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Posted on 15th Nov 2016
by TopShareBrokers Team

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What is Angel Broking ARQ?

ARQ is angel broking online advisory service. ARQ is hyper intelligent investment engine. ARQ uses 'Modern Portfolio Theory' that gives you the best asset allocation advice across major asset classes like equity, gold & debt mutual funds after understanding your portfolio risk and expected return.

ARQ has the capability to analyze the current trends and provide future predictive analysis.

Currently Angel ARQ is providing advisory for equity stocks and Mutual Fund Investment. ARQ can be access via Angel Eye or Angel Trading app. Once you get access of ARQ, you will start getting recommendation or investment advice via SMS service. Follow the recommendation and start investing, no need of fund manager. To avail ARQ service you need to be an Angel customer, Open your trading account and Demat account with Angel and start using free advisory service.

ARQ service is completely free for Angel Customers, it’s not PMS (Portfolio Management Service), so once you receive the recommendation, it’s up to you if you wish to take the call, invest in suggest script.

ARQ Advisory is based on a model whose performance has been optimized to provide recommendations with high outperformance and strike rates. The model has been tested using scientific back-testing and has also been validated based on its track record. The model has been calibrated to take advantage of the upticks in the stocks or mutual funds during an investment period.

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Difference between ARQ Advisory and Traditional Advisory

Difference between ARQ Advisory and Traditional Advisory
Angel ARQ Traditional Advisory
No emotional bias Risk of emotional bias
Advise based on future predicative analysis Advise based on past performance
Completely Machine based or algorithm based, tested with cutting edge technology Fund Manager view, chances of human error and view
Offer Personalize advise on zero cost Not Free
Auto notification to rebalance portfolio No follow up advices

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