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Reliance has been dominating over different premises of India for long. From technology to the fields of trading and investment, they are constantly expanding their arms over every possible area.Reliance Securities, the broking arm of Reliance Capitals, is presently one of the largest retail broking houses of India. They witness around 7 lakhs of customers and have more than 1700 locations all over India. Reliance Securities has been a corporate member of NSE, BSE, offering trader's access over Equities, Derivatives, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Corporate FDs. Reliance Smart Money is one of their new and consolidated platforms inaugurated in recent days. Reliance Securities has been rebranded as Reliance Smart Money with a complete package for all type of investors which includes Equity Trading, Commodities, Currencies, ETF and Mutual Funds under one platform.

About Reliance Smart Money & Reliance Securities

Founded on 17th June 2005, this young 'neutral financial services marketplace' is the right-hand of Reliance Securities. Emerging as a new player in the market of financial advisory, trade and investments, this multi-product digital platform provides access to Mutual funds, Loans a& Insurances, PMS, Corporate FDs & Bonds, Stocks, SGB, ETF, etc. Reliance Smart possesses a wider vision, which is somewhat distinct in the prevalent market place.

Reliance Securities is a full-service broker, which offers trading to be accomplished in NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NCDEX, NMCE also. Already have a tremendous reputation in the prevalent market, Reliance Securities have got a pretty good number of reasons to have a trade with them. Sophisticated trading platform, diversified margin and payment option for t+5 days, and other convenient aspects are the hallmarks of this Broker house.

10 Reasons to trade with Reliance Smart Money

There are quite a good number of reasons to go with Reliance Securities with for a good and promising trade. Described below, are a few reasons to trade with Reliance Securities:

  1. A neutral financial services marketplace

    A great advantage of going for Reliance Securities is facility to get access to their Reliance Smart money platform, which acts in putting forward all the important aspects together in a bunch. Anything you need to know anytime, just surf in it and you will get all the things answered.

  2. Multiple investment options via single account

    Reliance Securties provides their clients a hassle free option to trade in almost every option available in regular market: Equity, Derivatives, Forex, IPO, MF, Insurance and Commodities, via a single account only. This in turn enhances the account maintenance activity of the traders.

  3. Prominent Customer service

    Without the support of potential customers, no company can make progress. Thus Reliance established a well-organized customer care service so that they can reach every one of their clients in no time. They follow a strict standby time to get back to their customers after they submit any query or tickets or ask for any assistance. Their standby time for Fund transfer and account related information is 2 Business days, while for Demat account re-activation and Account updating they usually take 1 and 3 business days respectively. Reliance Securities render customer service via phone, offline locations (they have over 1700 location all over the peninsula), web assistance, and Web chat.

  4. Research products provision

    They know the importance of pin-point and precise market research report. Properly structures research reports and tips can gradually affect the profit or loss of individual traders. Their main research products are as follows

    • Fundamental call, Trade edge, model portfolio, option strategy related research reports.
    • Pre-market reports
    • F&O calls

    Trading Calls/Short Term Calls ny Reliance Smart Mony

    Sl No Category Product Number of Open Calls Horizon Frequency Return Potential
    1 Fundamental Equity Long Term 40-50 12 Months Monthly 12%-15%
    Baskets (SIP) Research Long Term Quarterly 10%&above
    Stocks in Focus Research Long Term Research Research
    2 R-Model Portfolio Long Term Max 15 calls Long Term Monthly 30%-50%
    3 SIP Long Term Research Long Term Quarterly -
    4 Mutual Funds MF Reckoner 10-15 Recos NA Monthly Avg/Above Avg/High

    Investment Calls/Long Term Calls ny Reliance Smart Mony

    SL No. Category Product Number of Open Calls Horizon Frequency Return Potential
    1 Technical Calls Trade Edge Max 4 calls 1-3Months Fortnightly 10%-30%
    Intraday Max 4 calls 1 Day Daily 1%-3%
    Equity Short Term 8-10 Calls 14 Days 8-10 Calls Monthly 8%-10%
    BTST/STBT Daily Overnight Daily 2%-4%
    Anticipatory Short Term Max 4 Calls 10-12 Days Daily 8%-10%
    2 Option Strategies R-Derivative Max 4 calls 8-10Days Weekly Weekly
    3 Currency Intraday 1-2 Calls 1 Day Daily 0.40%-0.60%
    Momentum 1-2 Calls 2-3 Hours 2-3 Hours 0.30%-0.40%
    POD 1-2 Calls Day Daily 0.5%-0.80%
    Spread Calls 1-2 Calls Day Daily 0.5%-0.80%
    Weekly Calls 1 Calls 2-3 Days Weekly 1%-1.2%
    Short Term Calls 1-2 Calls Till Expiry Monthly 1%1.5
  5. Diverse Brokerage Plans

    Depending on the trading mentality of traders, Reliance Securities have efficiently framed diverse brokerage plans, which will let the traders choose the most suitable for themselves. The plans are as follows:

    • R-Fixed Plan; in this plan the brokerage charges are fixed and not variable with volume. Being the most basic plan, there is a fixed brokerage charge of 0.50% on all of the Delivery. The Intraday and future has 0.05% brokerage charge and Rs 100 flat on per lot execution in Options.
    • R-Fixed Online Plan; seems to be the right fit for those who are smart and don't want to rely upon readily served research reports. A completely revamped package for online traders. In this package, the brokerage on delivery is 0.40%, while for Intraday and Futures its 0.04%. Again the Option lot gets executed on the basis of 100 per lot.
    • RMAX plan; suitable for more professional and advanced traders, this plan has reduced tenure of brokerage charges. I this plan the traders and investors are free to have an active trade by taking their decisions upon informed and exclusive research.
    • R-Flexi Plan; this is the final plan of Reliance Securities, which is somewhat similar to the I-Saver Plan of ICICI Direct. With the increase in the volume of order execution, the brokerage charge will vary inversely. The general brokerage for NSE/BSE ranges from 0.60% to 0.15% respectively for monthly turnover of less than 10 lakhs to more than 2.5 Crore.
  6. Diverse Trading platforms

    One of the most important point in favour of Reliance Securities, are the different advanced trading platform of Reliance Securities. They are as follows:

    • TICK:

      The Tick is an automated, robotic and data analytics based trading platform, which is available on mobile, web, algo as well as a desktop trading platform in the form of EXE. Tick is designed as such to minimize the order wastage and is crafted to provide features like multiple model screeners, real-time based signals and alerts (technical), proper put-call ratio information, rollover costs, and heat maps etc., provision of numerous watch lists for multiple assets within the same screen only. The Tick is available on mobile as a Tick Pro mobile app, having extensive market snapshots, interactive indicators, and charts, options calculator, etc. The app has an update frequency of 6-9 months, which seems a bit lengthy though.

    • Reliance Commodities:

      Reliance, seeing the trader's response to the commodities segment, devised a special app just for commodity trading. Among the other admirable qualities of this app, customizable watch lists, ability to place GTC and GTD orders, MCX, NCDEX real-time charts and provision of live streaming commodity quotes, deserves special mention.

    • Reliance Securities insta-plus:

      Geared up with an advanced interface, Insta-plus is a web-based platform which can be accessed for trading just with input of valid login credentials. Potential traders can easily trade across multiple-asset areas along with features like advanced tips and reports, precise heat maps, sharp market watch and rend matrix.

    • Rmobile express:

      Another, technologically revamped mobile app owned by Reliance Securities is Rmobile express mobile app. This app is featured especially for nurturing through equity, derivative, and currency etc.

  7. Reputated Award Showcase

    Well, everyone looks out for the quality of their own benefits. And for traders, that's exactly what Reliance Securities possess. They are a group having numerous prestigious awards that expose their quality itself. Few of their awards, which shines in their showcase are as follows:

    • 'Good Design Award 2018' reliancesmartmoney.com is globally recognised for design excellence.
    • 'Certificate for Best BFSI brand Award 2018' Recognized by the Economic Times for our excellence in the BFSI sector.
    • 'Best BFSI brand Award 2018' Recognized by the Economic Times for our excellence in the BFSI sector.
    • 'Golden Peacock Award - 2017' Reliance Securities Limited winner of Golden Peacock Award 2017 for Risk Management – Mumbai
    • 'India Smile Challenge 2016' honoured to rank 1st in India Smile Challenge 2016, Give India
    • 'The Economic Times Best Brand Award' recognised for being a excellence in Broking category, 2016
    • 'The Economic Times Best Brands 2016' recognised for being a symbol of excellence in Broking category
    • 'National Stock of India Limited 2015-16' For being among the top performance members in 2015-16, Reliance Securities Limited
    • 'India Smile Challenge' Reliance Securities for ranking no.1 in the India Smile Challenge, Give India
    • 'Central Depository Service (India) Limited 2015' In appreciation of your contribution to 1 crore Demat Accounts opened, CDSl 2015
  8. Mutual Fund Service

    Reliance Smart money displays the Mutual funds being categorized conveniently into 4 distinct for filtering the searches of the potential customers: tax saver MF, 5 Star rated funds, Liquid Funds, Returns above 30%.

  9. Anytime Money card from Reliance

    It would be really convenient if the facilities of having a debit card for withdrawal of money be available for Mutual Fund also. Well, it's now possible with Reliance Anytime Money Card, which gives the investor, access and offers instant liquidity to his maintained fund, anywhere anytime. They will get SMS and E-mail alerts just like the ATM cards.

  10. Smart Step of Reliance

    Reliance knows the value of time maintenance in a market for getting the best possible returns. And that's what led them to make an automated tool for investing the lump sum amount in a chosen scheme. This tool helps in the automated investment of large volume while the market is down and vice versa. It is simply a systematic investment plan which will efficiently guide you to proper investment sequence and timings.

  11. Easy learning module

    Reliance Securities believe in spreading as much knowledge to the newbie in the same premises. Their simple learning module, E-learning course of reliance has been framed by dividing it conveniently it into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Thus, respective level traders get help from the respective module. Their module has a detailed discussion over stock trading jargons as well as a working principle of market dynamics.

  12. Bears lower charges as compared to other Full-service brokers

    There is no denying the fact that, Reliance Securities, has the lowest brokerage charges as compared to other popular full service brokers of India. Reliance Securities have a comparatively affordable budget than ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities.

Final Conclusion on RelianceSmartMoney.com

At the end of our discussion, we can say that, Reliance Smart Money has successfully established their dignity over Indian stock market incorporating already about 8 lakhs active customers. Despite of having the drawbacks like absence of 3-in-1 account, unavailability of 24*7 support and some others, Reliance Securities is no doubt one of the reputed full-service broker. Though for a seasoned investor, it would always suggestive of getting assistance from any discount broker. Otherwise, Reliance Securities, has a much convenient brokerage plan, sophisticated and ultra-modern trading platforms, and much cheaper as compared to other notable brokers of same premises like ICICI Direct and HDFC Securities. Getting attached to reliance group at perfect nick of time would definitely bear sweet fruits in your trading career.

Last updated on 18th May 2019



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