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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund and AMC Review 2019

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 AMC Review

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Objective of Franklin Templeton AMC to create wealth and always work in favor of investors. The Company is working constantly on review existing products and add new products and resource. Franklin Templeton Mutual funds is running various Investors Education & Awareness Initiatives some of them are - "The Good EMI campaign for SIPs" and "AskWhatELSS" to educate Investors and provide best in market service.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Review - 2019

Incorporated in 1996, Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has been sponsored by Templeton International, Inc. with Franklin Templeton Trustee Services Pvt. Ltd. as the Trustee.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund (Templeton International, Inc.) is wholly owned subsidiary of Templeton Worldwide Inc. which is again wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Resources, Inc., California, USA. Franklin Templeton Investments is one if the world's largest investment management companies. Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. is the Investment Manager of FTMF.

Franklin Templeton Investments has global presence in 35 countries and providing service from more than 70 years. The company operates in multiple asset classes including equity, fixed income, alternatives and custom solutions.

Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Pvt. Ltd. is involved in managing:

  1. Mutual funds (including ETFs)
  2. International business
  3. Venture Funds
  4. Alternative Investment assets

The company has a network of 40+ Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Investor Services Centers and branches/offices as points of acceptance for transactions of Schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund. The company has 146 offices of its collection partners and Approx 31 lakh active Investors (As of 31 March 2017). Company is focusing towards more online business and services to investors.

In terms of Customer Service, FTMF customer support is technology focus, you can avail SMS transaction as well as SMS Non-financial Requests where you can request account statement, Current NAV and Current Value of your investment. FTMF toll free number #1800 425 4255 for any query and support related to new investment or existing investment needs, 3 level of email support (Level-1:[email protected], Level-2: [email protected], Level-3:[email protected]), Request call back facility, chat facility in business hrs and branch office in major cities.

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About Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

  • Fund Type:Foreign
  • Name of AMC:Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Limited
  • Name of Sponsor:Templeton International Inc.
  • Name of Trustee Company:Franklin Templeton Trustee Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Registrar:Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd
  • SEBI Registration Number:MF/026/96/8
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address:
  • Contact Number:1-800-425 4255

  • In house fund manager team and strong risk management team.
  • Investors Education & Awareness Initiatives.


  • No Any Time Money Card – Debit card linked with your MF investment.
  • No other benefit like life insurance with SIP investment.

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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund - Assets under management (AUM)
Year Quater FundValue (Rs Lakhs) Difference from previous quater
2018 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 11993279.68 941184.68 (8.52 %)
2018 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 11052094.88 -88231.12 (-0.79 %)
2018 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 11140326.38 599977.38 (5.69 %)
2018 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 10540348.62 126300.62 (1.21 %)
2017 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 10414047.74 334456.74 (3.32 %)
2017 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 10079590.85 507948.85 (5.31 %)
2017 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 9571642.29 415360.29 (4.54 %)
2017 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 9156282.03 902890.03 (10.94 %)
2016 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 8253392.19 584799.19 (7.63 %)
2016 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 7668593 209447 (2.81 %)
2016 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 7459146.47 609602.47 (8.9 %)
2016 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 6849544.22 65468.22 (0.97 %)
2015 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 6784076.49 -388140.51 (-5.41 %)
2015 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 7172216.54 -658030.46 (-8.4 %)
2015 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 7830246.94 298533.94 (3.96 %)
2015 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 7531712.6 383743.6 (5.37 %)
2014 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 7147968.98 688224.98 (10.65 %)
2014 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 6459743.59 807412.59 (14.28 %)
2014 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 5652331.29 459465.29 (8.85 %)
2014 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 5192865.91 552240.91 (11.9 %)
2013 Q4 (Jan-Mar) 4640625.07 107574.07 (2.37 %)
2013 Q3 (Oct-Dec) 4533051.19 51869.19 (1.16 %)
2013 Q2 (Jul-Sep) 4481181.95 185227.95 (4.31 %)
2013 Q1 (Apr-Jun) 4295954.28 4295954.28 ( %)

AUM stands for assets under management or funds under management and is a measure how much money an asset management company (AMC) manages on behalf of clients. Value of AUM is calculated as sum of total holdings * most recent market price for each holding. Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has been ranked number 8 in terms of AUM in Indian Mutual Fund market.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Product and Services - 2019

Franklin Templeton is complete package for Family Solution which includes following investment services Child's Education, Retirement, Holiday, Cash Management, Dream Home, Wealth Creation, Tax Planning and Customize Plan for your future needs. FTMF help you to make your goal for all the above financial planning and help/guide you to achieve your goals.

Equity / Growth fund

The Franklin Templeton Equity Fund to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity, equity-related, sectoral funds and diversified funds. The Equity funds invest in companies with different market capitalization like Large Cap (Rs 10,000 Cr +), Mid Cap (Rs 2,000 to 10,000 Cr), Small Cap (Up to 2000 Cr), Multi Cap. Second group of Equity Funds are based on types of stocks like Sectoral Funds Information Technology sector, Banks and PSUs etc, suitable for investor who want to invest in a specific sector.

Some of the funds under Equity/ Growth funds category are Franklin India Prima Plus, Franklin Build India Fund, Franklin India Bluechip Fund, Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund, Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund, Franklin India Index Fund - NSE Nifty Plan, Franklin India Opportunities Fund, Franklin India Prima Fund, Franklin India Prima Plus, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund, Franklin India Technology Fund, Templeton India Equity Income Fund, Templeton India Growth Fund and many more.

Debt/ Income fund or Fixed Income Funds

The Franklin Templeton Debt/ Income Fund to generate regular income/credit risk-free returns through investments in Treasury Bills, Government Securities, Corporate Bonds, Money Market instruments and other debt securities of different time horizons. The main source of income of debt mutual funds are Interest income and Capital appreciation due to changes in market dynamics.

Some of the funds under Debt/Income funds category are Franklin India Banking & PSU Debt Fund, Franklin India Corporate Bond Opportunities Fund, Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund, Franklin India Government Securities Fund - Composite Plan & PF Plan, Franklin India Government Securities Fund - Long Term Plan, Franklin India Income Builder Account, Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund, Franklin India Low Duration Fund, Franklin India Savings Plus Fun, Franklin India Short Term Income Plan, Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund and more.

Liquid funds

The Franklin Templeton Liquid Funds with the objective to generate optimal returns while maintaining safety and high liquidity through a judicious portfolio mix comprising of money market and debt instruments. Liquid funds are best option for investors who have surplus money in bank account. They can park their money in liquid fund to get better returns from bank interest.

Some of the funds under Liquid funds category are Franklin India Cash Management Account, Franklin India Treasury Management Account and more.

Hybrid Funds

The Franklin Templeton Hybrid Funds are balanced schemes, where investment is done under equity, bonds and/or cash. The "hybrid" name is coming where investment is done on mix of different elements typically existing in two or more funds type. Hybrid funds are a combination of equity and bonds, and the fund will have a stated objective, such as aggressive, moderate or conservative. The Hybrid schemes are less volatile than pure equity funds because of their mixed portfolio. The debt investments provide stability in times of volatility. Franklin Templeton also provides life stage based solutions under different plans with varying asset allocation as per age-groups.

Some of the funds under Hybrid funds category are Franklin India Balanced Fund, Franklin India Dynamic PE Ratio Fund Of Funds, Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - 20's Plan, Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - 30's Plan, Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - 40's Plan, Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - 50's Plus Floating Rate Plan, Franklin India Life Stage Fund Of Funds - 50's Plus Plan, Franklin India Monthly Income Plan, Franklin India Multi - Asset Solution Fund, Franklin India Pension Plan and more.

International Funds

Franklin Templeton also have option to invest in International Equity Funds, some of the area FTMF invest are Asian companies, European companies and US Based Companies.

Some of the funds under International funds category are Franklin Asian Equity Fund, Franklin India Feeder - Franklin European Growth Fund and Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund.

Franklin Templeton Long Term Equity Fund (ELSS)

The Franklin Templeton Objective of Equity Linked Savings Scheme (Tax Saving) (ELSS) fund is 2 in 1 benefit plan, which provides wealth creation and tax benefit under 80C of the IR Act,1961. An Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) are Open ended Equity Mutual Funds which give opportunity to grow wealth with Tax saving. Shortest lock-in period of 3 Years under FT Long Term Equity Fund. Asset allocations under FT Long Term Equity Fund are 60 to 100% in Equity, 0 or 20% in PSU Bonds / Debentures, 0 to 20% in Money Market Instruments.

Fund under this category is Franklin India Taxshield.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Fact sheets

Fact sheet (Fundamental) is updated every month and publish on Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund site. This gives the monthly update on mutual fund performance and portfolio. The Fact Sheet is a dashboard of each fund under AMC. The Fact Sheet include details about Fund Manager, Fund Size, NAV as of previous month, Volatility Measures, Expense Ratio, Load Structure, Mutual Fund Holding information, Industry Allocation, Dividend History and many more useful information. The Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Fact Sheets/Fundamental Monthly Reports is available online, to download reports - click here, after that select "Fund Literature". Under Fund Literature you can refer factsheets from 2015.

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Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund - by Scheme Category
AMC Category Number of Funds
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Liquid 3
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Income 41
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Hybrid Scheme - Equity Savin 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Growth 13
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Gilt 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Fund of Funds - Overseas 2
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Fund of Funds - Domestic 12
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Floating Rate 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund ELSS 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Overnight Fund 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Debt Scheme - Money Market Fun 1
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Balanced 2

How to Invest with Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund - Online investment via Website

This is an online portal from Franklin Templeton MF to manage your mutual Fund online. With you can execute purchases, redemptions, switches, view account details, portfolio valuation online, download account statements, request for documents via email and avail such other services as may be introduced by the Fund from time to time

Franklin Templeton Mutual fund Mobile App

Franklin Templeton Mutual fund investment can be done via mobile app also. This app is very simple, safe and providing all investment option to customers. Mobile app is complete solution for your pay in and pay out, purchase, redemption request, switch request and performance reports. Mobile app is available both android and IOS version.

Franklin Templeton Mutual fund Mobile IOS App

Franklin Templeton Mutual fund Mobile Android App

Physical Form

Paper based application forms are also available online and on branch offices for investment. Franklin Templeton Mutual fund has PAN India presence with Official Points of Acceptance as well as KARVY and CAMS collection centers.

Stock Exchange platform

Invest in Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds via BSE STAT Platform and MFSS Platform from NSE.

Transactions through MF Utility ("MFU")

Investor can buy MF via

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints
Year Folio Count Folio Count difference from last year Complaint Count Complaint %
2017-2018 3638177 493054 (15.68 %) 2055 0.06%
2016-2017 3145123 611775 (24.15 %) 2626 0.08%
2015-2016 2533348 516540 (25.61 %) 5529 0.22%
2014-2015 2016808 223842 (12.48 %) 2458 0.12%
2013-2014 1792966 -85519 (-4.55 %) 2546 0.14%
2012-2013 1878485 -125038 (-6.24 %) 3225 0.17%
2011-2012 2003523 -72981 (-3.51 %) 3318 0.17%
2010-2011 2076504 2076504 ( %) 13181 0.63%

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund - Active Customer/Folio Count and Complaints table give you company performance in term of growth and customer satisfaction in term of complaints count and complaints % with respective of total folio.

Final thought about Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund is serving from more than 2 decade and has strong presence in India Mutual Fund market. The company has wide verity of product and service to meet every investor's requirements. Company is part of international group and more focus on technology, customer service and return on investment for clients. Live chat feature is good for on the spot query resolution. With our personal experience and past performance of fund we suggest FT as a good bet for investors.

If you like what you have read and want to choose Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund or any other AMC, leave your contact information with us and we will guide you.

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