanded their roots for the NRIs, OCIs ad PIOs living abroad at, UAE, Singapore, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Now in order to present the best side and top 10 benefits of TradePlus NRI Trading, have a close look over its mainframe features, which highlights the convenience of the NRIs:

  1. The value of experience is must essential than other aspects, especially in case of financial matters. TradePlus has a massive and long 15 years experience in these NRI services.

  2. No need to rush here and there for getting your multi-folded issues solved individually, TradePlus has the solution to all. They have all the segments, Equities, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, within one roof.

  3. The most jaw-breaking advantage of getting NRI Investment through TradePlus is that the former won't require any PIS account for NRO accounts.

  4. Margin/Exposure for NRI Clients - With Tradeplus, now NRI clients (NRO Account Holders) can also get exposure.

    1. NRML order - in Equity Cash/Delivery get up to 3x margin. For Derivatives - SPAN + Exposure margin. Settlement time for Equity cash is T + 5 days with 24% PA interest after T+2 days.

    2. MIS Order (Intraday Trades) - In Equity Cash get up to the 10x margin on all F&O scripts.

    3. Margin Trading Funding (MTF) - Get Margin funding by partly putting money or share collateral, get extra funding from TradePlus. You can hold such scripts for 1 year @ 24% PA Interest. MTF is available only for NSE and with limited scripts.

  5. NRI can avail BTST (Buy Today and Sell Tomorrow) - Now NRO account holders can trade like residents account, so they can avail trade in Intraday and BTST facility.

  6. At the negligibly small rate of just 1499 INR per month, flat brokerage is made avail on f&o trading plans.

  7. Now you don't have to be patient for more than 10 days, as TradePlus would help you to initiate, unfailingly within 10 days.

  8. When you can get the advantage of having 5 in 1 account, why would you make it a total mess by individually setting up different accounts? TradePlus offers the 5-in-1 account that serves the purpose of PAN account, Savings Bank NRI account, PIS Account, NRI trading account, NRI Demat account in just one account only.

  9. The team in TradePlus would lend their assistance for ease in filling out the income tax returns form in India.

  10. Carrying out all the formalities on a legal base, we have our very own separate authorized PAN Card processing section.

  11. Availability of ESOP Trading

Tradeplus- Why better than others?

Organised by Navia Markets and Navia Commodities broker in 2015, TradePlus has already gained a reputation in the respective field by the aid of their multi-legged, flawless services. TradePlus progressed at a fast pace, as soon as they diverted to broking ecosystem, opening the horizons of fortunes for themselves. The popularity of TradePlus hiked drastically for the following reasons:

  • They provide excellent NRI trading services. With awesome benefits and innovative services.
  • Tradeplus has scheduled the lowest price in unlimited trading plans which are further refundable too. Just at Rs 99 PM, you can trade on any one category ranging from Equity Option or Currency or Commodity.
  • Convenient KYC form filling online - Paperless Processing.
  • A unique feature they are offering, in which customers can get direct service from their respective twitter platforms.
  • They facilitated the integration of PAYTM ad attractive cash backs.
  • For intraday traders, they planned lowest packages.

Besides, their zeal and motivations, enthusiasm, and optimistic attitude and adherence to the mighty 3T principle, just elevate it slightly above the other best platforms out there.

NRI TradingS- What is it?

When a person who has emigrated from India for any certain personal and domestic reasons, reside permanently in any foreign address then such persons are called NRIs or Non-Residential Indians. And when those NRIs express their desire to opt for trading shares within Indian market, for getting good arbitrage, it is possible under the NRI investment regulations. In other words, these are like special restrictions and laws enforced by RBI and Government easing out share market explorations for the NRI. The NRIs can now easily have an access over the following investment options:

  • Equity
  • Mutual Funds
  • ETF's
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Government Securities and...
  • Real estates

In short, by the virtue of regulations, the NRIs now can enjoy benefit of their citizenship from any part of the world, either online or through offline, via online share brokers and financial houses.


TradePlus is unique in every aspect. They are continuously sharpening their features to establish themselves with reputations and dignity. As per their motive, they had already become the first ever online financial house to have integrated PAYTM funding for their SMP services. You can only imagine the level of getting morphed to digitalization. The Company has expertise in NRI Trading Area and providing end to end solution for NRI's which include PAN Service, Bank Account, Trading  & Demat Account and handling taxation in India. Anyone can try out their service, with assurance, that you would never return empty-handed.

Last updated on 17th May 2019



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