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HDFC Mutual Fund and AMC Review 2019

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 AMC Review

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Objective of HDFC Asset Management Company Limited is to provide mutual fund service and giving the investor long term benefits. The company focus on constantly reviewing the markets for new trends, to identify new growth sectors and share this knowledge with investors in the form of product offerings. HDFC Mutual Fund come up with various products across asset and risk categories to enable investors to invest in line with their investment objectives and risk taking capacity.

HDFC Mutual Fund Review - 2019

Incorporated in 2000, HDFC Mutual Fund is managed by HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (“HDFC AMC”). HDFC Mutual Fund is promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) and Standard Life Investments Limited as the Sponsors / Settlors and HDFC Trustee Company Limited, as the Trustee. The HDFC AMC company acquired some of the schemes of Zurich India Mutual Fund in 2003 and Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund ("MSMF") in 2014.

The Company's core business line is mutual fund schemes across various asset class, portfolio management and advisory services.

HDFC Asset Management Company Limited is involved in managing:

  1. Mutual funds (including ETFs)
  2. Managed accounts, including portfolio management services, alternative investment funds (AIFs) and pension funds; and
  3. Offshore funds and advisory mandates.

Company has a network of 140+ HDFC Mutual Fund Investor Services Centers and 36+ branches/offices as Points of Acceptance for transactions of Schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund.

In terms of Customer Care, their customer support is impressive as they have toll free number to call, email SMS and Investor Service support centers. Toll Free Number - 1800 3010 6767 / 1800 419 7676, Customer Support email [email protected].

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About HDFC Mutual Fund

  • Fund Type:Joint Venture Indian
  • Name of AMC:HDFC Asset Management Company Limited
  • Name of Sponsor:Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited;
    Standard Life Investments Limited
  • Name of Trustee Company:HDFC Trustee Company Limited
  • Registrar:Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • SEBI Registration Number:MF/044/00/6
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address:
  • Contact Number:022 - 6631 6333

  • Robust Distribution Network - PAN India presence with 170+ locations, international presence in Dubai.
  • HDFC Investor education.
  • In house fund manager team and strong risk management team.
  • Option for Investments made on behalf of minors.
  • NRI investment option.


  • No ATM Card – Debit card linked with your MF investment.
  • No other benefits like life insurance with SIP investment.

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HDFC Mutual Fund - Assets under management (AUM)
Year Quater FundValue (Rs Lakhs) Difference from previous quater
2018 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 34252470.77 732872.77 (2.19 %)
2018 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 33519598.02 2860845.02 (9.33 %)
2018 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 30658752.57 -49467.43 (-0.16 %)
2018 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 30708219.64 628846.64 (2.09 %)
2017 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 30079372.59 1137322.59 (3.93 %)
2017 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 28942050.48 1937431.48 (7.17 %)
2017 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 27004619.13 1672705.13 (6.6 %)
2017 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 25331914.13 1585223.13 (6.68 %)
2016 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 23746690.98 1534313.98 (6.91 %)
2016 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 22212377.26 871492.26 (4.08 %)
2016 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 21340884.53 2031569.53 (10.52 %)
2016 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 19309314.64 1700858.64 (9.66 %)
2015 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 17608456.44 -258165.56 (-1.44 %)
2015 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 17866622.24 752693.24 (4.4 %)
2015 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 17113929.21 580461.21 (3.51 %)
2015 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 16533468.49 336560.49 (2.08 %)
2014 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 16196907.67 1115871.67 (7.4 %)
2014 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 15081036.36 897560.36 (6.33 %)
2014 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 14183476.07 1144733.07 (8.78 %)
2014 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 13038743.05 1703325.05 (15.03 %)
2013 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 11335417.55 396135.55 (3.62 %)
2013 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 10939281.57 595066.57 (5.75 %)
2013 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 10344214.69 -189797.31 (-1.8 %)
2013 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 10534012.22 10534012.22 ( %)

AUM stands for assets under management or funds under management and is a measure how much money an asset management company (AMC) manages on behalf of clients. Value of AUM is calculated as sum of total holdings * most recent market price for each holding. HDFC Asset Management Company Limited has been ranked number 1 in terms of AUM in Indian Mutual Fund market.

HDFC Mutual Fund Product and Services - 2019

Equity / Growth Funds

The HDFC Mutual Fund House offer Equity fund to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity, equity-related, debt and money market instruments. The schemes are mostly open ended with no entry load. Funds in these schemes are invested in large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, BSE 200 index companies, Nifty, Sensex companies etc. Each scheme has clear specifications regarding nature of scheme, inception date, option/plan, entry load, exit load etc.

Debt / Income Funds

HDFCMF house offer HDFC Debt / Income Funds to generate regular income, credit risk-free returns through investments in Debt/Money Market Instruments and Government Securities.

Liquid Funds

HDFC MF house offer Liquid funds with the objective to generate optimal returns while maintaining safety and high liquidity through a judicious portfolio mix comprising of money market and debt instruments. There is four schemes in this category namely HDFC Cash Management Fund - Savings Plan, HDFC Cash Management Fund - Call Plan, HDFC Liquid Fund Premium Plan, HDFC Liquid Fund. Direct Plans are available in liquid Funds.

Children's Gift Fund

Children's gift fund is for long term investment. Funds in this scheme is invested in equity and equity related instruments as well as debt and money market instruments. Also this fund has personal accident insurance coverage. This fund is only for the child age below 18 years. A copy of birth certificate, passport copy, etc evidencing date of birth of the minor and relationship of the guardian with the minor should be mandatorily attached with the application. Once child become major, this fund need to move from minor to major account.

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund

Objective of HDFC Retirement savings fund is clear by its name to plan regular income at the time of retirement (age of 60) by investing in a mix of securities comprising of equity, equity related instruments and/or Debt/Money Market instruments.

HDFC Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP)

HDFC Fixed Maturity Plans are close ended Schemes with objective of regular income over tenure of the plan through investment done under debt, money market instruments and government securities. The plan offers Regular Option and Direct Option of investment. As these schemes are close ended so there are fixed maturity date attached with this plan. The Units of the Scheme cannot be redeemed by the investors directly until the Maturity / Final Redemption date. The units of scheme will be listed on capital market segment of the NSE and BSE and can be traded (purchase/sold) in demat form on the market price before maturity /final redemption date. Investor who is holding units on record date will be considered as unit holder on Maturity.

HDFC Exchange Traded Fund

There are 3 ETF funds in this category - HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund [90 to 100% investment in Gold Bullion], HDFC Nifty ETF [95 to 100% investment in securities covered under NIFTY 50 Index] and HDFC SENSEX ETF [95 to 100% Investment in Securities covered by S&P BSE SENSEX Index]. HDFC Exchange Traded Fund is open ended fund with an objective to generate returns through investment done in specific ETF like gold, Nifty 50 index and Sensex.

HDFC Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS)

HDFC Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme is close ended scheme with objective of long term capital appreciation from a portfolio of eligible securities as specified in Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme. In this scheme, investment is done under Equity securities specified as Securities for RGESS (95 to 100%), Money Market Instruments & Liquid Schemes [0 to 5%]. This schemes works exactly same as HDFC Fixed Maturity Plans. HDFC have 3 funds under RGESS - HDFC Focused Equity Fund - Plan B, HDFC Focused Equity Fund - Plan A, HDFC Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme - Series 2.

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund

HDFC Dual Advantage Fund is a close ended scheme for moderate risk takers with objective to generate regular income as well as capital appreciation over tenure of the fund. Investment is done in debt and money market instruments (65 to 100% depend on scheme) and also in equity and equity related instruments (0 to 35% depend on scheme) to achieve capital appreciation. The Plan offers Regular Option and Direct Option. This schemes also works same as HDFC Fixed Maturity Plans. The plan has 7 schemes starting from series 1 to 3.

HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund (CPO)

HDFC Capital Protection Oriented Fund is a Close-Ended Capital Protection Oriented Income Scheme with an objective to generate regular income as well as capital appreciation over specific days (tenure) of the fund. Investment is done in debt and money market instruments (65 to 100%) and also in equity and equity related instruments (0 to 35 %) to achieve capital appreciation. The Scheme is oriented towards protection of capital and not with guaranteed returns. The Scheme does not guarantee any returns. The scheme benefit investors with low risk profile.

HDFC Fund of Fund Schemes

There is two Funds in this category: HDFC GOLD FUND and HDFC DYNAMIC PE RATIO FOF

HDFC GOLD FUND: This is an open-ended moderately high risk Fund of Fund Scheme with investment objective of seeking capital appreciation by investing in units of HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund. This fund is for long term investment. Investment is done in Units of HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund (95 to 100%) and Reverse repo and/or CBLO and/or money market instruments and/or Schemes which invest predominantly in the money market securities or Liquid Schemes (0 to 5%).

HDFC DYNAMIC PE RATIO FOF - (FORMERLY MORGAN STANLEY): This is a moderately high risk open-ended Fund of Funds Scheme with an objective of seeking capital appreciation over long term by managing the asset allocation between specified equity and debt schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund. Investment is done in Units of specified equity schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund (0 to 100%), Units of specified debt schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund (0 to 100%) and Money Market Instruments and/ or Units of Liquid/ Money Market Schemes of HDFC Mutual Fund (0 to 10%).

HDFC Cancer Cure Fund

There is two schemes in this product type- HDFC Charity Fund for Cancer Cure and HDFC DEBT FUND FOR CANCER CURE 2014.

HDFC Charity Fund For Cancer Cure: HDFC Charity Fund for Cancer Cure is a close-ended scheme with objective to generate regular income over specific days (tenure) of the fund through arbitrage opportunities between cash and derivative market and through investments in debt and money market instruments. As this is a charity fund, investor can donate full or part of dividend declared by the Fund to the corpus of Indian Cancer Society or any other eligible institution(s) for treatment of cancer. Such donation done by the unit holders shall be eligible for claiming of deduction under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

HDFC DEBT FUND FOR CANCER CURE 2014: This is a 3 year closed-ended Capital Protection Oriented Income Scheme through investments in high quality fixed income securities like Debt / Money Market Instruments and Government Securities.

HDFC Mutual Fund Fact sheets

Fact sheet (Fundamental) is updated every month and publish on HDFC Mutual Fund site. This gives the monthly update on mutual fund performance and portfolio. The Fact Sheet include details about Fund Manager, Fund Size, NAV as of previous month, Volatility Measures, Expense Ratio, Load Structure, Mutual Fund Holding information, Industry Allocation, Dividend History and many more useful information.  HDFC Mutual Funds Fact Sheets/Fundamental Monthly Reports from 2000 is available online, to download reports - click here

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HDFC Mutual Fund - by Scheme Category
AMC Category Number of Funds
HDFC Mutual Fund Other ETFs 2
HDFC Mutual Fund Liquid 3
HDFC Mutual Fund Income 144
HDFC Mutual Fund Growth 20
HDFC Mutual Fund GOLD ETFs 1
HDFC Mutual Fund Gilt 2
HDFC Mutual Fund Fund of Funds - Domestic 2
HDFC Mutual Fund Floating Rate 1
HDFC Mutual Fund ELSS 2
HDFC Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Ultra Short Du 1
HDFC Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Medium Duration 1
HDFC Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Floater Fund 3
HDFC Mutual Fund Balanced 4

How to Invest with HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFCMFOnline - Online investment via Website

This is an online portal from HDFC MF to manage your mutual Fund online. With HDFCMFOnline you can execute purchases, redemptions, switches, view account details, portfolio valuation online, download account statements, request for documents via email and avail such other services as may be introduced by the Fund House from time to time on website using HDFCMFOnline.

HDFC Mutual Fund Mobile App

HDFC Mutual fund investment can be done via mobile app also. This app is very simple, safe and provide all investment option for customers. All payment options available same as website. Track your investment on your mobile. Mobile app is available for both android and IOS version.

HDFCMFMobile - IOS app download

HDFCMFMobile - Android App download

Physical Form

Paper based application forms are also available online and on branch offices for investment.

Stock Exchange platform

Investment in HDFC Mutual Funds can also be done via BSE STAT Platform and MFSS Platform from NSE.

Transactions through MF Utility ("MFU")

Investor can buy MF via

HDFC Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints
Year Folio Count Folio Count difference from last year Complaint Count Complaint %
2017-2018 8123307 1901533 (30.56 %) 5749 0.07%
2016-2017 6221774 606868 (10.81 %) 2857 0.05%
2015-2016 5614906 404860 (7.77 %) 3763 0.07%
2014-2015 5210046 701569 (15.56 %) 6144 0.12%
2013-2014 4508477 -479509 (-9.61 %) 6023 0.13%
2012-2013 4987986 -173863 (-3.37 %) 7606 0.15%
2011-2012 5161849 481239 (10.28 %) 8628 0.17%
2010-2011 4680610 4680610 ( %) 10199 0.22%

HDFC Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints table give you company performance in term of growth and customer satisfaction in term of complaints count and complaints % with respective of total folio.

Final thought about HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund is one of the largest mutual funds and well-established fund house in the country with multiple product offerings and consistent fund performance across categories. The fund house has partnered with Indian Cancer Society for cancer cure fund Project as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. HDFC Cancer Cure Fund (2011) and HDFC Cancer Cure Fund 2014 (Scheme) are two funds where the dividend received by the Investors from the Schemes is donated to Indian Cancer Society (ISC).

HDFC Mutual Fund is the  2rd largest (As of Oct 2017) mutual fund in terms of total assets value. HDFCMF has great product offerings but lacking behind with ad-on services like any time money card, life insurance with SIP investment. Online Account opening process is very quick if investor is CKYC compliant. All the funds have well rounded fundamental research and back up with effective analysis to enable investor to profitably invest in the financial market. Except for few drawbacks, HDFCMF is a great Fund House.

If you like what you have read and want to choose HDFC Mutual Fund or any other AMC, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

HDFC Mutual Fund User Reviews

1. CA Sachin Jain  Jul 24, 2018 9:21:40 AM IST Reply
Reason for why to invest in HDFC AMC IPO

HDFC AMC is coming out with an IPO at a Market cap of 23000 Cr. The company has booked profits in FY2018 was 722 Cr i.e. at a PE of 32.

HDFC AMC Business model -

The total Net worth of the company is 2150 Cr as of FY2018, where 1950 Cr is invested in cash equivalent, so the total money invested in the business is 200 Cr only.

The Business Primarily Depends on Three things primarily

1) Trust factor – Brand Name is key in Indian financial market and top 5 companies are taking a big pie in Mutual fund industry- HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Aditya Birla, and Reliance are in that list.  People in India invest in the brand, so expected growth is really high for HDFC AMC.

2) Distribution Reach – Strong distribution presence also one more key factor for HDFC AMC success

3) Performance of the Fund – Past performance of funds is giving a good return.

How Would Growth Come – Growth would come due to 3 important factors

  1. A) Existing Investors Increase Allocation via SIP, Lump Sum payments

  2. B) New Investors coming in the Market

  3. C) Stock Market Rising.

We at Stallion believe all 3 factors would play very well and AMC Companies are expected to Growth 6-7x in next 10 years.

Risks – Company has performed very well in the negative market condition in 2008 to 2013 time frame. The company has grown 3x from 117 to 318 Cr. So both negative and positive market conditions are in favor of Mutual Fund AMC. So logically there are no potential risks in HDFC AMC growth.

Final Thought: All the above factor one should apply in HDFC AMC IPO.

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