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PGIM India Mutual Fund and AMC Review 2021

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 AMC Review

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The objective of PGIM India Mutual Fund is to bring strength and stability to investors by investing their money in the companies with long-term perspective who have weathered multiple market cycles and can see opportunity even in the periods of disruption.

PGIM has been serving its clients globally from the past 140-years by managing the assets of over 1.4 trillion. The company has a wide range of actively managed asset classes and investment styles including Equities, Fixed Income and Real Estate. It has its presence across 16 countries in 38 offices with over 1,300+ investment professionals.

Prudential Global Investment Managers who previously was in a joint venture with DHFL forming DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund has acquired the whole share of the remaining 50% from DHFL. Therefore, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund is now known as PGIM India Mutual Fund. 

For customer care, the client can email fund house at "[email protected]" or call at customer care number 1800 266 7446. One can also get the NAV SMS by sending the message at 5607030 of NAV<space><folio No>.

Review Summary

PGIM India Mutual Fund is a wholly-owned mutual fund company of PGIM whose assets are managed by PGIM India Asset Management Company. PGIM is a global investment business of the US-based Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI) and one of the top 10 investment managers. The fund house in India offers a wide range of schemes under equity, debt, hybrid and international FOF categories. They offer their investment services to retail and institutional investors.

About PGIM India mutual fund

  • Fund Type:Joint Ventures-others
  • Name of AMC:PGIM India Asset Management Private Limited
  • Name of Sponsor:Prudential Financial, Inc. (USA)
  • Name of Trustee Company:PGIM India Trustees Private Limited
  • Registrar:Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.
  • SEBI Registration Number:MF/065/10/02
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address:
  • Contact Number:022-61593000


  • Presence across many developed countries which provides the benefit of vast experience.
  • Robust in-house research and fund management team.
  • Competitive returns in various categories.


  • Less PAN India presence.
  • No mobile apps are provided for investments.
  • No 24*7 customer assistance.

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PGIM India mutual fund - Assets under management (AUM)

PGIM India mutual fund - AUM performance by quarter
Year Quarter FundValue (Rs Lakhs) Difference from previous quater
2020 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 652671.82 242403.69 (59.08 %)
2020 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 410268.13 40930.96 (11.08 %)
2020 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 369337.17 -64191.37 (-14.81 %)
2019 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 433528.54 -107627.92 (-19.89 %)
2019 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 541156.46 -221573.27 (-29.05 %)
2018 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 762729.73 -312893.15 (-29.09 %)
2018 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 1075622.88 -1194375.08 (-52.62 %)
2018 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 2269997.96 -43718.12 (-1.89 %)
2018 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 2313716.08 -45818.98 (-1.94 %)
2017 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 2359535.06 10218.38 (0.43 %)
2017 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 2349316.68 -169784.31 (-6.74 %)
2017 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 2519100.99 -52911.49 (-2.06 %)
2017 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 2572012.48 -39683.26 (-1.52 %)
2016 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 2611695.74 130968.61 (5.28 %)
2016 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 2480727.13 33435.22 (1.37 %)
2016 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 2447291.91 273301.02 (12.57 %)
2016 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 2173990.89 -424692.35 (-16.34 %)
2015 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 2598683.24 2382338.24 (1101.18 %)
2015 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 216345 -20208.33 (-8.54 %)
2015 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 236553.33 24080.73 (11.33 %)
2015 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 212472.6 -18463.4 (-8 %)
2014 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 230936 33762.87 (17.12 %)
2014 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 197173.13 -8848.73 (-4.3 %)
2014 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 206021.86 15145.98 (7.93 %)
2014 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 190875.88 -50177.67 (-20.82 %)
2013 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 241053.55 36706.11 (17.96 %)
2013 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 204347.44 -12237.89 (-5.65 %)
2013 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 216585.33 -37827.01 (-14.87 %)
2013 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 254412.34 254412.34 ( %)

AUM stands for assets under management or funds under management and is a measure how much money an asset management company (AMC) manages on behalf of clients. Value of AUM is calculated as sum of total holdings * most recent market price for each holding. PGIM India mutual fund has been ranked number 26 in terms of AUM in Indian Mutual Fund market.

PGIM India mutual fund Product and Services - 2021

The company offers multiple products and services to its investors. These are:

  • PGIM India Equity Mutual Fund

    The funds which invest most of their capital in the equity stocks of large, mid and small-cap companies are called equity mutual funds. These funds are highly volatile and investors with commensurate risk appetite & long term time investment horizon are only suggested to invest in these funds. As an asset class, equity has the potential of generating high returns over the long-term than other types of assets. Therefore, it plays an important role in the portfolio of an investor who has goals to achieve after 7-10 years. Investors should take the advice of investment advisor before investing in this category funds. The schemes under equity category are:

    • PGIM India Large Cap Fund
    • PGIM India Diversified Equity Fund
    • PGIM India Midcap Opportunities Fund
  • PGIM India Debt Mutual Fund

    The mutual fund schemes which invest in the fixed income instruments such as Treasury Bills, Government Securities, Corporate Bonds and Money Market Instruments are known as debt funds. These funds are good for investors who have a short-term investment horizon and the ones who are risk-averse. The main source of income in these funds is interest and dividend. Investments in short-term debt funds are suitable for short- to mid-term goals and for investors who want regular income. Debt funds are liquid with the potential to earn higher returns compared to traditional fixed income instruments. The schemes under debt category are:

    • PGIM Overnight Fund
    • PGIM India Money Market Fund
    • PGIM Insta Cash Fund
  • PGIM India Hybrid Funds

    The funds which invest in both equity as well as debt instruments to achieve diversification and avoiding risk are known as hybrid funds. It is a blend of high returns compared to debt funds and less volatile compared to equity funds. These funds aim to achieve the goal of wealth-creating in the long run and generating income in the short-term. Investors with 3-5 years of investment horizon should invest in these funds. The schemes offered under the hybrid category are:

    • PGIM India Equity Savings Fund
    • PGIM India Hybrid Equity Fund
  • PGIM India International Fund of Funds

    The mutual fund schemes which invest in other exiting international mutual funds are known as Overseas or International Fund of Funds (FoF). These funds offer investment in certain asset classes like foreign companies which otherwise may not be easily possible for investors through existing mutual fund schemes. This allocation in foreign markets ensures healthy diversification and gives exposure to foreign currency as an asset class to investors. The schemes offered under Overseas FOF category are:

    • PGIM India Euro Equity Fund
    • PGIM India –Global Equity Opportunities Fund
  • Portfolio Management Services

    PGIM India Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a leading service provider in India which offers customized investment solutions to high net worth individuals and institutional investors. It is lead by the highly experienced investment team and offers equity strategies with a focus on long-term growth and value generation. It offers two strategies for this service which includes PGIM India Core Equity Portfolio Strategy and PGIM India Phoenix Strategy.

Other features offered by PGIM India Mutual Fund

    Some other facilities are also offered by PGIM India Mutual Fund to its investors. These are:

  • PGIM India Smart SIP

    This feature provides the additional facility of life insurance cover with the SIP. PGIM India Smart SIP provides investors with an Investment + Insurance facility at no extra cost. The nominee will get the maximum assured amount subject to a limit of Rs.50 lakhs

  • PGIM India PERKS Facility

    PGIM India PERKS is a Managed Compensation Plan that enables Employers to follow a pre-determined investment plan for their employees with the allocation of a specific amount for their chosen employees under the plan. It acts as an alternative to employee compensation models like ESOPs, Private Issuance of Shares, Partner model (Profit Sharing) etc.

  • PGIM India Long Term Withdrawal

    Long Term Withdrawal Facility allows investors to redeem a fixed sum of money periodically in the most tax-efficient manner. Long Term Withdrawal Facility enables a steady flow of income that will help you augment your finances.

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PGIM India mutual fund - by Scheme Category

In this section we have just divide the PGIM India mutual fund scheme by category, you can click on category link to explore more about each scheme. Complete details of each scheme, latest NAV, performance are available on relevant pages.

Number of Scheme in each category for PGIM India mutual fund
AMC Category Number of Funds
PGIM India mutual fund Other Scheme - FoF Overseas 3
PGIM India mutual fund Income 42
PGIM India mutual fund Hybrid Scheme - Equity Savings 1
PGIM India mutual fund Hybrid Scheme - Dynamic Asset Allocation or Balanced Advantage 1
PGIM India mutual fund Hybrid Scheme - Arbitrage Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Hybrid Scheme - Aggressive Hybrid Fund 3
PGIM India mutual fund Growth 3
PGIM India mutual fund Equity Scheme - Small Cap Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Equity Scheme - Multi Cap Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Equity Scheme - Mid Cap Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Equity Scheme - Large Cap Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Equity Scheme - ELSS 1
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Ultra Short Duration Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Short Duration Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Overnight Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Money Market Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Medium to Long Duration Fund 1
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Low Duration Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Liquid Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Gilt Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Dynamic Bond 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Credit Risk Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Corporate Bond Fund 2
PGIM India mutual fund Debt Scheme - Banking and PSU Fund 2

How to Invest with PGIM India mutual fund

  • PGIM India Mobile App

    The company does not offer mobile apps for its investors. One has to start investing in the funds of PGIM India MF through its website only.

  • Physical Form

    Paper-based application forms are available online and on investor service centres of the PGIM India MF.

  • Stock Exchange Platforms

    Buy PGIM India Mutual Funds through BSE STAR Platform (BSE) and MFSS Platform from NSE.

PGIM India mutual fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints

Active Customer and Folio Count for PGIM India mutual fund
Year Folio Count Folio Count difference from last year Complaint Count Complaint %
2018-2019 107109 -4319 (-3.88 %) 9 0.01%
2017-2018 111428 293 (0.26 %) 9 0.01%
2016-2017 111135 8127 (7.89 %) 13 0.01%
2015-2016 103008 69466 (207.1 %) 31 0.03%
2014-2015 33542 1286 (3.99 %) 29 0.09%
2013-2014 32256 6453 (25.01 %) 10 0.03%
2012-2013 25803 -655 (-2.48 %) 118 0.46%
2011-2012 26458 5754 (27.79 %) 471 1.78%
2010-2011 20704 20704 ( %) 658 3.18%

PGIM India mutual fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints table give you company performance in term of growth and customer satisfaction in term of complaints count and complaints % with respective of total folio.

Final thought about PGIM India mutual fund

PGIM India Mutual Fund helps investors in participating in the global market opportunities with its 140 years of experience in the top economies of the world. The asset managers of the fund house are committed to long-term wealth creation approach and also manage money for major corporations and pension funds around the world. It works on delivering the superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term without compromising the quality of the portfolios. The company also follows CSR policies and promotes rural sports, nationally recognized sports, paralympic sports and Olympic sports.
PGIM Mutual Fund has great product offerings but lacking behind with add-on services like any time money card, life insurance with SIP investment. However, the online account opening process of the company is very quick if the investors’ CKYC is compliant. All the funds of PGIM India MF are backed up with well rounded fundamental research. Although the company has recently taken in the Indian stock market, so we need to see its funds’ performance over a few years to know where exactly the company stands.

If you like what you have read and want to choose PGIM India mutual fund or any other AMC, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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