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SBI Mutual Fund and AMC Review 2021

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 AMC Review

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SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. sponsored by State Bank of India, is one of the largest investment management firms in India, managing investment mandates of over 5.4 million investors (As of 31 March 2017). SBI Mutual Fund is a Joint Venture between SBI and AMUNDI (France), leading fund management companies. The fund house’s objective is to understand investor's requirements and terms of risk / return expectations and suggest customized asset portfolio recommendations.

SBI Funds Management has emerged as one of the largest player in India advising various financial institutions, pension funds, and local and international asset management companies.

The fund house provides an integrated end-to-end customized asset management solution for institutions in terms of advisory service, discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services. The company has 57,004 AMFI certified Agents (As of March 2017) and 167 branches spread all over India and 1 overseas Point of Presence. SBI Funds Management was the 1st bank sponsored asset management company to launch an offshore fund called SBI Resurgent India Opportunities Fund. The AMC also offer alternate asset investment products through Alternative Investment Funds.SBI Mutual Fund manages 45 open ended and 101 close ended schemes and 01 interval scheme.

SBI Funds Management is engaged in offering:

  • Mutual Funds service
  • Portfolio management and advisory services to institutional investors.
  • Offshore Funds.
  • Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

In terms of Customer Service, SBIMF customer support is technology focused. SBIMF toll free number # 1800 209 3333, 1800 425 5425 for any query and support related to new investment or existing investment needs, email support - [email protected] , request call back facility, chat facility in business hrs and local support by certified AMFI Agents and branch office in major cities.

Review Summary

The objective of SBI Mutual Fund House is to establish Mutual Funds as a viable investment option to the masses in the country and to be the preferred and the largest fund house for all asset classes, with a consistent track record of excellent returns and best standards in customer service, product innovation, technology and HR practices.

About SBI Mutual Fund

  • Fund Type:Joint Venture Indian
  • Name of AMC:SBI Funds Management Private Limited
  • Name of Sponsor:State Bank of India
  • Name of Trustee Company:SBI Mutual Fund Trustee Company Private Limited
  • Registrar:
  • SEBI Registration Number:MF/009/93/3
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address:
  • Contact Number:022-61793000


  • Strong network of AMFI certified Agents.
  • Strong focus on Investor Education.
  • Alternatives and Portfolio Advisory for domestic and offshore clients.
  • In house fund manager team and strong risk management team.
  • Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)


  • No Any Time Money Card – Debit card linked with your MF investment.
  • No other benefit like life insurance with SIP investment.

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SBI Mutual Fund - Assets under management (AUM)

SBI Mutual Fund - AUM performance by quarter
Year Quarter FundValue (Rs Lakhs) Difference from previous quater
2020 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 50537346.37 8325050.03 (19.72 %)
2020 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 42212296.34 5720709.88 (15.68 %)
2020 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 36491586.46 -905245.06 (-2.42 %)
2019 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 37396831.52 2095049.12 (5.93 %)
2019 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 35301782.4 3200652.18 (9.97 %)
2019 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 32101130.22 1317013.21 (4.28 %)
2019 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 30784117.01 2371753.03 (8.35 %)
2018 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 28412363.98 1945515.12 (7.35 %)
2018 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 26466848.86 1052263.74 (4.14 %)
2018 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 25414585.12 2067169.89 (8.85 %)
2018 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 23347415.23 1544017.86 (7.08 %)
2017 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 21803397.37 1223933.12 (5.95 %)
2017 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 20579464.25 1733968.74 (9.2 %)
2017 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 18845495.51 1919796.93 (11.34 %)
2017 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 16925698.58 1176712.85 (7.47 %)
2016 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 15748985.73 1600519.25 (11.31 %)
2016 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 14148466.48 938123.9 (7.1 %)
2016 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 13210342.58 1166873.49 (9.69 %)
2016 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 12043469.09 1310731.73 (12.21 %)
2015 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 10732737.36 674283.67 (6.7 %)
2015 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 10058453.69 1140856.38 (12.79 %)
2015 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 8917597.31 490220.38 (5.82 %)
2015 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 8427376.93 872932.8 (11.56 %)
2014 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 7554444.13 278312.21 (3.83 %)
2014 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 7276131.92 -76900.56 (-1.05 %)
2014 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 7353032.48 358250.24 (5.12 %)
2014 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 6994782.24 363681.92 (5.48 %)
2013 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 6631100.32 89619.61 (1.37 %)
2013 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 6541480.71 585671.18 (9.83 %)
2013 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 5955809.53 -40365.94 (-0.67 %)
2013 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 5996175.47 5996175.47 ( %)

AUM stands for assets under management or funds under management and is a measure how much money an asset management company (AMC) manages on behalf of clients. Value of AUM is calculated as sum of total holdings * most recent market price for each holding. SBI Mutual Fund has been ranked number 1 in terms of AUM in Indian Mutual Fund market.

SBI Mutual Fund Product and Services - 2021

Bandhan Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

Bandhan SWP from SBI Mutual Fund is recurring withdraw plan to eligible family members. In Bandhan SWP, you can withdraw a fixed amount from your existing open ended mutual fund schemes. The amount can directly credited to the bank account of your parents, spouse, children or siblings (aged 15 years and above) to provide financial support in a hassle-free way. The Key benefit of Bandhan SWP is Regular Cash flows in receiver account, Long-term wealth creation on your funds and tax efficient withdrawal. Min amount can be withdraw is Rs 5000 PM for 12 months installments.

Simple example for Bandhan SWP is children pocket money expense when they are studying in hostel. Parents can start SWP for number of months they are planning to stay in hostel for education. Second example for recurring money transfer for parents retirement expense, you can invest lumsum amount and start Bandhan SWP, in such case you are taking care of your family as well as getting long term wealth on initial investment.

SBI Equity Mutual Fund and Schemes

There are 28+ schemes offered by SBI in this category. The objective of SBI Equity Fund is the long term capital appreciation through investing in equity shares of companies across large, mid and small market capitalization and different sectors as per the nature of the scheme. The risk factor in such schemes is usually high to moderately high. SBI BlueChip Fund and SBI Magnum Mid-cap Fund are two popular funds in this category.

SBI Income or Debt Fund

The objective of Debt/ Income is to generate regular income for medium or short term through investments in Debt and Money Market Instruments, Corporate Bonds and Government Securities. The risk in such schemes is moderate. Investments are done based on a continuous evaluation of macro-economic factors, market dynamics and debt-issuer specific factors.

The schemes in this category are SBI Magnum Income Fund, SBI Dynamic Bond Fund, SBI Magnum Gilt Fund - Short Term, SBI Ultra Short Term Debt Fund, SBI Short Term Debt Fund, SBI Magnum Gilt Fund - Long Term, SBI Corporate Bond Fund, SBI Savings Fund, SBI Treasury Advantage Fund.

SBI Hybrid Schemes

The objective of SBI Hybrid Schemes is to generate long term capital appreciation and current income through investment in equity and equity related instruments as well as fixed income securities (debt and money market securities). There are 24 schemes in this category. The risk in such schemes is moderate.

SBI Liquid Mutual Fund and schemes

SBI Fund House offer Liquid funds with the objective to generate opportunities for regular income through a portfolio investing predominantly in floating rate securities and Money Market instruments. The risk factor is low in these schemes. Ideal investment horizon in liquid fund is between 1 day to 1 month. Liquid fund invests in securities with residual maturity less than 91 days.

There is three schemes in this category namely SBI Magnum InstaCash Fund - Liquid Floater Plan, SBI Premier Liquid Fund, SBI Magnum InstaCash Fund.

SBI Fixed Maturity Plans

These are closed ended debt schemes with a fixed maturity date and they invest in debt & money market instruments maturing on or before the date of the maturity of the scheme.

SBI Exchange Traded Funds and Schemes

These funds invest into an underlying asset or portfolio of assets and trade over stock exchanges.The underlying portfolio may represent an index, securities or commodities. ETFs can be easily bought / sold anytime during market hours like any other stock on the exchange. The trading price is usually close to the fund's actual net asset value (NAV). Investments in ETFs, however, require investors to hold share in trading and demat accounts.The risk in these funds is moderate to moderately high.

SBI offer 7 schemes in this category. The funds are SBI- ETF Gold, SBI- ETF Sensex, SBI- ETF Next 50, SBI- ETF Nifty Bank, SBI- ETF BSE 100, SBI- ETF Nifty 50, SBI- ETF 10 year Gilt.

SBI Funds of Funds Scheme

There is only one fund in this category- SBI Gold Fund. The scheme seeks to provide returns that closely correspond to returns provided by SBI Gold Exchange Traded Scheme (SBI GETS). The risk in this scheme is moderately high.

Family Solution Tool

Family Solution Tool is the tool to assess your risk profile, define your goal and then invest. You achieve your financial goals by getting the right investment plans, performing a risk appetite check and invest accordingly.

Systematic Investment Planner

It helps to get a plan to invest a fixed amount every month and achieve your desired savings.

SBI Mutual Fund Fact sheets

Fact sheet (Fundamental) is updated every month and publish on SBI Mutual Fund site. This gives the monthly update on mutual fund performance and portfolio. The Fact Sheet is a dashboard of each fund under AMC. The Fact Sheet include details about Fund Manager, Fund Size, NAV as of previous month, Volatility Measures, Expense Ratio, Load Structure, Mutual Fund Holding information, Industry Allocation, Dividend History and many more useful information. The Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Fact Sheets/Fundamental Monthly Reports is available online, to download reports - Factsheets Download

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SBI Mutual Fund - by Scheme Category

In this section we have just divide the SBI Mutual Fund scheme by category, you can click on category link to explore more about each scheme. Complete details of each scheme, latest NAV, performance are available on relevant pages.

Number of Scheme in each category for SBI Mutual Fund
AMC Category Number of Funds
SBI Mutual Fund Solution Oriented Scheme - Retirement Fund 1
SBI Mutual Fund Solution Oriented Scheme - Children’s Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - OtherETFs 2
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - Other ETFs 8
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - Other ETFs 1
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - Index Funds 2
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - Gold ETF 1
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - FoF Overseas 1
SBI Mutual Fund Other Scheme - FoF Domestic 2
SBI Mutual Fund Income 164
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Multi Asset Allocation 2
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Equity Savings 2
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Dynamic Asset Allocation or Balanced Advantage 2
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Conservative Hybrid Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Arbitrage Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Aggressive Hybrid Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Growth 3
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Small Cap Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Sectoral/ Thematic 11
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Multi Cap Fund 1
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Mid Cap Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Large Cap Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Large & Mid Cap Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Focussed Fund 1
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Focused Fund 1
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Flexi Cap Fund 1
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - ELSS 2
SBI Mutual Fund Equity Scheme - Contra Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund ELSS 8
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Ultra Short Duration Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Short Duration Fund 3
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Overnight Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Money Market Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Medium to Long Duration Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Medium Duration Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Low Duration Fund 3
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Liquid Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Gilt Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Floater Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Dynamic Bond 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Credit Risk Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Corporate Bond Fund 2
SBI Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Banking and PSU Fund 2

How to Invest with SBI Mutual Fund

Online Investment through website -

The SBI Mutual Fund online portal is a quick, convenient and efficient tool that lets you carry out and manage your investments online, by offering a host of services and facilities. The online portal also lets you create watch-lists to keep a close track of your chosen funds and also set alert notifications to get the information you need.

Offline Investment via agent or SBI branch office

For offline mode of investment, you have to contact a representative of SBI Mutual Fund or an empanelled distributor of SBI Mutual Fund. You have to fill paper based application forms and KYC forms.


"M-Easy" facility enables investors (who have a registered folio with SBI Mutual Fund) to purchase/redeem/switch the units of a scheme by sending SMS from their mobile phone number registered with AMC.

SBIMF invesTap Mobile App for investors

SBI MF offer invesTap mobile app to perform all financial transactions on-the-go such as  browse through funds, plan for your financial goals, register, invest, switch, redeem and track performance of the funds on your fingertips. With SBI MF invesTap, you get real-time alerts and notifications to keep track of fund NAVs, and also have the option of scheduling your transactions to get notifications at a later date to complete the transaction. It also lets you create a watch-list of funds and compare up to 3 funds. InvesTap app is available for both android and ios version.

SBI Mutual Fund - invesTap Android App

SBI Mutual Fund - invesTap iOS App

Stock Exchange platform

Invest in SBI Mutual Funds via BSE STAT Platform and MFSS Platform from NSE.

Transactions through MF Utility ("MFU")

Investor can buy MF via

SBI Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints

Active Customer and Folio Count for SBI Mutual Fund
Year Folio Count Folio Count difference from last year Complaint Count Complaint %
2018-2019 7835603 1121083 (16.7 %) 2353 0.03%
2017-2018 6714520 1529647 (29.5 %) 7576 0.11%
2016-2017 5184873 796972 (18.16 %) 6924 0.13%
2015-2016 4387901 172757 (4.1 %) 1582 0.04%
2014-2015 4215144 97262 (2.36 %) 1250 0.03%
2013-2014 4117882 -520036 (-11.21 %) 1418 0.03%
2012-2013 4637918 -567411 (-10.9 %) 3386 0.07%
2011-2012 5205329 -227976 (-4.2 %) 4514 0.09%
2010-2011 5433305 5433305 ( %) 3615 0.07%

SBI Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints table give you company performance in term of growth and customer satisfaction in term of complaints count and complaints % with respective of total folio.

Final thought about SBI Mutual Fund

SBI is the biggest public sector bank in India and well known name from banking and financial services company. SBI Mutual Fund is giving service and return to its investors from last 30+ years and is known for easier scheme selection and better performance. They are working towards scheme categorization for simplification of choices for the investors. The SBI MF current focus on digital assets like mobile app, website and distribution portal for investment journey is effortless and fulfilling. With all of the above, SBI MF is the best choice for investors to start lump sum investment and/or SIP.

If you like what you have read and want to choose SBI Mutual Fund or any other AMC, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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