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SME IPO Grey Market Premium Today

SME IPO Grey Market Premium Today

SME IPO Grey Market Premium – This report is created to display regular update in SME IPOs GMP. SME IPOs majorly have Subject to Sauda rates as premiume. Subject 2 sauda is also called as "fix" or "Lageli" price. We update Grey Market Premium on regular basis for upcoming and ongoing SME IPOs.

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SME IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO GMP (₹) Subject to Sauda IPO Price Estimated Listing Price IPO Status Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
Earthstahl & Alloys17450004057 (42.50%)Open8-Feb-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience383000072110 (52.78%)Closed30-Jan-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
Gayatri Rubbers and Chemicals3-3033 (10.00%)Open7-Feb-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
DHARNI Capital Services3100002023 (15.00%)Closed31-Jan-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
Transvoy Logistics India26220007197 (36.62%)Closed2-Feb-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
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  • Ducol Organics And Colours221800078100 (28.21%)[email protected]19-Jan-202319-Jan-2023 08:12:49 AM
    Eastern Logica Infoway2-225227 (0.89%)[email protected]17-Jan-202317-Jan-2023 08:09:33 AM
    Chaman Metallics29550003867 (76.32%)[email protected]16-Jan-202316-Jan-2023 08:08:25 AM
    SVS Ventures-4
    -2016 (-20.00%)[email protected]12-Jan-202312-Jan-2023 08:09:42 AM
    Rex Sealing and Packing Industries-8
    -135127 (-5.93%)[email protected]12-Jan-202312-Jan-2023 08:09:31 AM
    Anlon Technology Solutions6060000100160 (60.00%)[email protected]10-Jan-202310-Jan-2023 08:10:55 AM
    RBM Infracon13150003649 (36.11%)[email protected]4-Jan-20234-Jan-2023 08:56:26 AM
    Homesfy Realty25-197222 (12.69%)[email protected]2-Jan-20232-Jan-2023 07:48:56 AM
    Moxsh Overseas Educon2024000153173 (13.07%)[email protected]30-Dec-202230-Dec-2022 08:00:54 AM
    Arihant Academy383800090128 (42.22%)[email protected]29-Dec-202229-Dec-2022 07:50:55 AM
    Uma Converter280003335 (6.06%)[email protected]29-Dec-202229-Dec-2022 07:50:35 AM
    Dollex Agrotech-3-3532 (-8.57%)[email protected]28-Dec-202228-Dec-2022 08:03:15 AM
    Droneacharya Aerial Innovations548500054108 (100.00%)[email protected]23-Dec-202223-Dec-2022 07:55:22 AM
    All E Technologies457000090135 (50.00%)[email protected]21-Dec-202221-Dec-2022 07:53:22 AM
    PNGS Gargi Fashion Jewellery27500003057 (90.00%)[email protected]20-Dec-202220-Dec-2022 12:48:43 PM
    Arham Technology25900004267 (59.52%)[email protected]15-Dec-202215-Dec-2022 08:06:53 AM
    Baheti Recycling521,00,0004597 (115.56%)[email protected]8-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 08:24:55 AM
    Pritika Engineering Components10320002939 (34.48%)[email protected]8-Dec-20228-Dec-2022 08:02:48 AM
    Ambo Agritec9400003039 (30.00%)[email protected]2-Dec-20222-Dec-2022 06:23:19 AM
    Amiable Logistics (India)481800081129 (59.26%)[email protected]16-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 06:53:59 AM
    Technopack PolymersNo GMPNo Trade5555 (0.00%)[email protected]16-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 06:37:16 AM
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