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IPO Grey Market Premium Today

IPO Grey Market Premium Today, Mainboard IPO GMP

Mainboard IPO Grey Market Premium – This report is created to display regular update in Mainboard IPOs GMP. We update Grey Market Premium on regular basis for upcoming and ongoing Mainboard IPOs.

For Mainline IPOs HNI/NII is divided in 2 new categories – Small and big HNIs, we are showing subject 2 sauda/fix/Lageli application price for Retail, Small HNI and BIG HNI category.

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IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO GMP (₹) Subject to Sauda Small HNI S2S Big HNI S2s IPO Price Estimated Listing Price IPO Status Listing Dt GMP Last Updated
Abans Holdings3---270273 (1.11%)[email protected]23-Dec-202223-Dec-2022 07:52:37 AM
Adani EnterprisesNo GMP---32763276 (0.00%)Open8-Feb-202329-Jan-2023 07:00:07 AM
Adani Wilmar23---230253 (10.00%)[email protected]8-Feb-20228-Feb-2022 07:40:19 AM
Aditya Birla AMC35---712747 (4.92%)[email protected]11-Oct-202111-Oct-2021 08:49:07 AM
Aether Industries55---642697 (8.57%)[email protected]3-Jun-20223-Jun-2022 07:21:40 AM
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  • AGS Transact Technologies-6
    ---175169 (-3.43%)[email protected]31-Jan-202231-Jan-2022 07:57:10 AM
    Ami Organics155---610765 (25.41%)[email protected]14-Sep-202114-Sep-2021 09:18:17 AM
    Anand Rathi45---550595 (8.18%)[email protected]14-Dec-202114-Dec-2021 07:53:20 AM
    Angel Broking-5---306301 (-1.63%)[email protected]5-Oct-202030-Sep-2020 10:56:47 PM
    Antony Waste Ltd175---315490 (55.56%)[email protected]1-Jan-202126-Dec-2020 09:29:21 AM
    Anupam Rasayan60---555615 (10.81%)[email protected]24-Mar-202124-Mar-2021 09:14:31 AM
    Aptus Value Housing Finance-12
    ---353341 (-3.40%)[email protected]24-Aug-202124-Aug-2021 09:19:33 AM
    Archean Chemical127---407534 (31.20%)[email protected]21-Nov-202221-Nov-2022 07:53:25 AM
    Bikaji Foods International2150080008000300321 (7.00%)[email protected]16-Nov-202216-Nov-2022 06:51:31 AM
    Burger King43.25---60103.25 (72.08%)[email protected]14-Dec-20209-Dec-2020 08:25:21 AM
    Campus Activewear40Close--292332 (13.70%)[email protected]9-May-20229-May-2022 09:02:44 AM
    CAMS328---12301558 (26.67%)[email protected]1-Oct-202030-Sep-2020 10:57:15 PM
    CarTrade Tech140---16181758 (8.65%)[email protected]20-Aug-202120-Aug-2021 09:12:37 AM
    Chemcon310---340650 (91.18%)[email protected]1-Oct-202030-Sep-2020 10:57:09 PM
    Chemplast Sanmar-15
    ---541526 (-2.77%)[email protected]24-Aug-202124-Aug-2021 09:19:11 AM

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