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5paisa Mobile App,Web Trading,TradeStation-Review 2020

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5paisa Capital Ltd Trading Platform Review

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5paisa mobile app

5paisa mobile app is a single sign-on for your trading and investment solution. 5paisa trading app is available in both Android and iOS version. You can trade in Equity cash, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Commodities. The application has advanced research tab available which is free for 15 days. Other than trade you can start Mutual fund investment, Online Mutual Funds SIP, track your portfolio and many more. The company also providing robo advisory and Advance charting tools. 5paisa Mobile App comes under "free trading software" and one of the "best trading software in india" for traders and investors.

The iOS version of 5paisa app can be used on iPad and Apple iPhone. On the review side, 5paisa app review on the android app is 4 out of 5 and 4+out of 5 by iPhone users.

To view 5paisa mobile app demo >>Link

Key feature of 5paisa Mobile Trading App are

  • Real-time streaming quotes.
  • Personalize Watchlist
  • Quick order placement.
  • View your portfolio- Details of position and holding orders, charts, add, exit and conversion option from portfolio screen.
  • Advance Charting- Interactive, multiple charts available with lots of option for better decision making.
  • Order Book- Details of pending and executed orders.

  • Alerts– Set personalize alerts
  • Notifications – Market updates via notifications
  • EasyFund Transferand Management
  • Reports - Margin, Net Position, Holdings, Order book, trade book and many more
  • Advance Research
  • New – market news
  • Margin Calculator
  • Mutual Fund Investment
  • Invest SIP
  • 5paisa app download for android
  • 5paisa app download for iOS

5paisa is using 256-bit SSL encryption which is market standard for security, so all your transaction is secured with 5paisa mobile app.

5paisa TradeStation Desktop Trading

5pasia Tradestation is a downloadable trading platform for desktop. You need to download the trade station on your PC. 5paisa TradeStation is software and can be download from 5paisa website in exe format. To run this software (5paisa exe) on your pc, you need administration access.

On the negative side, we can say, the trading terminal is old technology when the web version or mobile app was not that popular. Now a day’s web version or mobile app is fully loaded with the features which are available in 5pasia trading terminal.

On the positive side, 5paisa trading terminal is a more reliable and robust platform. For professional traders that the preference.

5paisa TradeStation is available for Free of cost to its clients and can be download. To download 5paisa TradeStation >> Link.

The downloaded software exe can be used on Windows PC, desktop, computer, and laptop.

To view “5pasia Tradestation Demo” >>Link

5paisa trade Station is a fully functional trading terminal allowing fast execution of orders with real-time monitoring. This is the best fit tool for the active trader. 5paisa Trade Terminal allows trading in equity, derivatives, currency and commodities on single sign-on as well as allows Mutual Fund Investment. Advance Charts will help you to track the performance of script over a period of time. Trade station has an option for shortcut keys make it user-friendly for active traders. You can get Trading Ideas for equity and derivatives segment. When starting the application, its take some time as its loading few data files, which is bit slow but after that the application run perfectly. 5paisa Trade station is also available Free for its users, most reliable, secure and best trading platform in India.

Key Feature of 5paisa trading platform TradeStation:

  • Market Watch – Real Time Refresh of Scripts, Conditional Market Watch, multiple watchlists.
  • Fast Buy and Fast Sell Scripts from market watch window on single click
  • Basket Order – Bulk order in one go can be placed via file upload feature [.txt or .csv]
  • After Market Orders – the user is allowed to place Buy or Sell orders in nonmarket hrs, such orders are placed in queue till market open.
  • Advanced Charts
  • Reports – Save reports in CSV format.
    • Order Book
    • Trade Book
    • Net Positions
    • Margin
    • Holdings
    • Contract Notes
    • STT Report
  • Fund Transfer – Pay in and pay out on a single click.

5paisa Trade Station Web Trading Platform is 5paisa online trading site. TradeStation is compatible with Chrom, FireFox and IE. This is an easy, fast and secure trading platform on the web. With TradeStation, you can do trade in equity, equity derivatives and currencies derivatives, reporting, Start Mutual fund investment and SIP setup for MF.

Key Feature of 5paisa TradeStation:

  • Details Market Watch – a real-time refresh of scripts
  • Easy Buy and Sell, Place Orders, Modify, Cancel Orders
  • Quotes, Intra-day Charts, Market Picture (Market By Order-Market By Price)
  • Advanced Charts
  • Margin – In this section, you can see how much Margin is required and how much is an available balance.
  • Reports
    • Portfolio
    • Order Book
    • Trade book
    • Net Position Report
  • AMO Orders
  • TMO – Trade Multiple
  • Fund Transfer – Pay in and Pay Out
  • Contact Notes
  • Mutual Fund SIP
  • Mutual Fund Investment and Reports
  • Combined portfolio – Equity and MF

5paisa login to trade

To start trading with 5paisa, you need to open an account. 5paisa is a leading discount broker offer Flat Fee Rs 10 per order. Request for open an account with 5paisa. Once you are done with your account opening process, you will get user id and password over email. Use credentials provided in 5paisa welcome email to login on any of the available trading platform.

5paisa website is an official website from 5paisa. For 5paisa trading login you can log in on "" or "". To start the trade, link for Trade now button is available on the homepage of 5paisa website.

5paisa Trading API

5paisa offers Free Trading API to its user. To access trading API - login > on right-hand profile section > click on Trading API.

5paisa Ledger

All reports are available under the profile section. You can access ledger, Bills & Contracts, Trade Listing Reports, DPC Reports, Approved Scripts details. To access your ledger - login > on right-hand profile section > My Reports > ledger. download

To download TradeStation, you can download exe from "www 5paisa" website >> Link. All latest forms and updated documents are available for download. Use download link on 5paisa website for any change in the account, Account opening form for individual or corporate account, Mutual Fund Account Form, Change Bank Details and so on.

5paisa password change

To change 5paisa password, use the forgot password link given in each trading platform. Change Password process is simple, you need to provide your email id or client code, after that generate OTP and confirm OTP. On confirming OTP, you will get an email from 5paisa to reset your password.

5paisa School

Like Zerodha Varsity, 5paisa also started putting online courses for beginners. An online tutorial is called as 5paisa school. The courses is divide into 5 category - Equity Market, Technical Analysis, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and Taxation. Each subject has multiple courses with multiple chapters. This is good reading for better understand the Indian financial market. Each topic is clearly explained with an example. We recommend beginners to attend each chapter to clearly understand the market insight and terminology used in the market. Video tutorials also available in 5paisa school.

5paisa education courses are available free of cost for everyone, to access 5paisa school >> Link.

5paisa blog

To give more insight about market and updates, 5paisa have blog/ article section where company post regular update from the market and write blogs useful for clients. 5paisa blogs are available for Free and can be accessed by everyone. You don’t need to be 5paisa customer to access this information. To access 5paisa blog >> Link.

5paisa regularly send the weekly digest to its customer for latest updated article list via email. With that, you will always get an update on the most active topics.

5paisa knowledge center/5paisa learning

5paisa support portal is a library of the knowledge center. This has multiple sections, you can take online help in case you have an issue with 5paisa. Maximum questions are answered under the support section under knowledge base. Each question is clearly divided in category for easy tracking. 

The company also post a regular announcement about the product and service. So it’s a good practice to regularly check the updates by your broker to keep updated with recent changes.

You can raise your question, and 5paisa support team will answer your question. That way you can help other clients who are facing a similar issue.

5paisa Order Type

5paisa offers all advance order type in its trading platform or application. You can place After Market Order, Cover Order, Bracket Order, Limit order and Stop Loss Orders.

5paisa AMO

To place After Market Order from

    5paisa Mobile App - Buy/Sell > Advanced > After Market Order (Tick)

    5paisa Web Platform - Market> Place AMO order

Timing for AMO orders are from 4:30 pm to 8:50 am. When you place your order status is shown ad "Requested".

5paisa Bracket Order

3 leg orders - Intraday Position + Stop Loss Order + Profit Objective.

How can I place bracket order with 5paisa?

    5paisa Mobile App - Buy/Sell > Advanced > Bracket Order

    5paisa Web Platfrom - Buy/Sell > Advanced > Bracket Order

5paisa Cover Order

2 leg orders one is initial market order along with a stop loss order. You can limit your losses when you compulsory place stop loss order within a system defined a specified range.

How can I place cover order with 5paisa?

    5paisa Mobile App - Buy/Sell > Advanced > Cover Order

    5paisa Web Platfrom - Buy/Sell > Advanced > Cover Order

With Bracket Order and Cover Order, you are limiting your losses by placing a stop loss order, so 5paisa offer higher margin for CO and BO.

5paisa VTD or GTD order

With 5paisa you can place VTD (Valid Till Date) or GTD (Good Till Date) order. VTD orders are limit orders and can stay in the system until the date defined by you when placing an order (Maximum 45 days). Only delivery orders can place in VTD facility.

5paisa Buyback

To apply in the buyback, 5paisa don’t have an online application. You need to call support team or send email to "[email protected]" to tender your shares in buyback. Zerodha started an online application to apply in the buyback. With that you don’t have to send email to your broker to tender your shares, you can apply in buyback online.

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Last Updated on 2020-01-06

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