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Edelweiss Trading Platforms Review and Download 2020

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Edelweiss Broking Ltd Trading Platform Review

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Edelweiss Broking Ltd is a part of Edelweiss Group, India’s leading financial service company that offers a complete spectrum of financial products & services to people. Edelweiss Broking offers trading & investment facilities across multiple asset classes i.e. Equity, F&O, mutual funds, fixed income products, currency derivatives and others. It is not just limited to broking services but also provides advisory services to clients.

Edelweiss Trading Platforms

Edelweiss has advanced trading platforms to help users to trade and invest across different asset classes and enjoy unique features i.e. powerful charting, real-time market data, stock screeners, research recommendations, portfolio tracking, portfolio optimizer, and others. 

The Edelweiss Online Trading Platforms are:

  1. Edelweiss Mobile Trader (mobile app)
  2. (web-based trading platform)
  3. Edelweiss Terminal X3 (desktop installable trading platform)

1. Edelweiss Mobile Trader (Mobile App)

It is officially launched Edelweiss mobile trading app. Edelweiss trading app is one of the best trading tool that provides ample of impressive features including but not limited to comprehensive market details, technical data, predefined and custom watch list, advance charting, stock screeners etc.

The key features of Edelweiss mobile trader app are as follows:

  • Comprehensive market details with dedicated sections for various segments i.e. equity, commodity and derivatives
  • Technical indicators of more than 17 popular indicators
  • Complete set of financial data such as sales, profit, market cap, margin ratios, shareholding pattern etc.
  • Predefined watch lists for key market indices and customized watch lists up to 100 stocks.
  • Advance charting feature i.e. candlestick, point & figure, Heiken Ashi Renko, OHLC etc.
  • Historical charting up to the last 10 years and intraday charts up to 1 year.
  • Live streaming of important stock market announcements, company-specific news, result update etc.
  • Instant, seamless and secure fund transfer through UPI.
  • Research recommendations by experts across various asset classes i.e. equity, currency and derivative.
  • Alert and notifications for important market information.
  • Comprehensive reporting with 23 reports i.e. transaction report, cost report, DP bills, holding report, ledger, delayed payment interest, P&L statement etc.
  • Stock screeners to filter stocks on the basis of predefined metrics.
  • Investment in mutual fund and track MF investment.

Edelweiss Mobile Trader Demo

Edelweiss Group has its own youtube channel where from time to time, it uploads different videos of various events, important announcements, expert opinion and guidance about the use of its trading platforms.

Check Edelweiss Mobile App Demo

Edelweiss Mobile Trader Download

Edelweiss app download is available for both android and iOS. You can download Edelweiss Mobile App on Android devices through Google Play Store whereas, on iPhone, it can be downloaded on the App store.

  • To download the Edelweiss online trading app, visit
  • Under the Edelweiss platforms, click on Mobile Trader.
  • Here, you will find both the Google Play store link and App store link to download the mobile app.
  • If you are an android user, then click on Google Play store link while if you are iPhone user, then click on the iOS or app store to download the app.
  • Once app is installed on your mobile, you can use the Edelweiss app anywhere.
  • Another alternative to download the Edelweiss mobile app just gives a missed call on 08030636490.
  • Download Edelweiss Mobile Trader on Android

  • Download Edelweiss Mobile Trader on iOS

2. (Web-Based Platform) is Edelweiss web portal that provides a free online trading platform to trade and invest across various asset classes such as equity, derivatives, commodities, mutual fund, and others.

Key features of Edelweiss online trading portal are listed below:

  • Investment across multiple financial products like equity, commodity, mutual fund, derivatives etc.
  • Portfolio tracking to track your investment progress.
  • Instant fund transfer facility with 24+ registered banks.
  • Portfolio Organizer to manage & track portfolio.
  • Guided portfolio for tax saving, children’s education or other specified goals.
  • Smallcase offers thematic investment product to invest in equity basket of different themes.
  • Reporting features enable users to view different reports such as transaction reports, trade reports, holding reports, P&L and others.

3. Edelweiss Terminal X3 (Installable trading software)

Edelweiss tx3 is officially launched Edelweiss desktop trading software or free share market trading terminal that provides multiple unique features such as advance charting, data analytics, extensive market-relevant information, options calculator, live portfolio, reports and others.

The key features of Edelweiss trading software are listed below:

  • Comprehensive market information across various segments such as equity, futures and options.
  • Advanced charting with 60+ technical indicators and technical charts i.e. Heiken Ashi, Renko, Point & Figure, Kagi etc.
  • Historical EOD reports up to 15 years and intraday charts up to 1 year.
  • Real-time portfolio tracking feature allow users to track live investment performance.
  • Dedicated research section provides stock recommendations by Edelweiss research team.
  • Multiple tools like Options calculator, event calendar, alerts etc.

Edelweiss Terminal X3 Demo (Installable Trading Software)

Edelweiss Group has posted many videos to familiarize users about the multiple features available on Edelweiss Terminal X3. You can also visit its website to check the trading terminal demo about various features such as charting, user interface setting, stock insight, placing a trade and others.

Check Edelweiss Terminal X3 Demo

Edelweiss Terminal X3 Download

You can download Edelweiss trading terminal through company’s website.

Trading Platform FAQs

  1. 1. What is Edelweiss Mobile Trader?

    Edelweiss Mobile Trader is the name of Edelweiss mobile app. The app offers you multiple features including but not limited to comprehensive market data, watch lists, stock screeners, advanced charting and others.

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  2. 2. What is Edelweiss Terminal X3?

    Edelweiss terminal X3 is the desktop software or trading terminal platform offered by Edelweiss Broking that offers you ample of impressive features like data analytics, live portfolio tracking, reporting, options calculator, real-time market data and others.

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  3. 5. Can I check the order placed from website on Edelweiss mobile app?

    Yes, all the 3 trading platforms are synchronized so you can check the order placed from the website on Edelweiss mobile app.

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  4. 6. How can I trade in commodities on Edelweiss?

    If you have already merged your equity and commodity account, then you can use the same app and website to trade in both equity and commodity. However, if you still did not merge your account, then you can download Edelweiss Terminal X3 for Commodities.

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  5. 7. Can I merge equity and commodity trading account at Edelweiss?

    Yes, Edelweiss offers you the facility to merge equity and commodity trading account to provide users a unified experience.

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  6. 8. what are the commodity trading features available on Edelweiss app and web?

    Edelweiss offers you following commodity trading features on Edelweiss Mobile Trader and its website;

    • Dedicated commodity watch-list
    • Trade reports for commdities
    • Live streaming commodity data
    • Trade in both the MCX and NCDEX
    • Comprehensive commodity market information
    • Detailed MCX and NCDEX contracts quotes

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Last Updated on 2020-02-12

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