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Edelweiss Mobile Trader|Desktop-Terminal X3|Review 2019

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Edelweiss Broking Ltd Trading Platform Review

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Mobile Trader - Edelweiss mobile app

Edelweiss  Mobile AppMobile Trader is officially mobile app from Edelweiss. This mobile app has all the features which you need to trade in share marker. Single sign on for trading in equity, currency and derivatives, transfer funds, monitor your portfolio and get expert reserch.

Key feature of Edelweiss Mobile Trading App are:
  • Custom Market Watch List and multiple market watch
  • Trade in equity, derivatives and currency
  • Interactive charts with live streaming
  • Latest News and sentiment alalysis
  • Corporate events
  • Invest in IPOs, Mutual Funds, Debts and Bonds
  • Reports - Order book, trade book, net position, Order history, Corporate actions, Bulk & Block deals
  • Check available limits and total margin on your account
  • Quick and fast, use low bandwidth
  • Holding report and intra-day charts
  • Portfolio tracker, Alerts
  • Instant Fund Transfer
  • Real time streaming quotes
  • Access to security and digital contract notes

Edelweiss Terminal X3 (TX3)

Advance Trading Software from Edelweiss is named as “Terminal X3 (TX3)”. This software is available for Free and has an analytical solution for all traders. With secure, high speed,  super advanced charting, and data analytics TX3 is the most powerful trading terminal in India Stocks market.

Terminal X3 is available in downloadable format and can be download on your machine (Laptop/ Desktop). The platform has

  • Extensive stock market information – Live in-depth market analysis.
  • Advance Charting – 60 + advance technical indicator with 50 years of historical data.
  • Reports and Portfolio.
  • Research Reports – Stock Recommendation from Edelweiss research team are update live.
  • Free Options calculator.
  • Free Demo Vid Tutorial.

Last Updated on 2019-09-02

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