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Last Updated - 2018-05-16

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SAMCO StockNote - SAMCO Securities Mobile App

 SAMCO SmartNote Mobile AppSAMCO StcokNote is an online trading mobile app from SAMCO. The app is designed to keep all type of users i.e new investors as well as professional investors. The design is very slick and the app is very fast to trade. Powered with Giga trading engine, an artificial Intelligence application to provide opportunities, patterns & market trends. The overall user experience for StockNote is positive.

SAMCO StockNote is available on both Android and iOS version. This Mobile App is available for free for registered and non-registered (Guest) customers.

Whats new in SAMCO StockNote Mobile App?

Price Alert:Usually we see Price alerts in all trading apps. With SAMCO StockNote you can take action on your price alerts. i.e you can set actual trade trigger on your price alert which can be based on Price, Volume or % Change. You can set an alert from 1 day to 6-month range. With this new and advanced feature, you need not worry about your alerts and miss any market opportunity. This feature is really great for day traders, so they don’t have to monitor market every minute.

SAMOC Giga Trading Engine: StockNote is not only a trading app, this is also an analytical platform. The Giga Trading engine take inputs from stock market analyze using Artificial Intelligence and produce analytical results in a commonly readable format. This analytical data will helps you to take a real-time decision on your investment.

StockNote Notification: You will get a push notification from StockNote which are relevant to your portfolio.

StockNote trending Notes: It’s very important to keep up to date with market movement. StockNote “What’s Trending” section provide you lates from the market as well as from the fellow traders/investors and keep you up to date on market movement.

StockNotes Advance Chart: Charts are very important to understand the pattern where market/script is going. Advance chart feature allows you to refer historical as well as current data on your fingertips. For in-depth technical analysis, lots of indicators are available in Advance Charts.

The key feature of SAMCO Mobile Trading App are:

  • Custom Market Watch List
  • Trade in equity, derivatives, currency derivatives and commodity from single sign-on.
  • Reports - Order book, trade book, net position, Order history
  • Quick and fast, use low bandwidth
  • One Touch Trading
  • Holding report
  • Advanced Charts and intraday charts
  • Portfolio tracker
  • Set Alerts – with action to do Trade
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • Account info and change settings
  • Real-time streaming quotes
  • Security and digital contract notes
  • Check available limits and total margin on your account

Overall reviews are positive for SAMCO Stock Notes, some users have reported issue with Negative comments, Key issue reported by users are:

  • As this is a more advanced technology with Giga trading, people are getting unwanted push notifications.
  • New application doesn’t have Back-office integrated.
  • The issue with Speed – especially in market opening hrs and square off timing.
  • The issue with fund transfer and limitation on bank list.

SAMCO START – Back office software

SAMCO Start is back office software from SAMCO Securities Ltd. You can login to SAMCO START by link. You can login to your SAMCO STAR to view your trade details, place withdrawal requests and access a whole lot of intelligent market data.

  • Fund Transfer
  • Portfolio – Equity NAV and Commodity NAV
  • Profile
  • Referrals
  • Ledger
  • Reports
    • Trade Book

  • SAMCO Resources
    • SAMCO Pledge Monitor – Top Companies Pledge reports by company management.
    • SAMCO STOCK RATING - A Grade for Every Stock based on the quality of its business fundamentals
    • SAMCO RISK ADVISER - SAMCO Risk Adviser which is built to help Investors manage their Risk better.
    • SAMCO DATA BANK – Company overview and financial Reports.

SAMCO Web Xpress

SAMCO Web Xpress is trading terminal for web trading. This is HTML5 version from OMNESYS NEST. This is a fully functional trading terminal allowing fast execution of orders with real time monitoring. This is the best fit tool for active trader.

Key Feature of SAMOC Web Xpress:

  • You can login on SAMCO Web Xpress via -
  • Single Platform for NSE, BSE.
  • Can Trade in Equity, Derivatives, Currency.
  • Advance Orders - Bracket Order & Trailing Stop loss Order
  • Square Off at Market for Bracket Order.
  • Market Watch – Real Time Refresh of Scripts
  • Buy and Sell Scripts from market watch window on single click

  • My Portfolio
    • Holdings Report – With Buy/Sell Price, Current Price, Avg Price and unrealized Profit/loss, Days Profit/loss.
      • Previous Holdings
      • Today’s Holding
      • Combine Holding

  • Charts
    • 5 Days Intraday Chart
    • 15 Years Historical Chart
    • 60+ Indicators
    • Place Buy or Sell Order from Chart directly

  • Reports
    • Portfolio
    • Fund Transfer – Pay in and Pay Out
    • Trade Reports
    • Back Office reports
    • Research Reports

  • Multi Desktop, Forget password, Password Change, Customization and many more


SAMCO NEST Trader is a desktop base trading terminal from OMNISYS NEST. You can trade in BSE/NSE/MCX. This is a downloadable version or exe based terminal.

Key Feature of SAMOC Web Xpress:

  • Market Watch
  • Snap Quote
    • Best 5 Bid and Ask
    • 52 Wk High and low
    • Open, High, Low

  • Buy and Sell Order
  • Reports

    • Order Book
    • Traded Orders
    • Top N Gainers and Losers
    • Account Balance
    • Net Positions
    • Bulk Trades

  • Options Calculator
  • Advance Charts
    • Intraday Charts
    • Historical Charts

  • Write in Excel
  • Alerts – Set Alerts
  • Bracket Orders
  • Cover Orders
  • After market orders
  • News and Notifications
  • Market Monitor
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