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HDFC Securities IPO Investment 2023

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HDFC Securities Ltd IPO and Mutual Funds Investment
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  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) means the first-time share issuance to the public in the open market to raise capital. You can invest in IPO with HDFC Securities through either using 3-in-1 account or using HDFC Bank Net banking facilities. The broker offers IPO of three instruments including equity shares, non-convertible debentures, and bonds.

    HDFC Securities IPO investment via ASBA process

    HDFC Bank is one of the Self-certified syndicate banks therefore, allowed to accept IPO applications. You can apply in IPO through ASBA process using HDFC net banking services using the below-mentioned process:

    1. Login to HDFC net banking account with user ID and password.
    2. In the left-side menu, select “IPO application”
    3. Pick the IPO, you want to invest in.
    4. Enter IPO details such as investor status, bid details, cut-off price, name, PAN number etc. and click on proceed.
    5. Check and confirm your IPO order application by accepting the terms & conditions on the disclaimer page.
    6. After submitting the IPO order, the amount will be blocked by the bank and will be debited from your account, once shares are allotted otherwise, the blocked amount will be released.

    IPO Investment with HDFC Securities ASBA process

    If you have 3-in-1 account with the broker including demat + trading + bank account, then you can simply follow 3-step process to invest in IPO. To apply in IPO, you can choose multiple trading platforms such as trading website, mobile app, and call & trade as well.

    • Log into the HDFC securities account.
    • Click on IPO tab and select IPO.
    • Click on Apply action in the IPO, you want to invest in.
    • An IPO application window will appear, chose the investor status whether retail or HNI.
    • Enter details i.e. shares bid for, price per share, applicant name, PAN card number etc.
    • Confirm the order.

    Current and Upcoming IPO's investment with HDFC Securities

    IPO Investment through HDFC Securities using UPI ID

    You can also use UPI ID to apply in IPO with HDFC Bank through following the below mentioned process:

    • Register UPI on Google Pay app by linking your HDFC Bank account.
    • Enter UPI ID in the IPO application and submit the order.
    • You will receive a mandate request on your Google Pay account for blocking the money. Accept the mandate request.
    • On allotment, if you are allotted with shares then the blocked money will be debited, otherwise the blocked funds will be unblocked.

    HDFC Securities IPO Investment Demo

    How to invest in IPO with HDFC Securities Mobile App?

    You can use HDFC securities mobile application to invest in IPO.

    Click here to check HDFC Securities IPO application mobile app demo

    HDFC Securities IPO Allotment Status

    To check the HDFC securities allotment status, follow the below process:

    • Login to the HDFC securities website.
    • Click on IPO, and select Order Book.
    • Check the IPO allotment status.

    The allotted shares will be reflected in your HDFC Securities demat account.

    HDFC Securities IPO Investment Charges

      There are no charges to invest in IPO with HDFC securities however, at the time of shares sell, you’ve to pay the brokerage and taxes applicable.

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    Last Updated on 8th Aug 2022


    Yes, you can apply in IPO using HDFC Securities call & trade services. You just need to call the customer service desk and let them know your IPO application request. As per your request, customer service representative will apply for IPO on your behalf.


    If you have 3-in-1 account with HDFC Securities then you can apply in IPO through the below process:

    • Login HDFC securities account.
    • Click on IPO tab and choose the IPO.
    • Click on Apply action in the IPO.
    • In the IPO application, chose the investor status whether retail or HNI.
    • Enter details i.e. shares bid for, price per share, applicant name, PAN card number etc.
    • Confirm the order.


    You can check IPO allotment status by login with your HDFC Securities account. Click on Order Book in the IPO tab and check the status. If you’re allotted with shares, then it will reflect to your demat account however, on the other side, if shares are not allotted then, you will get the refund of blocked money.


    To bid for buyback on HDFC Securities, one can easily apply on its trading platforms, mPowered and Call ‘N’ Trade. On mPowered, you can apply for buyback by logging into your account. Here go to Equity > Buyback > Dashboard. On Call ‘N’ Trade you can place buyback orders through a centralized dealing desk at 33553366 (prefix local code).


    One can invest in an IPO through HDFC Securities 3-in-1 account or through HDFC Bank Net banking facility. Investors have the option to apply in IPOs through the HDFC Securities Trading platform, its mobile app, or can apply by visiting any of its branch offices.

    When you apply for an IPO from HDFC Security, you just need to select IPO, bid size, price, and submit the application. Your demat info, payment details will be linked with your bank account and HDFC internal process will take care of all.  (Subject to availability of fund)


    To apply for the right issue, you need to hold shares in dematerialized form on the record date and have applied for entitlements and additional shares in the issue in dematerialized form. Then you can apply for the right issue through your demat account via ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) facility.