5 Reasons to Invest with AngelBee A Mutual Fund Platform

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About Angel BEE

Angel Broking bears a formidable reputation in the field of retail broking in India and has a longstanding history of facilitating customers reach their investment goals. It has a strong presence in over 900 cities spanning over a period of more than two decades. Angel Broking is a highly respected Indian wealth management and stock-broking house with a large base of devoted customers. Angel Broking has helped its users immensely in wealth creation and in the pursuit of the same goal, the company released the AngelBee app to offer its expertise while customers are on the go. With AngelBee, it appears that the company has finally managed to make a breakthrough in the field of Mutual Funds.

Angel Bees was set up under the aegis of Angel Broking House and it aims at becoming an instant and paperless medium to invest in the Mutual Funds. The app offers personalized solutions to allow customers to grow and diversify their investment portfolio. Through AngelBee users can quickly and easily invest in the Mutual Fund. The app takes a mere 60 seconds to set up and you can have all the investment opportunities right at your fingertips.

On Angel Bee Review, the users are enjoying Angel Bee App, The app is really easy to use and have complete features for Mutual Fund Investors. The users are happy to start Online SIP with Angel Bee and given very positive review comments. Its giving good opportunity for liquid funds investors in a hassle-free manner, withdrawal of fund is also possible in few clicks. The users have given 4.1 rating out of 5 on Google play store.

A wise investor knows that the popularity of the firm is what drives the success of a company. However, in addition to the recognition, there are many other 5 reasons to invest with AngelBee, some of which are highlighted below:

5 Reasons to Invest with AngelBee

The mobile-based application, AngelBee, allows investors to map out their personal financial targets and goals while simultaneously allowing them to diversify their portfolio. Some of the key highlights of the app, which act as reasons to invest with AngelBee are mentioned below:

    1.Keeping it Simple

    The AngelBee platform went live when it was understood that there needs to be a simple interface for users to invest. With the investor becoming smarter and more demanding, they were looking for simple ways to put their money in the Mutual Funds without having to spend an inordinate amount of time to track the performance or go through the reviews of various schemes. With AngelBee, users can have all their mutual funds investment information in one spot and they may review or strategies at any time and anywhere.

    Using the Angel Bees app, you can invest in mutual funds either through a systematic investment plan (SIP) or on a lump sum basis. Through lump sum investment you can make a one-time investment in Mutual funds while on the other hand SIP allows you to invest small amounts at regular intervals (whether monthly or quarterly). Just choose from the list highly rated scheme and make the investment through whichever mode - lump sum or SIP.

    2.Paperless Account Opening in 60 Seconds (Hassle-free Experience)

    The AngelBee app allows users to create an account within 60 seconds and comes with a seamless, unified interface that makes it easier to manage your finances. In fact, the file size is a mere 20 MB; however, it can hold a wealth of information related to your bank holdings, savings, expenses, and investments through the application. Furthermore, since the entire process is carried out online, it does not require any paperwork, which greatly expedites the entire process. With AngelBee users no longer have to wait endlessly to get the approvals on time. The process of e-KYC is carried out swiftly and users can have their account up and running in minutes.

    3.Client Level Personalization via ARQ

    Different clients have different risk appetites and investment capacity. Similarly, they also have different wealth management plans and financial goals. Thus, AngelBee offers clients to set their own goals and plan according to their budget. Furthermore, the app offers guidance on how you can achieve your goals quickly. These suggestions are powered by ARQ, a hyper-intelligent investment engine that is native to AngelBee. ARQ is an algorithm-based artificial intelligence that is based on a robust database and makes use of cognitive technology to recommend investments. It has the capacity to advise across various asset classes including debt, gold, and equity. All decisions are made in accordance with the Modern Portfolio Theory to maximize wealth as per the individual’s investment behavior.

    4.Free Investment - No Fee - No Charges

    The biggest reason to invest with AngelBee is the fact that Angel BEE does not charge any user fee. All your mutual fund investment is Free, your service provider will not charge any commission or fee from you. Users no longer have to shell out money as Annual Maintenance Charge and their entire investment is directed into the scheme selected by the customer. Apart from zero AMC, the zero fees are quite an attractive reason to invest with Angel Bees.

    5.Mutua Fund account as Bank Savings Account

    Big Savings Account – With AngelBee if you have invested your money in Liquid funds, you can use this as your saving account with high return. You can withdraw cash any time as per your emergency requirements. The Withdraw Fund will be available in your bank account instantly or max 30 minutes. Rs 50,000 will be credited to your account instantly and the reaming amount will be credited in next working days.

    This is similar to keeping your funds in a bank account and get a higher return than regular bank interest. Usually, Bank will give you 3 to 4 % return in your saving account where Liquid funds will give you 5 to 7% returns. So you can park all your extra cash in AngelBee liquid funds and get money back in 1-day notice when required. There is no lock-in period for investment in liquid funds.


Backed by a reliable name such as Angel Broking, the AngelBee app is the perfect platform for individuals who have a vision of Investment and require aid for investment in mutual funds. Additionally, given the user-friendly layout of the app where all the features are clearly defined and made available, even beginners and non-clients of Angel Broking can comprehend the terms and make full use of these features. The ARQ-driven investment engine can definitely help by making useful recommendations and in the process bring the user expectations and goals in line with their investments so that these plans can be more actionable.

Last updated on 30th Jul 2019



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  1. How to open an account with AngelBee?

    Opening an account with the Angel Bee app is as simple as it gets. It is entirely a do-it-yourself (DIY) process that takes just 60 seconds. All you need is a set of scanned documents and basic user information (such as a contact number and email address) necessary to create an investor profile.

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  2. What are the document requirements?

    For a hassle-free experience, Angel Bee has a paperless medium to instantly get user account up and running. To authenticate your profile, you will need the following documents.

    • Adhaar Card
    • PAN Card
    • Cancelled Cheque

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  3. Can I start SIP with AngelBee?

    Yes, SIP or Systematic Investment Plan allows users to invest a fixed amount every month or every quarter. SIPs give you the advantage of price averaging. You can invest as low as Rs. 500 to get started with investments in SIPs with AngelBee.

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  4. Does Angel Bee allow Direct Mutual Fund Plans?

    No, Angel Bees only offers Regular Mutual Funds Plan. Maybe in future they will start offering of Direct Mutual Fund Plans.

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  5. What is Big Savings Account 24*7?

    Big Savings Account is a different product of AngelBee Liquid fund investment, where this investment will work like your Bank Saving Account. This account offers a return of 6-8% and users can withdraw cash 24x7, so your idle money can also accrue some interest. The capping on withdrawal is limited at 90% of the corpus or Rs. 50,000, whichever is lower. The transfer takes place within 30 minutes and if the amount exceeds 90% or Rs 50,000, the amount will reflect in your bank account on the following working day.

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  6. What are the Angel Bee charges?

    Angel Bee is a Free Mutual Fund Investment platform by Angel Broking. There are no charges from the company to use Angel Bee Services. The Company will get commission from Mutual Fund AMC’s.

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  7. Do I need Angel Broking Trading or Demat Account to use AngelBee?

    No, AngelBee is a separate platform from Angel Broking, so you don’t need angel broking trading or demat account.

    On Angel Bee Review, the users are enjoying Angel Bee App, The app is really easy to use and have complete features for Mutual Fund Investors. The users are happy to start Online SIP with Angel Bee and given very positive review comments. Its giving good opportunity for liquid fund investors in a hassle-free manner, withdrawal of funds is also possible in few clicks. The users have given 4.1 rating out of 5 on Google play store.

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  8. How to download AngelBee Mobile App?

    You can download the AngelBee Mobile App from Google Play Store. Link to download the AngelBee Mobile App - Click

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  9. Can Angel Bees help save on taxes?

    Yes, through Angel Bees, you can save considerably on taxes up to Rs. 45,000 through an investment of Rs. 1,50,000 in the ELSS funds.  Users may invest an amount larger than Rs. 1,50,000 but the tax saving component is restricted to a maximum of Rs. 46,250.

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