6 Reasons to Trade with TradePlusOnline

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TradePlusOnline – An Overview

As we will discover,later on, there are many reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline,and amongst them, a large variety of investment opportunities and low brokerage feature highly at the top.

TradePlusOnline is a brand of Navia Markets Limited. The company was set up as a financial service industry in 1983 and branched into investment services through evolution as:

  • Equity brokers on NSE in the year 1995
  • Depository Participant with NSDL in the year 1997
  • Depository Participant with CSDL in the year 2018
  • Equity Stock Brokers in BSE in the year 2010; and
  • Commodity Brokers on MCX in the year 2009.

Their strong presence in the investment service stems from the absolute transparency in their operations, which has built trust. Incorporating technology to simplify trading and on-time delivery of services have made TradePlusOnline a trusted company to do business with. The sheer integrity with which they carry out their duties has earned them the patronage of 40,000+ clients not just in India, but globally!

TradePlusOnline has its own DP which has a membership with NSDL and has won the Star Performer of the Year award in the years 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

One can make use of TradePlusOnline for opening Demat,and Trading accounts for Foreign Nationals, NRIs, OCIs, and PIOs.They offera number of tools that are available to enhance the user’s trading experience when one transacts over the TradePlusOnline platform.

As the motto for TradePlusOnline goes, there are ‘infinite possibilities’ that open up at your fingertips when you decide to invest through TradePlusOnline.

What Sets TradePlusOnline Apart?

TradePlusOnline is a reputed platform that enjoys a position of great trust. Every client that gets associated with TradePlusOnline reaps fruitful benefits, especially with the integration of latest technology. Apart from this, some of the other significant reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline include:

  1. Lowest Brokerage Fees

    TradePlusOnline offers the lowest refundable brokerage fee amongst all its competitors and players in the industry.Not having to pay high brokerage charges automatically translates to increased savings with TradePlusOnline. The nominal brokerage charges that TradePlusOnline charges are as follows:

    • Flat rate fee of Rs. 99/- per month for carrying out trade in Options, Currency Derivatives,and Commodities each; which is the lowest possible rate in the trade field
    • Flat rate fee of Rs. 799/- per month for carrying out trade in Equity Futures
    • 001% on Equity Intraday trades and free equity delivery trade
    • No ceiling or upper limit on the turnover.
    • Clients get unlimited trade access at zero brokerage.
    • Demat Account AMC cost is a mere Rs. 90/- per annum.

    If in the event that the client does not carry out any trade for a given month, the monthly fee is completely refundable unto the next month.

    You are basically making money through savings made on brokerage,and that’s one of the strongest reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline!

  2. Customer-centric NRI Services

    TradePlusOnline is a great platform for NRIs, OCIs, and PIOs to invest in highly rated Bonds, IPOs, and NFOs. Even Foreign Nationals who are residing in different parts of the world can open Demat and Trading Accounts with TradePlusOnline.

    TradePlusOnline operates over online portals, which means that all the formalities are carried out in a paperless manner, including the investment. Additionally, using the digital platform makes the company faster and more responsive while processing the user’s requests. It cuts out the customer’s hassles, making the process more customer-friendly, especially for the NRIs, OCIs, and PIOs

    The user interface of the desktop website and the mobile application is extremely user-friendly, which means that even if you are not tech savvy, you would still be able to carry out regular trade activities with TradePlusOnline.

  3. Attractive Referral Plan

    By recommending TradePlusOnline, you would be killing two birds with one stone – you will be rescuing your friends and family from using platforms that charge exorbitant brokerage fees, and you will also earn instant cash through for every account that you refer.

    Some of the key highlights of the Referral Scheme operated by TradePlusOnline include:

    • You and your friend can enjoy using the services offered by thebest and most trusted discount brokerage platform available in India
    • You get to save on the high brokerage fee that you would have otherwise had to pay to carry out a trade.
    • Once your friend opens his or her account, they will instantly receive Rs. 500/- as a credit to help kick-start their trading activities.
    • You earn Rs. 500/- per account for the first five accounts referred, and Rs. 1000/- per account starting from the sixth account referred in a quarter.
    • The online portal allows you to keep tabs on the status of your referrals and you receive a notification every time your friend opens an account.
    • If you use the referral scheme effectively, you can earn nearly 1 lakh per quarter simply through referrals!

    The unbelievably great referral program is not only one of the best reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline but also worth sharing the platform with your friends!

  4. High Trade Margin

    Trade margin involves the practice of making use of borrowed funds from the broker so as to trade beyond your regular financial capacity. When you choose TradePlusOnline as your broker, you get a moderately high trade margin including the margins on the DP Stocks. The high trade margin is one of the many pretty good reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline.

    With Trade Online Plus, you get:

    • Delivery leverage that is almost four times the usual
    • Intraday leverage up to 10 times on MIS and nearly 33 times for cover orders
    • Online payment gateway that enables you to transfer funds from more than 25 banks
    • DP-based margin wherein the stock value of your DP account held with TradeOnlinePlus gets added to the Base Capital.
  5. Margin Trade Funding

    With TradePlusOnline, you have better opportunities to invest and participate in margin trade funding. Margin Trade Funding, or MTF, is a process of buying stocks partially through personal finance and partially sponsored by brokers.TradePlus offer up to 4x margin funding in delivery trades. Trade PlusOnline users can carry a delivery position for over 7 days through the payment of a nominal margin amount. To initiate delivery, users have to repay the stock portion that has been funded by the broker. A small interest will be charged on the amount that has been funded. Margin can be paid in the form of cash or MTF approved stock as collateral. MTF not only offers users a greater leverage on stocks but also enables them to diversify their investment portfolio across a wide range of shares and securities while investing a proportionately smaller investment of user’s money. Thus, you can capitalize on market opportunities even if you do not have sufficient cash at hand.

  6. Istant Account Opening

    TradePlusOnline makes use of Digital KYC to verify its clients and is one amongst the few brokers who do make use of D-KYC. Digital KYC fetches client information from the UIDAI (Aadhaar website) and bears a digital signature sourced from e-Mudhra. This mode of verification is not only convenient for the users but is also super quick and efficient. Normally, paper KYC takes a long while, compared to which, Digital KYC takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Plus, the process is much more safe and secure. You could have your new TradeOnlinePlus account in simply 15 minutes!

Services and Trading Tools Available with TradePlusOnline

In addition to these awesome reasons to trade with TradePlusOnline, there are a few other perks that are made available by the company. Some of the durable trading platforms and tools available through TradePlusOnline include:

  1. INFINI Trading Solutions

    INFINI Trading Solutions offer the most exhaustive market analytics, intuitive market information,and practical trading solutions. It is a revitalizing equity and commodity trading experience in EXE, Web and Mobile modes.

  2. INFINI Power

    INFINI Power is an advanced trading platform based on EXE. It combines the fundamental and technical information to offer useful market insights and is definitely a first of its kind of platform. It aids in maximizing profits in the equity and commodity segments and also improves your trading experience.

  3. INFINI Web

    INFINI Web is a brand new web-based trade and analytics platform. It has the powerful features of EXE-based trading and also has some handy analytics on the same.It has a uniquely simple interface, which makes it easy to use. INFINI Web is designed onthe mono screen HTML5 program,and it gives the user the experience of trading on the EXE application with a range ofcustomizable work space options.

  4. INFINI MF – Go Direct

    INFINI MF allows TradePlusOnline clients to invest in Mutual Funds directly. You can boost your returns by 1% per annum on your investments for that year.TradePlusOnline has an array of calculators that will allow you to calculate the returns and savings on your direct investments in mutual funds. It also offers analytics on the performance of the funds, which you can seek out and place orders on to start investing in this lucrative field.

  5. Tradeplus Mobile

    With the internet reaching outto even portable devices such as mobile phones, trading is no longer limited to desktops and laptops.TradePlusOnline recognizes that and has launched theTradeplus Mobile app that offers a one-stop shop and one-touch service all in the palm of your hand. The mobile application does not experience diluted features and has the same speed and tools available as the web app. With the Tradeplus mobile app, all it takes is a tap to gain access to ledger balance, ledger statement, DP holding, open position, DP bill, accrued interest, and account and profile information.


    Neat On Web, or NOW is a secured trading platform that is powered by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Naturally, since the NSE hosts the servers, the transactions carried out via NOW are absolutely safe and secure. The channel may be used to trade in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the NSE. NOW is available at no extra cost over the EXE, web, and mobile versions of TradePlusOnlineto participate in the trading activities in equity, equity derivatives, and currency derivatives segment.

  7. INFINI Trader

    INFINI Trader is backed by Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and may be used exclusively for trading in the commodity segment. All the numerous tools and features are available free of cost and comprise of a robust trading system.

  8. AHA!

    AHA! Is the analytics tool brought to you by TradePlusOnline and is best suited for intraday traders. It offers gainful insights to maximize profits and helps you make use of smarter trading practices and initiates wiser investments.TradePlusOnline’s AHA! is still in its developmental stage and will bring about a pivotal change in trade in India.

  9. Alert Management System

    Trade PlusOnline’s AMS or alert management system gives its clients the edge over the others when it comes to trading. Using this tool, you can stay abreast with all the pricing and events that could affect the pricing. This proactive alert management system will not only keep you updated on the market trends but will also help you make wise investments.

Final Verdict

This elaborate list of reasons to trade with TradePlusOnlineis rather self-explanatory as to why you can be assured of premium customer experience with TradePlusOnline. The platform features as one of the top discount brokers in India with gushing reviews from the users on Google. The high rating is a testament to the quick and effective customer care service and comfort while trading through TradePlusOnline. They have maintained the trust and quality services since 1983 and have made quite a mark in the brokerage and trade industry.

Apart from the formidable reputation, it is also the assimilation of technological advancements that sets TradePlusOnline apart. It is a singular destination for all those interested in trading. It is the best platform to stay updated on the latest and intuitive trends in the share market. From offering eye-opening stats and tips to offering guidance to beginners – TradePlusOnline offers it all without weighing on your pockets. The nearly negligible brokerage charge enhances the productivity of the website.TradePlusOnline is one amongst the few trusted leading discount brokerage platforms that offers absolute value for money experience in the trade market.

Last updated on 29th Nov 2018



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