20 Reasons to Trade with HDFC Securities

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Trading is gaining popularity and activity in a full pace in Indian share markets. As a result, the demand of the brokering industries and online financial houses are accelerating. In the era of digitalization, we already have had a number of online platforms and applications that present the complexity and aspects of trade in a convenient way to the common people. With newly emerged broker houses people, are gathering the essence of trading. And behind this effort, lies the contribution of the HDFC Securities.


HDFC securities are the second rank holder in the run of “Best e-Broker House”. Well accompanied with state-of-art outlook and molded with passion and innovative approaches and policies. It has both the retailer and institutional perspective in Brokering services and is established firmly all over India with 250+ branches. Their demand is constantly on a hike, which is evident from the fact that, HDFC already maintains 1.5 million active customers till the date. The most positive display of this institution is surely their flawless rating which is 4 out of 5.


HDFC securities have got some serious beneficiary features to offer their valued customers. Its preferences have increased highly in the recent days, due to reshaping their policies with the blend of modernization and keeping in view, what the customers want from them. There are certain reasons that paved their way for better ratings. Best 20+ reasons for it are as follows:

  1. Impressive 3-in-1 account

    They offer a quite impressive 3-in-1 account for availing their customers with secure, convenient and seamless trading, which is a unique side of course. The three accounts, of which the merge of accounts are made are- HDFC Securities trading Account, HDFC Bank Account and HDFC securities Demat account.

  2. Utmost modernized platform

    For having faster, simpler and convenient trading experience by the customers, they concentrate on providing a next-generation trading platform, which already has gained 4.5 out of 5 ratings.

  3. The system of terminal BLINK

    To ensure speedy and lightning fast stock placements, HDFC braced their platform with terminal BLINK.

  4. Google App Facility HDFC

    has developed their own Android app for facilitating fluency for remote trade and stock manipulation.

  5. Eye catchy economical stats

    Their demand can easily be noticed from the following stats- 1,800,000+ satisfied customers, 500,000+ times mobile app downloaded, 400,000,000+ numbers of trade and they possess over 30 products for trading.

  6. Completely free Call and Trade

    Another important issue that attracted so many customers were the Free Call and trade option.

  7. Availability of NRI benefits

    They offer advanced facilities for the NRIs too, which made them famous, even outside India.

  8. Faster surfing through the global economy

    Now you can Surf through trades, 40% faster than ever by the means of HDFC app.

  9. Wider availability on different platforms

    Customers can now install the app anywhere and everywhere, since it’s available, even on the last version too, of iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

  10. Fast response to customer call

    When you are willing to have an account with them and tell them so, you would be called at once within the next 48 hours for further guidance.

  11. High profile security for their customers

    HDFC securities, never compromise with the security issues of their customers, for which they employed 128-bit encryption technology.

  12. Privacy concerns

    They believe and value the sensitivity of their customer’s privacy. It made them facilitate a separate bunch of private and end-to-end secure, dedicated contact numbers for phone call trade as well as for customer care.

  13. Strong authentication

    To prevent any misunderstanding or eradicate any technical errors, HDFC always sends a final conformational email, before initiating any trade.

  14. Provision of day trading features

    They have well-patronized day trading for two different segments- NSE and BSE.

  15. One time account opening charge

    For the advanced 3-in-1 account opening, HDFC charges a minimal amount of Rs 999 only.

  16. The 5-in-1 screen features

    With the blink software, specially designed for the pro and heavy traders, customers can now manage 5 different market scenarios within one screen.

  17. Transactions are made seamless

    They value the time of their customers and as so, they minimize the time loss, as much as they can, by integrating the customer’s accounts.

  18. Easy on the beginners

    The HDFC securities tend to be set up, as a beginner friendly opportunity. The easiest interfaces and simplicity in trade policy is a landmark for them.

  19. Reach across India

    In spite of being the leading full-service broker of India, ICICI is inferior HDFC in perspective of no. Branches and as so in respect to reaching across India.

  20. Brokerage Calculator

    When you want to know the profit margin and the best risk-free returns, HDFC brokerage calculator will be of the first priority. Being a full-time service broker, their information churning procedure progresses through measured approach.

  21. Deep fundamental analysis

    For maintenance of a completely pre-planned and transparent trade, you might need to research and analyze the past few year’s stats. HDFC securities app, lets you dive deep and look over the past 20 years market history.

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Being the second most demanded full-broker house, HDFC securities has got loads of affirmative products that are of benefit to their customers in different ways. Ranging from Equities & Derivatives in various segments to Inflation Indexed National Savings Securities-Cumulative (IINSS-C), everywhere it has an equal grip with confidence. They have their full strength and all-around knowledge around this platform since many years. They have diverged into many platforms, so their market analysis and periodic reports can be blindly-trusted. Let’s have a close look over the products they are presenting


    HDFC Securities has different segments for their customers to invest in, which is prior to the seamless transaction and fast liquidity and trailing. You can invest in IPOs, DIYSIPs, ETFs, and others. Anyone is also liable for Equity Intraday broking, Futures, Options all for just minimal charges ranging from 0.05% to 0.5%. You will be availed to a wide 4 in 1 trading account and reliable tools to nurture your invested portfolios. There is no time bounding that would prevent your prompt action in trading. Just begin monitoring the price movements and go for the trading. The traders or investors are the own bosses and would get to manage and customize multiple portfolios of all asset classes. You need not to take worries as our highly expert team will churn the market research reports for you to proceed freely.

    Moreover, now anyone can feel free to have a trade from any of their selected platforms, since HDFC securities have already made it available to their customers to access their portfolios, via an online portal, trading account, mobile app, LITs and Call-n-Trade option.


    Mutual funds are one of the favorite areas for the investors to have their money settled on. It actually works by pooling money haphazardly from equities or debt markets, that were invested by different investors. Their diversified nature tends to lessen the risk factors for the traders. With even more diverse choices for investments in Mutual Funds, traders can prefer either of the following services- ELSS, SIP, Privileges etc. HDFC has serious advantages over the other firms, from the following perspectives:

    • There is a convenience for you to initialize your investments from anywhere and at any time via net banking system of HDFC securities.
    • Before even, the cut-off time, you will be handed over with NAV for purchase on the same day and also the same for redemption and switching transaction.
    • Customers would now get benefitted from even RBIs and 54EC Bonds.
    • Another feature linked to HDFC Loan Against securities, tends to liquidate your investments even without selling them.

    So certainly, there are quite good reasons for going with MF of HDFC securities too.


    Not just within India, but for Indians residing abroad, there are attractive schemes from the HDFC securities. The 3-in-1 account opening is just like having knife ran over butter. As per full time broker, there would be some charges for the PIS, one time account opening charges, but that shouldn’t become serious barrier between the relations of HDFC with customer, in establishing a secure channel. Equity and Derivatives trade can be maintained through the following account only. The legal boundaries and specificity makes HDFC the most preferable on the list of NRI services.


    The insurance investments schemes of HDFC securities are bound to attract you. HDFC securities pave the way for the investors to pour their money typically on two different areas of investments- the life insurance and the general insurance. As per you requirements you can opt for the different plans in each of the individual schemes. Like general insurance, you can have your money for home, travel, critical illness, and motor insurance while in the Life insurance you would too get some options. HDFC ensures online purchase and investment option for all of their ERGO insurances, so people just need to surf through and click on the most relevant one.

  5. LOAN

    When you are about to have some supportive funds for instant investments, then there can be no better than the ESOP funding of HDFC securities which is a critical loan version. While holding shares, you might face a shortfall of funds which you need to replenish as soon as you can, then the role of HDFC securities is inevitable. They allow their users to hold the loans in any segments until they can profit in the same. Besides, anyone can opt for any of the personal or other loans. HDFC securities have competitive pricing benefits, and they strictly have transparency in the loan facility, providing stage-by-stage update for the customers.


Its fact that, being a full-brokerage house, HDFC has got some serious uniqueness that makes it the first priority to get chosen. There are some unique features that you can find in the parameters of HDFC securities which, braces the facilities provided with them in a manifold of utmost importance and value. The customers find these services delicate and thus choose HDFC for their investment scopes. The features are as follows


    A step-by-step approach to becoming rich with Do it yourself investment policy of HDFC securities. This hybridised SIP investments lest you the grant to have freedom in choosing specific sets of stocks in DIY SIP buckets. Irrespective of given period of time. You can analyse yourself about each stocks and pick out 10 scripts per ETFs for yourself. This investment is special in many respects. With a small footstep, you can secure a huge benefit for your future. For applying to DIY SIP policy via HDFC securities, one doesn’t have to open new demat account and increase their hassle. The already prevailing account is enough to get you registered for it. Due to its freedom in choosing and risk eradications, DIY SIP has already become a dreamed approach for the traders.


    A newly devised investment strategy is Initial Public Offer or IPO. In this policy, any shares of any company is leased and spread in open market for getting reserved by either individual investors or reputated institutions. These IPOs are generally fixed price issues and also sometimes the discovery of its price is determined by the process of Book Building. After all, if you have an access to IPO through HDFC securities then you will certainly be availed with some features as follows:

    • Just a Demat account is enough for a seamless and paperless online application for any IPO.
    • HDFC records the collection of the pricings of those companies only, which provides a better and competitive market pricing for open trade and convenience of the investors.
    • If in any case there are no allotments, your hard invested funds will smoothly find its way back to your bank account. That is there will be no hassle in fund returning.
    • There are three different ways to apply for IPOs through the HDFC securities like- Online application, application via the calling to customer service, or even you can walk in to your nearest HDFC securities branch and apply offline.

    It’s more or less like depositing regularly in a fixed scheme. You invest a certain amount of sum in a periodic way, with pre-decided units and date to build wealth. HDFC took investment to a high profit level, by playing this service. Your funds and ability would not get stressed since you are investing spontaneously in smaller units to achieve your greater goal. The benefits you will be getting from the MF SIP investment policy are as follows:

    • There is no hurry, hassle or jostle in investments as it is up to your convenience to plan your daily submission unit and milestones.
    • If you can show a little gut, by holding on to your strategy even in tough times, then it’s sure that SIP would improve your average cost of holdings, sine this SIP works irrespective of Bulls and Bears situation.
    • The schedule will remain unaffected of time bounds even in volatile conditions, so you need not to worry about timings.
    • Your invested money just doesn’t linger here and there but taken in charge by the expertises. Your risk is thus taken away with them.

    It’s not a thing to be worried about missing any trading signals, even if you are too much busy to have an online look. HDFC Securities has made it easier for their customers. They had made all the notification alerts of present market, via their SMS in return of just 4 Rs per day. Besides they have plans for their customers that will help them purchase this offer for wider time without spending individual day’s money.
    SMS Alerts

    Technical Call Derivatives Calls Combo Calls
    1 Month Rs 249 Rs 200 Rs 375
    3 Months Rs 625 Rs 450 Rs 875
    12 Months Rs 1450 Rs 1050 Rs 1599

    A well-known subsidiary of the renowned HDFC bank, the HDFC securities, who had its establishment back in 2000, has operated and incorporated numerous benefits for the customers they have. Many of their remote customers may not get availed of all the advantages they are rightly giving away. Keeping in mind, the one-touch solution of trading, HDFC devised a means of propagating their trading features easily o single platform. HDFC Securities mobile app was its final outcome. For promoting the app regionally, HDFC Securities planned to incorporate 11 different regional languages besides English. The following factors worked behind the all overrating of this application:

    • Charts like a pie chart, a bar graph for clarified analysis, of Intra-day as well as other technical issue analysis, are provided in an interactive manner.
    • Look into the tips & tricks of investment market environment, churned and full proof research papers from both fundamental and technical sights.
    • Now users can have access to both equity,derivatives and Mutual Funds just with a single click. They would be displayed, all the related facts and details about the former trades whenever anyone accesses them.
    • Simple and easy interface that is bound to turn anybody optimistic towards the results of the app.
    • The app is laced with technologically advanced, portfolio tracker and feature to monitor the trail of real-time price in the share market.
    • The online portal of HDFC has proven its worth in satisfying customer to the fullest.

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It’s beyond doubt, that HDFC securities’ facility left their users with hearts-consent. And it should, because they are very old group of companies who had been ruling in the area since long. HDFC Bank and mutual fund’s reputation has been a plus point in derivation of popularity and organic traffic to their broker house. It seems that HDFC securities have designed their entire infrastructure with productive outlooks. Their comprehensive portal, manifested with experienced and professional trading guides, will help you choose the right path for your brokerage business initiation. And especially if you are in favour of getting a daily updated research reports and market analysis of the current financial situation, there can be no better option than HDFC security themselves. The aforesaid reasons speak itself of their supremacy, that they had been enchanting over the market for so long. Though, it’s not a discount broker, but product and services you get worth paying some extra brokerage.

Last updated on 30th Nov 2018



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