How to Invest in IPOs Online

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How to Invest in IPOs Online

You need to submit an application to apply in Initial public offering (IPO). Now a days, an IPO process is getting more mature day by day. In the past an IPO process was taking 2 months with lots of paperwork. Your application money was blocked for months even though you get the allotment or not. But now the process is much smoother. Now the maximum IPO application is applied online and your money will blocked in your bank account only. Money will deduct from your bank account when you get an allotment else lock of your application money will release on the same day.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail -

  • how to apply in IPOs online?
  • Which institutions support IPO investment?
  • What is ASBA Process?
  • What are the charges to apply in IPOs?
  • How to apply in IPO using UPI?

Online IPO Application FAQ

  • How to apply in an IPO?

      You can apply in an IPO via Online or Offline mode (physical form).

      1. With your netbanking service - ASBA Process.
      2. By submitting physical form to your bank branch.
      3. Brokers who are providing 3-in-1 service like ICICIDirect, Kotak Securities, Axis Direct, HDFC Securities, etc.
      4. By submitting physical form to your broker (Less prefered service).
  • What type of account do I need to invest in IPO?

      To invest in IPOs, you need a bank account and a demat account. To sell the stocks in your holdings post IPO allotment process, you need a trading account.

List of Current and Upcoming IPOs in India Stock Market

  • What is the ASBA process and how its work in IPO investment?

      The full form of the ASBA is "Application Supported by Blocked Amount" procedure. The ASBA provides an alternative mode of payment. The application money remains in the investor's account till finalization of basis of allotment on the issue.

      Process flow to show how ASBA works:

      Online IPO Investment-ASBA Process

      • An IPO investor can apply in IPO using 2 modes.
        • The first mode is electronic application submission via ASBA.
        • The second mode is physical form submission at self-certified syndicate banks (SCSB) branches.
      • After submitting application, self-certified syndicate banks (SCSB’s) will validate it with your PAN number. After validation bank block the fund in investors account.
      • Now this application will upload on the NSE / BSE system via SCSB.
      • After this, the NSE / BSE consolidate all the requests and submit to the registrar.
      • The registrar then completes the allotment process (T* + 9 Days)[T* = Issue close day] and instruct SCSBs about:
        • Success of allotment, transfer money to issuers account, and shares are credited to Investors DP account.
        • Rejected/Unsuccessful application – release money back to investor’s account.
  • How can I apply online in IPO with my bank account?

      Most of the national banks in India provide forms to apply in IPOs. Under ASBA (Application supported Block Amount) facility for applying IPOs, investors can apply in any public/rights issues by using his online bank account.  The list of ASBA participating bank are provided in below section.

      Lets see example how to apply IPO’s using ICICI online banking:

      • Login to with your net banking user id and password.
      • Then go to INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE > Invest Online
      • ICICI Bank Online IPO Investment

      • Then go to tab > IPO Online

        On this page you can see all open IPOs, select the IPO which you want to Invest.

      • ICICI Bank Online IPO Investment

      • You need to select your DP Type – CDSL or NSDL, provide your DP Account#, DP Name, Quantity, Price in Rs and Cut Off Price check box and then click on Submit button.
      • ICICI Bank Online IPO Investment

      • Once you submit, this page direct you to transfer fund in IPO account with the total amount of investment.
      • ICICI Bank Online IPO Investment- Fund Transfer

      • After performing fund processing, you can see status on Order Book. – E-IPO Order Book:
      • ICICI Bank Online IPO Investment- Order Status

      Similar process is available under investment option in online banking site of all major banks like SBI Online, HDFC Bank, AXIS bank, etc.

  • How can I apply in IPOs by submitting application to bank branch office?

      Applying in an IPOs doesn't need a broker. You just need a demat account with any broker. Under ASBA (Application supported Block Amount) facility for applying IPOs, investors can apply in any public/rights issues by using their bank account.

      The steps to apply in IPOs using your bank account are as follows:

      • Go to the NSE / BSE website and check if your bank is part of the ASBA participating bankers to IPO. All major banks are part of this. The list of available ASBA participating bank branches are available on IPO detail webpage.
      • If your bank is part of SCSB, then download the blank IPO Application form. The form is available on same IPO detail webpage.
      • NSE Open IPO Forms Download

      • Fill the downloaded editable PDF with information like name of the applicant, PAN number, demat account number, bid quantity, bid price and other relevant details.
      • IPO Application Forms

        IPO Application Forms

      • Submit the application form at the designated branches of the bank in your town.
      • Find a sample form for applying in IPO. >>Download

      Step by Step guide to invest in IPO by submitting physical application form: >> Guide

  • Which banks provide ASBA facility in India?

      List of Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) for Syndicate ASBA.

      Self Certified Syndicate Banks (SCSBs) for Syndicate ASBA

      Seq # Bank Name
      1 Allahabad Bank
      2 Andhra Bank
      3 Axis Bank
      4 Bank of Baroda
      5 Bank of India
      6 Bank of Maharashtra
      7 Barclays Bank
      8 BNP Paribas
      9 Canara Bank
      10 Central Bank of India
      11 Citibank
      12 City Union Bank
      13 Corporation Bank
      14 DBS Bank
      15 Dena Bank
      16 Deutsche Bank
      17 HDFC Bank
      18 HSBC
      19 ICICI Bank
      20 IDBI Bank
      21 Indian Bank
      22 Indian Overseas Bank
      23 Indusind Bank
      24 ING Vysya Bank
      25 J P Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
      26 Janata Sahakari Bank
      27 Karnataka Bank
      28 Karur Vysya Bank
      29 Kotak Mahindra Bank
      30 Nutan Nagrik Sahakari Bank
      31 Oriental Bank of Commerce
      32 output.txt
      33 Punjab National Bank
      34 Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltdx
      35 South Indian Bank
      36 Standard Chartered Bank
      37 State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
      38 State Bank of Hyderabad
      39 State Bank of India
      40 State Bank of Mysore
      41 State Bank of Patiala
      42 State Bank of Travancore
      43 Syndicate Bank
      44 Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
      45 The Ahmedabad Mercantile Co-Op. Bank
      46 The Federal Bank
      47 The Kalupur Commercial Co-Operative Bank
      48 The Lakshmi Vilas Bank
      49 The Saraswat Co-operative Bank
      50 The Surat Peoples Co-op Bank
      51 UCO Bank
      52 Union Bank of India
      53 United Bank of India
      54 Vijaya Bank
      55 Yes Bank

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  • How can I apply in IPOs online with broker site?

      Currently only brokers who is providing 3-in-1 account are providing this service. As they are part of SCSB. The process to apply in IPOs online is simple and fast.

      Steps to apply IPO online-

      • Login to your account.
      • Go to the IPO page.
      • Select the IPO you would like to apply for.
      • Fill the quantity and price and then submit your request.
      • Allocate the required fund.
      • Check the order book for application number and status.
  • I have an account with the discount broker and want to apply in an IPO, what is the best way to do so?

      As you have a trading and demat account with the discount broker, you need to apply in IPO via ASBA. Log in to netbanking, under investment option, select invest in an IPO. Now you need to provide your demat account number. After allotment, your shares are going to deposit in your demat account. You can sell them from your discount broker trading account.

  • What are the charges to apply in IPOs through a broker?

      Applying in IPOs is completely FREE. You do not pay any fee, charges or taxes to apply for IPO shares.

      However, you have to pay brokerage and taxes when you sell the shares allocated to you through IPO.

  • How can I check IPO allotment status on my broker website?

      The IPO allotment status on broker’s website is updated only after the shares are transferred to your demat account (usually a day before IPO shares listing). The shares in your demat account will then be available to you to sell them on date of listing at the respective exchanges.

      You can check the IPO Allotment Status directly on the broker’s website. Usually, the steps are as follows:

      • Login to your account.
      • Go to IPO page and look for order book column and click on it.
      • Enter the required fields. Click 'View' button.
      • Find the IPO Allotment Status.
  • Can I apply in IPOs using call and trade facility with my broker?

      No, you can not apply in IPO via call and trade facility.

  • What is SME IPOs?

      Stock Exchanges of India NSE And BSE provide separate platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to go public by issuing IPOs  to raise equity capital for their growth and expansion.  These IPOs by SMEs are called SME IPOs.

      Bombay Stock Exchange’s platform for SME IPO is called BSE SME Platform.

      National Stock Exchange’s platform for SME IPO is called NSE EMERGE platform .

      To Apply in SME IPOs you need to use ASBA facility.

Last updated on 30th Jun 2019



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User Comments

2. Jitendra  Feb 6, 2018 8:57:00 AM IST Reply
While applying through ICICI bank, What should be DP name?
2.1. Sanjeev  Feb 8, 2018 9:48:54 AM IST
Hello Jitendra,

DP number is 16 digit number provided to you by your broker. So please refer your welcome kit or contact your broker to get your DP information.
1. Rama Y  Jan 19, 2018 9:36:06 AM IST Reply
Hi ,

Looking to Open an demat account.

1. Delivery purpose
2. Low brokerage
3. Online IPO facility
4. Online Bank Delivery of deviants, IPO refund money etc.
5. Prefer to do online transaction , on call support
6. Email alerts on the transaction from the demat account.

could you please advise and how many days it take to open an account. what are the required documents needed.

3.1. TSB Admin  Jan 19, 2018 9:37:15 AM IST
1. Delivery purpose Zerodha, Upstox provide zero brokerage for delivery, Prostocks Rs 15 per trade.
2. Low brokerage Zero for delivery
3. Online IPO facility IPO need to apply via bank only, no discount broker provide online facility, only bank like ICICI, HDFC provide this facility, but you can apply IPO via any syndicate bank net banking.
4. Online Bank Delivery of deviants, IPO refund money etc. This will be via bank and money will credited directly in your bank account. You need DP account to apply for IPO.
5. Prefer to do online transaction , on call support Zerodha/Upstocks Rs 20 per transaction, Prostocks Rs 10 per transaction.
6. Email alerts on the transaction from the demat account. You will receive EOD contract note on transaction.