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5paisa Trading Platforms Review and Download 2020

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5paisa Capital Ltd Trading Platform Review

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5paisa Capital Ltd,India’s 2nd largest discount broker facilitates trading & investment across equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, mutual funds, insurance, loans, and others. The flat brokerage fee of just Rs. 20/per trade across all segments attracts a large number of audiences to open an account with 5paisa. The online discount broker offers powerful, innovative, and technically advanced online trading platforms. Customers can trade with 5paisa through either mobile trading application, browser-based platform and trading software. 5paisa Mobile app allows people to trade from anywhere on their fingertips and make trading simpler and easier. Trade Station Web is its online web trading platform and Trader Station EXE is the desktop trading software. The broker provides feature-rich trading platforms such as advanced charting, custom watchlist, fast trade execution, seamless navigation across all the investment products, and many others. The broker further provides an ALGO Trading platform to facilitate automatic trading based on advanced algorithms. Get the complete details about 5paisa Trading Platforms review and download aspects.

5paisa Trading Platforms and Tools

5paisa offers all kinds of trading platforms to provide convenience to users in every possible way. Its online trading platforms and tools include the following;

  1. 5paisa Mobile Trading Application
  2. 5paisa Trade Station Web (Browser-based trading platform)
  3. 5paisa Trade Station EXE (Trading Software or Trading Terminal)
  4. 5paisa Algo Trading
  5. 5paisa Robo Advisory

1. 5paisa Mobile Trading App

In today’s era, a mobile trading application is one of the most popular trading platforms that facilities people to trade-on-the-go. 5paisa mobile app is a single app to invest in stocks, F&O, commodity, currency, mutual funds, insurance, loans, etc. 5paisa app further offers various research products through the in-built integration with MarketSmith India to offer Algo Trading and Swing Trading facilities. The app is compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones. The 5paisa mobile trading app is awarded as the Best Mobile Trading App in 2018. The world-class mobile trading application by 5paisa comes with several unique features such as;

  • All-in-one means a single mobile application to trade & invest in stocks, derivatives, commodities, currency, IPO, mutual funds, bonds, etc.
  • The mobile app has a simple, sleek, and intuitive user interface.
  • Multiple watchlist feature enables users to create up to 3 watchlists with a maximum of 50 scrips in each of them.
  • 5paisa Auto-Investor facility enables people to avail of advisory services or creates a customize MF portfolio.
  • Get real-time market quotes for stocks and indices.
  • Fast and seamless trade execution through single-click trade.
  • Stocks technical and fundamental analysis through Heatmaps, technical charting, and indicators.
  • Get a quick update about market movers, 52 weeks high & low, Volume Toppers, Gainers & Losers, etc.
  • Thematic investing with 5paisa through Smallcase to invest in a long-term diversified portfolio.
  • Users can also avail instant paperless personal loans through the mobile app.
  • Easy fund transfer on 5paisa App through net banking or UPI
  • Access the industry’s best research such as Smart Investor, Swing Trader, Sensibull, Screeners, etc.
  • Set price alerts for instant updates and notification on your phone.
  • Secure account access allows people to manage their investment, holdings & position safely.
  • 5paisa Forum feature facilitates users to interact with minded investors to gain market insight.
  • The app also allows direct access to 5paisa customer care channels via chat or telephone.

5paisa Mobile Trading App Demo

    The 5paisa app demo gives you a quick and thorough update about various application features. On the 5paisa’s YouTube channel, you can easily find a number of videos on various app features such as create watchlist, order placement, check portfolio holdings & positions, buy & sell stocks, etc. Here is the link of the playlist where one can check all such videos.

    5paisa Mobile App Demo

5paisa Mobile Trading App Download

    The app is downloadable on Android and App Store. Users can download the 5paisa mobile app on their mobile device to trade on your fingertips. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store whereas iOS users (iPhone and iPad) can install the app from the App Store.

    5paisa Mobile App Download on Android

    5paisa Mobile App Download on iOS

2. 5paisa Trade Station Web

It is the 5paisa web-based trading platform that is compatible across browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 5paisa Trade StationWeb is a lightweight, fully loaded online trading platform that is useful for browser-based traders. It is a completely free platform and its unique interface, decent speed, and advanced features attract people to trade with 5paisa. The Trade Station Web by 5paisa comes with superior trading features that are pointed here as follows:

  • Easy navigation across all the trading & investment products and services offered by 5paisa.
  • The user-friendly interface of the Trade Station Web provides a seamless trading experience.
  • Market watch feature provides the real-time market movement of Indian as well as Global Indices.
  • Market Watchlist along with sparklines provides an instant overview of offer rate, bid quantity, open, low and high stock prices, and stock trend. Users can add or delete the stocks from the watchlist anytime as per their choice.
  • A comprehensive dashboard with combined equity & mutual fund portfolio manages all your investment in one place.
  • Easy buying & selling of stocks just on few clicks.
  • Leverage Bracket order and Cover order to target your positions.
  • Clients can place after market orders on the 5paisa Trade Station Web.
  • 20 years of historical data of stocks for the fundamental analysis.
  • Technical analysis through various charts and technical indicators.
  • The online platform presents a consolidated view of your portfolio, positions, and holdings.
  • Market Analytics feature helps users to stay updated with the latest market trends.
  • Access Margin Trading Facility with 5paisa.

5paisa Trade Station Web Demo

    The new Trade Station Web trading platform on is a powerful platform to trade online with the broker. You can check the demo of the trading platform on the broker’s YouTube channel.

    5paisa Web Trading Demo

3. 5paisa Trade Station EXE

Trade Station EXE is the 5paisa desktop trading platform or downloadable trading terminal by 5paisa that is heavily useful for active traders. It is a highly-secured platform, one can install 5paisa trading terminal and unlock a number of advanced features including but not restricted to following;

  • Advanced Watchlist is one of the most impressive features that allow people to create multiple watchlists, link scrips, check real-time data, and create a suitable trading strategy accordingly.
  • 5paisa Multiple orders placement feature helps people to open and close their trades at the desired price.
  • Portfolio tracking and monitoring with real-time market data.
  • Advanced charting tools and indicators help to track stock market trends.
  • Leverage bracket order and cover order facility.
  • Easy and instant fund transfer facility.
  • In-built shortcut keys help active traders to navigate the functions easily.
  • The order slicing feature helps to better discover the price.
  • The trading terminal by 5paisa provides timely notification about upcoming stock market news, announcement, price alerts, and others.
  • Users can also start a SIP for mutual fund investment on the terminal with an additional provision to buy and sell mutual funds.

5paisa Trade Station EXE Download

    If you’re an active trader and want to download the 5paisa trading terminal then you can install it from the 5paisa website.

    Download 5paisa Trading Terminal Download

    There is only a considerable point that is the trading terminal is not available in the iOS version thus mac or iOS users can’t access the software to trade with 5paisa.

5paisa Trade Station EXE Demo

    New and experienced traders can use the 5paisa Trading Terminal or software for online trading with 5paisa. Currently, although 5paisa Trading Terminal Demo is not yet available still client can contact the broker’s customer care team to get the details about its features and usage.

4. 5paisa Algo Trading

5paisa Algo Trading is an automated trading platform based on advanced Algo tools. The platform uses computer programs to examine market data based on several pre-defined parameters. The platform is particularly useful for professional traders who are experienced and well-aware of the risk and return involved in Algo trading. The state-of-art infrastructure and cutting-edge trading platform offer below features:

  • Get access to pre-loaded Algo such as Amibroker, Pivot, Pair/Spread Trading, Jobbing, Pivot, Bulk Buying/Selling, Buy/Sell call, and select the one based on your strategy.
  • Experts’ assistance to conceptualize and code your trading strategy.
  • Design your own strategy, back-test the performance, and deploy it.
  • Seamless integration for quick and direct order placement.
  • Availability of experts’ assistance to get approval for your trading strategy from the exchange.
  • Perform simulation analysis to test your strategy.
  • Get API access for the C++, .NET, Python, and other programming languages.

The algorithm trading mitigates the requirement for human intervention and automates the trading decision and execution process.

5. 5paisa Robo Advisory

5paisa Auto Investor is a trading tool that offers Robo advisory investment facility to customers. Under this facility, clients just need to enter their investment goal, risk profile as per risk assessment test, return expectation, etc. and accordingly, the tool will recommend suitable mutual funds. Thus, the tool allows you to create a personalized mutual fund portfolio. To avail 5paisa Robo advisory services, one needs to follow the below steps;

  • Visit the broker’s website.
  • Under the “Mutual Funds” Tab, select “Investment Advisor”.
  • An Auto Investor page will be displayed, click on the “Get Started” option.
  • Select investment goal whether car, home, retirement, children education, vacation, etc.
  • Enter your investment target and timeframe.
  • Undertake risk profiling test by answering several questions that will help to identify your risk appetite and click on “continue”.
  • Based on your responses, the system will recommend appropriate mutual funds.

5paisa Robo Advisory Demo

You can use any of the trading platforms such as a mobile app, web trading, or trading software to use the 5paisa Auto Investor tool.

5paisa Auto Investor Demo

6. 5paisa Trading APIs

5paisa offers trading APIs to clients to build your own trading terminal and enjoy personalized trading experience. The discount broker doesn’t charge anything and provides free trading API access.

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Trading Platform FAQs

  1. 1. How can I download 5paisa Trading Terminal?

    5paisa Trade Station EXE is the trading terminal offered by the broker that can be installed on the desktop. To download the trading software, follow these steps;

    • Visit 5paisa’s official website.
    • Under the “Stocks” Tab, click on the “Trading Platforms”.
    • A new page will open, scroll down the page and go to the “Trade Station EXE”.
    • Click on “Get EXE” to download the Trade Station and install the software.

    Download 5paisa Trade Station EXE

    Once the terminal is installed on your desktop, you can log in to your account with a client ID and password to trade online with 5paisa.

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  2. 2. How to download 5paisa Mobile Trading App?

    5paisa Mobile App is one of the best mobile apps to trade-in stocks, derivatives, commodities, currency, IPO, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, loans, and research & advisory.

    To download the mobile trading app by 5paisa, follow these steps

    • Visit the broker’s website.
    • Under the “Stocks” Tab, click on the “Trading Platforms”.
    • A new page will open, scroll down the page and go to the “Mobile Trading App”.
    • Android users can download the app by clicking on the “Google Play Store” Link.
    • iOS users can download the mobile app by clicking on the “App Store” Link.

    5paisa Mobile App Download on Android

    5paisa Mobile App Download on iOS

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  3. 3. What is 5paisa API charges?

    5paisa offers API to clients to allow customers to build their own portfolio and track live market movement, execute trade orders, and manage their orders and positions. The online discount broker doesn’t charge any fee means people can get free API access with 5paisa.

    • Visit the broker’s website.
    • Go to “Stocks”, and click on “Trading APIs”
    • A new page will be displayed, scroll down the page and click on “Get Started”
    • Login your account and get API access.

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  4. 4. What is your review of the 5paisa mobile app?

    5paisa mobile app is the industry’s fastest-growing mobile app and awarded with the Best Mobile Trading App in 2018. The mobile app by 5paisa is one single app to trade in stocks, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, MF, insurance, bonds, etc at a flat brokerage fee. It comes with many features i.e. watchlist, advanced charting, auto investor, technical and fundamental analysis, real-time market quotes, and many others. The app with integration with MarketSmith, offers technology-driven research & advisory tools such as Swing Trader, Smart Investor, Screeners, etc. to assist people to make an informed trading decision. The mobile app is downloadable on android as well as iOS devices.

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Last Updated on 2020-04-30

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