5 Things you need to know as online investor

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Huge losses have been incurred by many inexperienced and non-volatile traders over the years. So as to make one more aware about gaining profits and "making gold out of copper" while trading, we have come up with a few things that will be very beneficial for the traders to have knowledge about while investing online. The following are a few golden tips that can help entrepreneurs and individuals to gain success in the world of trading:

1. Start Small & Stay Diversified:

One cannot become a millionaire just in a span of a few days, so investing a huge sum of money can prove lethal for you, as a first timer while trading. According to us one should always start fresh with a small amount of money because it will be hassle-free and will be easy to keep track of the amount one invested. As your confidence boosts up, gradually increase the amount of money, don't just chuck in a huge amount of money at once. Many Investors tend to concentrate on large-cap Stocks, They should make up part of your portfolio, but should not be all of it. Investors should have to plan a well-balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds, ETF, Mutual Funds, IPO and cash. Plan well and invest in different holdings rather than keeping it in a single format.

2. Judge the final cost:

An important thing that needs to be discussed here is that as online share brokers trading costs are lower compared to that of full-service brokers, one still needs to take care of the fact that brokerage charges may add up if one does a lot of buying and selling. Considering other transaction and taxes in one's own profit margin comes up as a good deed while trading online. One should keep in mind and should properly think what tax and other miscellaneous charges can add up while large scale trading. Judging the cost comes up as a tool to improve the profit margin by "n" number of times.

3. Choose the correct type of orders:

With Online share brokers, you need to trade your order by yourself, in such case you need to learn how to use available tools effectively so as to utilize the maximum available feature of the tools. Here are three "orders" that you should use to your advantage:

  • MARKET ORDER is an instruction to buy or sell a specified amount of a stock (or other security) at the current market price. You are buying and selling stocks on Market prices if buyer or sellers are available. The advantage of a market order is guaranteed expectation of order.
  • LIMIT ORDER is an instruction which allows us to define a limit to Buy or Sell a stock.it allows a share to buy or sell on a specific price. Buy limit order can be executed only on a lower price, and a sell limit order can be executed only on high price. Limit orders are not guaranteed.
  • STOP LOSS ORDER sets a sell price for a broker. When the price of the share drops below this level, it automatically does the transactions.

Also: Take some time out to learn more about "cover orders," "bracket orders" and "good till canceled" orders.

4. Problems are inevitable:

As we are moving forward to online brokerage, trading online is not a "kids play" or a "one man show". In certain circumstances, one is not able to access their account or can land into a certain problem that can lead a person to be away from trading when a major move takes place in the market. Unforeseeable things such as technical damage, internet issues can probably make you fuss about it but don't worry we have got your back and in such cases, it's a good practice to know alternative trading options about your brokers, things like call and trade become useful here!.

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5. Information is power:

Try to gain as much information as possible because you'll be investing your money on the individual stocks that are available in the market, so it becomes a duty that you need to update yourself about the company's portfolio and keep cruising through new facts. Don't rely much upon the news before investing in the market as sometimes it may create chaos. Take advantage of the free services such as automatic messages that provide you information regarding your shares when needed. Do some wholesome research before investing your money in the market and don't always go for the hot shares based upon the hype created in the stock world.

6. Control your emotions:

People these days tend to lose there calm and get flowed down by their emotional spree, one needs to keep track upon their emotions and not lose hope. Keeping calm makes a person's thinking ability easy and keeps them out of stress. There should be no place of panic and greed in a person's trading calculations because of this one can lose a decent amount of money in the market. It is because of the excitement and euphoria that one tends to invest in a particular stock at first and later regretting it. So as to minimize your loss, keep yourself stress-free and approach logically and less emotionally while trading.

7. Study your success and failure:

Success and failure are a part of online trading, don't lose hope if you ever have a loss while trading, take it as a step to make your future in trading successfully. Try to maintain a record of your past investment and your current investment and check at which place you went a little offside and try not to make any mistakes in your calculations and trading methods because even though it counts up as a silly mistake huge losses can be incurred due to this negligence.


Online Investment is not art its future of Investment, you need to be smart and take your own decision. The factors which are considered the most are Investment Cost and Return on investments. One must always plan their investment with Stop Loss, so in case one's judgment is not correct they will exit the script with minimum losses. Always invest in Equity SIP or in small size so that one can average their buying cost.

With this, we come towards the end of this article and we hope that this somehow helps you to get a good profit margin while trading online. Whenever trading or investing in the market keep the above-mentioned points in your mind.

Last updated on 11th Jun 2019



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1. Devendra Kumar  12/24/2018 1:11:03 PM Reply
Nice Article, Never trust on Tips. The market is changing its direction on each and every news, so keep eye on each market condition. Always play for a long-term investment with stop loss.

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